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  1. People say Gon Males can't carry the hair .. I beg to differ :)
  2. After hours and hours ...finally got my infinite challenger and sunglasses :)
  3. done done and done ..but most of the time , I need to keep pressing Alt + rotate my mouse for getting the actual view of my character ... any tips on how to bypass that ? and thanks again :D
  4. any tricks on how to take screenshots liek this ? All of mine looks like it was painted by a 4 year old ...while eating broccoli ... :(
  5. Various faces of the killer of cerus ....
  6. Lol , thank you ... it is an emotional moment for me :D
  7. The Yun are a warrior race of Females who use their special skills to kill anyone standing in their way. Every year , during the spring , the chosen batch of Yun females are selected as a raiding party to descend like harpies upon the unsuspecting population of various towns around Veridian Coast, Cinderlands, Moonwater and Silverfrost. They defeat the guards and armies stationed there with their vile, guile or plain butt kicking , and then force themselves upon the fallen but still alive warriors. Thus impregnated, they would wait the 10 months to see the sex of their offspring.
  8. In Labyrinth , I have come to personally like afk players who would just stand at spawn ....no need to explain to them what to do ... when compared to people you find across cross server dungeons . Agree that some of the mechanics are new and most people have not farmed it yet , but the very least someone can do is to listen to when someone is trying to help The method of mashing buttons till everything is dead not really works out for the best
  9. Not to single out bots alone here, there are multiple human players who practice this art of afking ..who becomes active only when the instance is done and the loot action has started where they would bid shamelessly for what they want And If they would have just shut up and gone their way it would have been so easy but most of these individual human specimens goes around trash talking the group with comments ranging from "Ty suckers" "Thanks for the carry noobs" On occasion of asking why bid if u didn't participate "Get lost kid" "Cry some more" "Go home t
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