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  1. sorry man , am out of bangles and am on NA :(
  2. All items in stock now except Bangles, Bracers and Razors
  3. Bangles , Razors and Bracers are out of stock atm , rest all still available
  4. Out of stock on razor and bracers all other items are still available !
  5. All item restocked , every weapon except the bracers are available now
  6. out of stock on gauntlet at the moment .. all the rest still available
  7. Currently in stock : LynBlade Sword Bangle Gauntlet Razor Dagger Staff
  8. Well in my quest for getting the infinite challenger outfit , i have sort of managed to run that place around 1400ish times .. too bad all those weapons that dropped before were deleted / made into elemental powder imagine my surprise when i found that these items , or at least a few of them were still left in my inventory So selling the dreadtide weapons for reskins ...u cannot get them anymore from what I know .. Please check here what weapon you need , and availability and a quote on the price ... coz frankly the ones i have aren't even on the market and
  9. People say Gon Males can't carry the hair .. I beg to differ :)
  10. After hours and hours ...finally got my infinite challenger and sunglasses :)
  11. done done and done ..but most of the time , I need to keep pressing Alt + rotate my mouse for getting the actual view of my character ... any tips on how to bypass that ? and thanks again :D
  12. any tricks on how to take screenshots liek this ? All of mine looks like it was painted by a 4 year old ...while eating broccoli ... :(
  13. Besides doing RivaTuner , what I did was the core parking one and also under details tab in Task Manager set the client.exe as max high priority stays at over 80% most of the time except in Grand Harvest ... god knows why but it goes down to less than 50 or 0 for a long time in between ... and the gpu temp . also isnt that bad , status at near 70-75 so no throttling there too ..still have to figure out why the drop only in ghs
  14. Anything additional that you have tried ? it is dipping to below 20 a lot for me :(
  15. Well in my case it is sure that its the gpu since whenever I lag or freezes, the gpu usage goes down to 0 %
  16. update : with everything enabled , the usage goes up over 80 a lot but still lots of random drops
  17. Well am on a GT 840m , not the best of GPUs but from what I have seen more than enough to run this game and yea enabled enough settings, just kept AA off .. will try with it on . But so far, huge improvement in stutter when the gpu manages to get over 80
  18. Well even with the settings mentioned above , gpu usage is around 50% , did not miss any step Maybe need to restart again ? Edit : goes upto 95-99 .. then dips down again ...man so annoying :(
  19. msi after burner is for checking and adjusting ur gpu if required . also it is a handy tool to see the clock speeds and temp
  20. Various faces of the killer of cerus ....
  21. Lol , thank you ... it is an emotional moment for me :D
  22. The Yun are a warrior race of Females who use their special skills to kill anyone standing in their way. Every year , during the spring , the chosen batch of Yun females are selected as a raiding party to descend like harpies upon the unsuspecting population of various towns around Veridian Coast, Cinderlands, Moonwater and Silverfrost. They defeat the guards and armies stationed there with their vile, guile or plain butt kicking , and then force themselves upon the fallen but still alive warriors. Thus impregnated, they would wait the 10 months to see the sex of their offspring.
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