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  1. [WTS] Dreadtide Weapons

    sorry man , am out of bangles and am on NA :(
  2. [WTS] Dreadtide Weapons

    All items in stock now except Bangles, Bracers and Razors
  3. vote kick required

    For the love of God can we at least have a vote kick function implemented ? Really tired of people holding groups hostage because they are sure they cannot be kicked , over 30 instances in last 3 days of this happening
  4. New content on 14th ?

    Is there going to be any new content coming up after maintenance on this 14th ? Thanks !
  5. PPL ABUSE 6v6

    Funny how people think this will get fixed :)
  6. Holding up runs with AFKng

    well guess I am going to do that too ... and if any action is taken against me , can always sue the mods or something for preferential treatment
  7. So ya , any NCWest person wanna comment if this is an advisable thing to do ? Coz people keep doing that hoping for free rides in dungeons and WWV especially and even after multiple reports nothing has been done . Now going by historical data , nothing will be done , we all know that So it is cool for us to do the same right ?
  8. Thank you for the whirlwind valley changes

    nice ... assasins can go full invisible , capture and move of without anyone knowing .. BRAVO nc BRAVO
  9. [WTS] Dreadtide Weapons

    Bangles , Razors and Bracers are out of stock atm , rest all still available
  10. How many kills did it take??

    hat on 53rd kill ...never seen it drop afterwards on my main or alts :(
  11. Drop Rate of Ebony Weapon Chest

    I personally have not seen a weapon chest drop in over 70 runs , but have seen one weapon or the other drop quite a few times
  12. Why BnS is awesome

    For solo content , the game is good but when the content progresses far enough that you would need a group of people to play with the game becomes more of an annoying chore rather than an enjoyable experience Example : Running 4 man dungeons to get items like ember , cosmetics, offals etc. can be excruciating. I know what the next response is going to be : join a clan and run with people there >> been in a few clans myself and found that there is no difference between running with and without a clan, maybe clan is more like a glorified wardrobe provider for the clan outfit but that is it . During all my time I have had maybe around 50-60 4 man runs each of all the purple dungeons , including the new ones and not even 1% of them are with my clan members lol . The major issue I see going forward in this game is the issue with the community . Every 4 man I end up doing becomes a nightmarish experience because of 1-2 members in the group and after one run , it feels like I have ran a mental marathon and collapsed . In terms of my experience with people in clans, they tend to form cliques where an individual will only run with a few other individuals and no assistance will be provided to anyone else in the clan. So ya, people like this makes me want to login less and less everyday Not to forget the elephant in the room that no one has mentioned in a while : The rampant yet silent menace of racism . I am from Asia and not from any of the countries where BnS is present . It gets a bit hard to play in those regions even with the language patches as people do not normally speak english . So unfortunately I have started playing on the US servers, and it went fine for a bit till people came to know I am not from the US . Little by little , even people I used to interact and do runs with stopped running with me, stopped responding to message and I believe a few of them even made fun of me day in and day out for the amusement of others . Now being an individual who have travelled all across the world , I am familiar with this treatment , but in a virtual community like this , it acts as a huge deterrent to any player. Apologies for the long message , but just got to let this out so that people will actually know how annoying the gaming community in BnS is , especially in my group of 3 servers
  13. [WTS] Dreadtide Weapons

    Out of stock on razor and bracers all other items are still available !
  14. Lyn boob outfit??

    Funny how all this new content and the most fast moving thread is about Lyn boob outfits ...