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  1. Make ALL Key / Mouse Buttons Bindable.

    Perhaps there's another method we can use?
  2. Make ALL Key / Mouse Buttons Bindable.

    So it has been a couple of months. I don't see anything so far regarding a change in the keyinds or mousebinds in the news or on the forums. NCSoft has a hard time making their customers / player-base happy. But this request is one that can't be ignored. They have lost my respect.
  3. I forgot my PIN

    I forgot my keyboard.
  4. Dude, just give up. It's over. Youtube more bot videos, make a comparison. OR, you can just stop, playing, the game. If it's ruining it for you (whatever you want to think it is (fyi it's not)) move on.
  5. When are servers going down?

    Did they discuss anything about keybinds in their stream by chance?
  6. Controller vs Mouse

    I can't go to mouse and keyboard, because I'm left handed, and these hard binded keys dont work out for left handers. Pretty *cricket*ing low of NCSoft.
  7. Make ALL Key / Mouse Buttons Bindable.

    Shameless bump. Actually I added another link regarding dodge being hard keyed. Not everyone is right handed..
  8. Make ALL Key / Mouse Buttons Bindable.

    I'm trying really hard to make this work. But I'm having to hit the LEFT alt + mouse to even start dialogue or pick up items using my RIGHT hand. My right hand is located on the numpad because I'm left handed. It's pretty dang annoying.
  9. Make ALL Key / Mouse Buttons Bindable.

    Those of you who read this, please try to get as much support on this as possible. This is something that is important to us, and SHOULD be important to NCSoft.
  10. I just want a response from NCsoft

    NCSoft's response via twitter yesterday: Mushin is the only US server that has que's. Which means... HURP-A-DURP, play on another server that ISN'T Mushin. Problem solved. Also read news and announcements.
  11. key binding?

    Go to this link: Post, and like. Help raise awareness. I've already linked you OP to mine to help the issue along. Ty
  12. Go to this link: And post. Like the OP, and help raise awareness. I've already linked your OP to mine to help the key/mouse bind situation overall. ty
  13. Unable to bind Mouse 4 etc buttons

    Go to this link And post this concern there. Like the OP and help raise the awareness. I've already posted your OP in my OP to help raise the issue.
  14. Why can't I bind mouse4 / mouse5

    Go here, raise awareness. I'll place a link to your post in my OP. Like my post, ditto. The more people in on this the better.
  15. Non-Premiums QQing about Queues

    Man if you can't handle this, you should stay far far from Steam Community Forums..