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  1. sorry man , am out of bangles and am on NA :(
  2. All items in stock now except Bangles, Bracers and Razors
  3. For the love of God can we at least have a vote kick function implemented ? Really tired of people holding groups hostage because they are sure they cannot be kicked , over 30 instances in last 3 days of this happening
  4. Is there going to be any new content coming up after maintenance on this 14th ? Thanks !
  5. Funny how people think this will get fixed :)
  6. well guess I am going to do that too ... and if any action is taken against me , can always sue the mods or something for preferential treatment
  7. So ya , any NCWest person wanna comment if this is an advisable thing to do ? Coz people keep doing that hoping for free rides in dungeons and WWV especially and even after multiple reports nothing has been done . Now going by historical data , nothing will be done , we all know that So it is cool for us to do the same right ?
  8. nice ... assasins can go full invisible , capture and move of without anyone knowing .. BRAVO nc BRAVO
  9. Bangles , Razors and Bracers are out of stock atm , rest all still available
  10. hat on 53rd kill ...never seen it drop afterwards on my main or alts :(
  11. I personally have not seen a weapon chest drop in over 70 runs , but have seen one weapon or the other drop quite a few times
  12. For solo content , the game is good but when the content progresses far enough that you would need a group of people to play with the game becomes more of an annoying chore rather than an enjoyable experience Example : Running 4 man dungeons to get items like ember , cosmetics, offals etc. can be excruciating. I know what the next response is going to be : join a clan and run with people there >> been in a few clans myself and found that there is no difference between running with and without a clan, maybe clan is more like a glorified wardrobe provider for the
  13. Out of stock on razor and bracers all other items are still available !
  14. All item restocked , every weapon except the bracers are available now
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