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  1. I doubt they will, it will hurt ALL players, so that those players(like me) that didnt use this and just plays this game for normal PvE/instances will lose A lot from a rollback. And im sure some would rage quit because of the things they got from doing their normal gameplay is lost.
  2. Question, shouldnt this have had PvP in title? Since i cant see how this is used for single PvE play.
  3. So a few years later, is the class extinct? Looking at the replys from back then, i would say, dont do dungeons with people you dont know for real as a BM. About guides, i think i have seen a few on YT.
  4. @blooash23, here is a little tip for you, never post something like this on the games forum. Let me explain this, some years back when i was playing Defiance both in beta and after release, there was something like this exploit, where people could get massive out of it and i could stand ingame and watch it being done and at the same time talking with support while players was doing that exploit, i even made them recordings of it and you know what happend? Nothing, they ignored it, they even ignored my tickets and my post got removed and i even got warnings from theirs mods.(This is why i
  5. Hello, could someone make this preset?
  6. Thanks for reply, now i see that i came back for nothing. Bye.
  7. Hi, i thought everyone could be the new FM spec, but my old FM does not have the option, she has fire and frost. What am i missing?(She is level50)
  8. Bardo


    Okey thanks for reply, tho, that Really sux lol
  9. Hi, been away for a long time and saw that outfit on google search, can you buy it ingame?
  10. Hello, was there a outfit like this ingame? I cant remember atm.
  11. Hello, i like to ask, why did they enable portrait ingame again when i still find players with their own created pictures that is Not from ingame? Why didnt they add option to report it on characters ingame when it has been a problem for so long?
  12. I know it was some event and people got it for free, but i would still buy it for 100+€ on their store.
  13. Hello, i like to suggest they put the cutting edge costume on the store, i would even pay 100€ for the full suit. Please make it happend NCSoft.
  14. Will this suit get on store?
  15. I like to suggest weapon skins for the ingame shop, just like we have outfits and for both the Ncoin and the Hongmoon coin.
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