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  1. Lmao, I would really like to see new hairstyles in character creation next!
  2. Yeah, basically it was a mixture of probably didn't have time, and also a lot of the parts of the outfits were stolen from other artists... sooo...
  3. Yeah there is a new 365 day sub and it comes with the outfit Samurai, which you can find in the wardrobe to see what it looks like.
  4. Are they going to make it account bound? Because it would be stupid not to, lol.
  5. Hello! This is mostly for the devs, hoping they might respond, because I'm farming my butt off to get both gem and outfit this event and I wanted to see if the outfit was going to be account bound, so that I can trade it to my lower alts. I'm willing to farm on one character hard every day, but on two or three... it's a little too difficult especially considering when people have lives outside of the game... So please, if anyone knows... is it account bound?
  6. My FM, who's lvl 50 my blade dancer who is only lvl 12 or something
  7. I seriously can't get enough of my FM. She's just too cute and pretty
  8. DO IT! :D Post again! and again! and even more!!! this and the other one are the only really positive threads in this whole *cricket* forum. I can only say I hope things get resolved soon and we can all be pretty happy.
  9. LETS ALSO HAVE ALLLLL THE BOOTIES! :D boobies and booties ftw.
  10. well, its just another thread to do another one anyway :D I post in both so why not! I'm super proud of my characters ;_;
  11. ours should be doing the same thing for lyns! I hope anyway. Idk. Like, that size is perfect! I think that's about as big as lyn boobs should get anyway xD
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