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  1. I used a screenshot reader, and even that was not fast enough.
  2. I also felt like the rewards were poor.
  3. Well, I still think this is a lovely game, but for those who have a lot of free time to remain in the statics. If the end game progression based on raiding and staying in the statics changes in the future, I would come back and be happy to spend on this game again. Until then, I have to go somewhere else because I can't progress not taking part in the raids. I can't see myself raiding for 2 hours in my only two free days in the week if that's necessary for the raid. I like to check out the state of the game to see if anything changes. I liked BnS a lot more prior to the raiding sys
  4. I wish Blade and Soul would cater to people who work full time jobs, and have limited time to play. I quit for Black Desert Online for this reason. Seemed too much a hassle to maintain a good working life with overtime and all the raiding and farming PVE that happens. Maybe one day when this changes I will come back. I like to check out what happens in B&S in the meantime, but I know I can't commit to raiding in the working week, like it happens in all the clans (q.q).
  5. they said themselves these changes are conservative.
  6. I would like to have Evolved Stones available as a materials from dungeon reward boxes, just like elysian orbs, for proper in-game balance.
  7. now it's ornaments and evo stones, I'm not getting over it!
  8. I hope someone will hear our cries q.q
  9. please, please, add Honorary Ornaments to the loot table for the f2p event.
  10. Wew, that person has so many raven king energies in his inventory q.q
  11. I would upgrade my pet to ultimate if the rng was taken out of equation. please, could we not have rng on pets :/ make it super expensive but no rng please q.q
  12. Best to just buy both. That's what I'm gonna do. However, I will be getting Holy Fire first, it's simpler to use.
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