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  1. Show off your characters!!

    My FM wearing my 2-(wo)man-clan Clan Outfit and Spring Breeze
  2. Show off your characters!!

    This outfit is ridiculous! The lovehandles *blush*
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Designed my own Clan Outfit around 2 weeks ago, hope you like it. :)
  4. got scammed with bid system

    Pretty sure it's not TC's fault. I see 4 people bidding on the screenshot. The first 3 members and Akyzo being the 5th member. After Akyzo bids, they all pass, giving him little to no time to take action. Coincidentally, the first three members are all from [DE] Frostgipfel? I believe this is well planned and organized scamming. From what I see on their character infos, they are quite successful in their endeavors. On a side note; What's wrong with the community here? Kicking a person who's already down? Watching and waiting for the next person to mess up so you can express your much needed opinions. He might have been careless (which he was not in this case), but it's absolutely not his fault. Makes you think what people would do in real life if there are no consequences, doesn't it? Bullying, stealing, discrimination, etc.. But hey, it's a game. Feel free to do whatever you want, bring to light your deepest and darkest desires. blablabla...
  5. Show off your characters!!

    Brother Hajoon looks photoshopped on this one :P
  6. Show off your characters!!

    I'm currently working on a certain face but just can't get it right.
  7. Controller configuration

    Already gotten used to the button combinations. It's a bit awkward, and I can't do combos quicker than when I'm on the keyboard, but it's nice to sit back and relax when doing dailies. At least until my fingers start to hurt.
  8. Controller configuration

    It's awfully weird, and takes a little bit getting used to. Aside from the fact that my fingers start to hurt after a few hours, I can live with it. I've been using it but I'm also practicing keyboard. I know other people use other button mapping software. Idk.
  9. Show off your characters!!

    Too cute, it makes me wanna cry. :'(
  10. Violetine :3 She's super short aswell, and reflects me irl in so many ways. I feel that my chars are too heavy on make-up tho.
  11. Just look into the face a bit more. Tweak those specific sliders, like nose bridge width and nostril type (angle). Avoid the preset faces and try out !complexion!. For the body, think about proportions and try to double check everything; you don't want to have a short and thin character with huge feet. People also tend to make the arms so terribly thin. As for me, my chars are all chubby/fat and get bullied in game (here's my Gon):
  12. Show off your characters!!

    This is me :3 KFM Sin FM
  13. I always go for the Archer and Destro, easy to counter.
  14. Ignore the pop-up window and spam the check-box until it accepts it, that works for me. Good luck!