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  1. Hello, was there a outfit like this ingame? I cant remember atm.
  2. portrait ingame

    Hello, i like to ask, why did they enable portrait ingame again when i still find players with their own created pictures that is Not from ingame? Why didnt they add option to report it on characters ingame when it has been a problem for so long?
  3. 3rd Anniversary

    I know it was some event and people got it for free, but i would still buy it for 100+€ on their store.
  4. 3rd Anniversary

    Hello, i like to suggest they put the cutting edge costume on the store, i would even pay 100€ for the full suit. Please make it happend NCSoft.
  5. Dragon Knight

    Will this suit get on store?
  6. New shop items

    I like to suggest weapon skins for the ingame shop, just like we have outfits and for both the Ncoin and the Hongmoon coin.
  7. [Red Mask] Drop Rate! -_-

    I got it on most of my characters and 99% of them got it on 2nd run.
  8. Extended

    Thank you and i did just now. Guess i wont use my day off on that then :( See ya on the weekend then.
  9. Got the update downloaded now.. wish i could try it tho :)
  10. Extended

    wauw, talk about stereotype.. Im not a kid and i have a full time work and sometime us adults gets a day off work you know.
  11. I had hoped i could enjoy this as the server downtime post said, but it's still down.
  12. Extended

    Did i miss some news ? CEST Time Link Shouldnt they be online now?
  13. Will there be a time limit for reward? I mean, i got the reward sitting and waiting for me to collect IG and lets say i wait to collect it in about 8months or so?
  14. Bullet Time outfit

    Seriously?! NCSoft, remove that silly lock achievement on the clothes. So retarded that only a level55 with a billion AP can buy the outfit from vendor! Try think about it! Why would anyone buy it, if they can kill the boss that has it as LOOT?!?!?! Wauw! Someone had a brain FART! And here i thought i would come back to this game.. Good luck in BNS.
  15. Bullet Time outfit

    Hi, since the new outfit Bullet Time is from the new Solo Instance, does that mean normal people can get it and dont need one billion AP to get it?