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  1. sorry man , am out of bangles and am on NA :(
  2. All items in stock now except Bangles, Bracers and Razors
  3. For the love of God can we at least have a vote kick function implemented ? Really tired of people holding groups hostage because they are sure they cannot be kicked , over 30 instances in last 3 days of this happening
  4. Bangles , Razors and Bracers are out of stock atm , rest all still available
  5. Out of stock on razor and bracers all other items are still available !
  6. All item restocked , every weapon except the bracers are available now
  7. out of stock on gauntlet at the moment .. all the rest still available
  8. Currently in stock : LynBlade Sword Bangle Gauntlet Razor Dagger Staff
  9. Well in my quest for getting the infinite challenger outfit , i have sort of managed to run that place around 1400ish times .. too bad all those weapons that dropped before were deleted / made into elemental powder imagine my surprise when i found that these items , or at least a few of them were still left in my inventory So selling the dreadtide weapons for reskins ...u cannot get them anymore from what I know .. Please check here what weapon you need , and availability and a quote on the price ... coz frankly the ones i have aren't even on the market and
  10. People say Gon Males can't carry the hair .. I beg to differ :)
  11. After hours and hours ...finally got my infinite challenger and sunglasses :)
  12. done done and done ..but most of the time , I need to keep pressing Alt + rotate my mouse for getting the actual view of my character ... any tips on how to bypass that ? and thanks again :D
  13. any tricks on how to take screenshots liek this ? All of mine looks like it was painted by a 4 year old ...while eating broccoli ... :(
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