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  1. New Requirements for Hongmoon Skills.

    I understand not alt friendly, but this is just downright asinine. This should not be a thing.
  2. What even...what is this shit? Like honestly, what? HM Rumblebees existed before Sundered Nexus came out, and this is an ALT. This character will likely never have the required AP needed to do Sundered Nexus. And even if it does, why does all of this bullshit have to be a prerequisite to learn Rumblebees? It can be learned at level 45+, right? I don't understand why this is a requirement.
  3. Hi. So, I recently changed from using WTFast to Ping Zapper. I was using BnS ping tool, but for whatever reason, it displays my average ping without the use of Pingzapper. I tested this by going in arena, and felt about 60-80 MS, but BnS Ping Tool said it was 220 MS. I googled ways to look up ping, and came across a reddit thread with instructions on how to check ping like so. Is it actually client.exe, though? Because for me, whenever I open my client through Ping Zapper, it says I have 0ms. And while I would love for that to be true, I can't help but think that it is a LIIIIIIITTLE off the mark. ^ My own Client thingymajig. I know it's not the NCLaucher, because when I close out the Launcher Module, it will disappear. so...
  4. Show off your characters!!

    I haven't posted here before, but I am very proud of how my character looks. She recently got a makeover.
  5. NCWest billing down?

    I can agree with you on that. The management on this game is horrible. It really makes playing it annoying. The overall incompetence of NCSoft is staggering. I had to buy NCoin through Amazon even after NCSoft e-mailed me TWICE saying that my account was free to make charges, and now I worry that I wont be able to buy monthly premium, but I'm honestly wondering if that is even worth it anymore. This isn't the first problem I've had with them, either. About 3 weeks ago, I was banned because my Summoner reached Gold and someone reported me for being a "hacker", despite me not even knowing how to do any of that stuff, nor do I want to know how. I am terrible in PvP, but I wouldn't resort to cheating. My boyfriend (Exaration) would never let me hear the end of it. Between the Memory leaks, FPS drops, and random dc's, this company has a lot to fix. And I'd LIKE to believe that they want to fix these problems, but it is really hard to tell when every patch-- FPS issues get worse and worse.
  6. NCWest billing down?

    If you have nothing to add to the thread, please, kindly shut the *cricket* up. I am a grown woman, I can do whatever with my money as I so choose, and I don't need people such as you complaining about every little thing that players actually buy. I have not bought NCoin since the game was released, and have thus made no further purchases other than Monthly Premium. This game is rated 18+, but clearly you lack that maturity. UPDATE: So I send an E-Mail to NCSoft Support and I tell them about my card problems and being unable to send a ticket the normal way....and rather than help me with a business inquiry, they tell me to fix my javascript (which, by the way, didn't fix the issue). One would think that a company in an instance where someone wanted to buy something, THAT would be the first thing they'd help with.
  7. NCWest billing down?

    Same. I tried sending a ticket to billing, but whenever I press "Submit a ticket", it sends me back to my account settings.
  8. NCWest billing down?

    I noticed it, however, your poor placing of punctuation threw me off. Sorry. It seemed more of a statement than a question. Especially considering your follow-up sentence seemed definitive rather than suggestive.
  9. NCWest billing down?

    Where I live, yes, it is true. I think I know the laws of my own country. :)
  10. Stand up to PKing!

    Change Channels. Take off your outfit. Do your faction dailies at a later time. Gear yourself up. ^ Solutions. You're welcome. Please stop QQing about dailies that take 5 minutes to finish for 12 Soulstones.
  11. NCWest billing down?

    Okay, first of all, I do have sufficient funds on this card. So that makes no sense, I was only making a $10 purchase. I have not bought anything on this card since last month, for my Premium Membership.
  12. NCWest billing down?

    I'd like to buy 3 RNG boxes before they go off sale (because I wont be able to buy more until late Monday my time-- early Monday PST), and I don't know if they will still be on a discounted price then, so I'm trying to buy some NCCoin. Imagine my dismay when I find my card is declined. Now, my bank is legally not allowed to withhold my funds unless I say otherwise + I've already contacted them, and they confirm that they did nothing of the sort. I try again through Paypal and I get an error. So...what gives? Are the billing servers down or something?
  13. D/C Issues Worsening.

    I made a topic about EU and how their DC problems were similar to ours, and yet we haven't received a fix about it. Well, since I have logged on (half an hour ago), I have DC'd 3 times. Within a 30 minute period. It is terrible. Not to mention that the desync is even WORSE than before. There needs to be serious fixes implemented in the game, otherwise it will be rendered unplayable.
  14. This game is way too boring now.

    Firstly, an MMO does not cater to any one person. Just because you are capped does not mean everyone else is. There is still a vast majority of the population that is still trying to progress with weapons. If you're bored, PvP. If you don't like PvP, well, I don't know what to tell you. The only thing I can say is that no one is forcing you to stick around the game.
  15. Ember Detonation

    Perhaps when I level and actually have the points to spec into Dual Dragons, I will. However, for right now, my rotation does do the most damage (for me), and I rather not depend on a skill that has a 16 second cooldown, but I definitely will spec into it when I an. Thanks for the advice, guys!