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  1. Show off your characters!!

    I just found my sister. :D
  2. Post Your 2017 Swimsuit Screens!

    Soha is the best, hands-down. :D
  3. Edited

    These things are like Hydra, kill 1 and 2 will appear. :-)
  4. Summer Saga Variant?

    it's not available yet right?
  5. Summer Saga Variant?

    What is that summer saga Variant?? new outfit from f10?????
  6. Discuss Pros, Cons, etc. on Mass Server Merge

    So you think which will comes first? Gunner/ VT/ LV 55/ Ultimate skill/ bla bla bla....... or game shut down notice? :P
  7. Server Merge Discussion

    So we might get game shut down notice next year?
  8. Jin VS Yun

    Female Jin have balanced body proportion compared to Yun. I have hard time to to adjust Yun's body scale to make them looks healthy. But if do it properly they can look way better than female Jin. IMO both have their own style of beauty. As long as you don't make your character with torpedo boobs + matchstick waist + pig's thigh which I found hideous.
  9. Race underwear in character creation

    Why you bother with your character's underwear? You ain't running around naked in the game all the time isn't it???
  10. Toxic player with petty "revenge" [rant]

    Chill man..... Some people take this game too seriously and it's not wise to get your mood spoiled over such thing. :) In fact you should pity this kind of people coz they can only show their egoism inside BnS. xD
  11. I was thinking the same too when I chose to become a shadow sin and found it to be totally different from what I expected T_T Before I got divine dragon bracelet my dps in stealth is like 1/3 of my normal dps but with the bracelet now I can hit just as hard even in stealth.
  12. Post Your 2017 Swimsuit Screens!

    Yea I like the Soha one too. Hope we can get it this year...... ><
  13. Post Your 2017 Swimsuit Screens!

    Are those swimsuits modified from NPC outfits? I think that's Soha on jin female, Yehara on Gon female, Naksun on Gon male, Poharan on lyn female and zulia on Yun. (I dunno who's costume on jin and lyn male)
  14. For those of you looking forward to being able to obtain the milestone costumes individually, we’ll be pairing most of the costume sales with upcoming esports events—the first being Pure Grace, which will be available for purchase within the next few weeks. From the website, does that means they will sell the rest of the outfits we didn't reach in the following weeks? or wait till next esports events?
  15. Yea, and it is considered an insult to them when they can't even collect 400K from the players of 2 region which is NA and EU.