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  1. Perhaps there's another method we can use?
  2. So it has been a couple of months. I don't see anything so far regarding a change in the keyinds or mousebinds in the news or on the forums. NCSoft has a hard time making their customers / player-base happy. But this request is one that can't be ignored. They have lost my respect.
  3. Shameless bump. Actually I added another link regarding dodge being hard keyed. Not everyone is right handed..
  4. I'm trying really hard to make this work. But I'm having to hit the LEFT alt + mouse to even start dialogue or pick up items using my RIGHT hand. My right hand is located on the numpad because I'm left handed. It's pretty dang annoying.
  5. Those of you who read this, please try to get as much support on this as possible. This is something that is important to us, and SHOULD be important to NCSoft.
  6. I'm going to hold my breath as long as necessary. lol. I don't think there's a single excuse that these extra binds should not be added. I dont care if it's reserved for GM's or devs, they can find new ways then to limit our experience, especially to those of us who have paid or are currently paying.
  7. NOTICE: - If you're going to say, "get a third party software...," do not bother to comment. You don't put a band aid on a wound that requires stitches. And stating such is BESIDE THE POINT. - It you're against having more bind-able options, there is something wrong with you, do not comment. - Do not bash this OP, it's a fair complaint. Ok so now that the notice is out of the way. I need a lot of support on this guys, and anything else you can add. I bought an MMO mouse for the purpose of using it for (you guessed it) MMO's... So what is going on, NCSoft??
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