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  1. I used a screenshot reader, and even that was not fast enough.
  2. I also felt like the rewards were poor.
  3. Well, I still think this is a lovely game, but for those who have a lot of free time to remain in the statics. If the end game progression based on raiding and staying in the statics changes in the future, I would come back and be happy to spend on this game again. Until then, I have to go somewhere else because I can't progress not taking part in the raids. I can't see myself raiding for 2 hours in my only two free days in the week if that's necessary for the raid. I like to check out the state of the game to see if anything changes. I liked BnS a lot more prior to the raiding sys
  4. I wish Blade and Soul would cater to people who work full time jobs, and have limited time to play. I quit for Black Desert Online for this reason. Seemed too much a hassle to maintain a good working life with overtime and all the raiding and farming PVE that happens. Maybe one day when this changes I will come back. I like to check out what happens in B&S in the meantime, but I know I can't commit to raiding in the working week, like it happens in all the clans (q.q).
  5. is this hairstyle a mod, or is it a cash shop item?
  6. they will, after they implement the man sack slider with epic sizing and also six pack, and man butt slider. gotta wait in queue.
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