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  1. My FM, who's lvl 50 my blade dancer who is only lvl 12 or something
  2. I seriously can't get enough of my FM. She's just too cute and pretty
  3. DO IT! :D Post again! and again! and even more!!! this and the other one are the only really positive threads in this whole *cricket* forum. I can only say I hope things get resolved soon and we can all be pretty happy.
  4. LETS ALSO HAVE ALLLLL THE BOOTIES! :D boobies and booties ftw.
  5. well, its just another thread to do another one anyway :D I post in both so why not! I'm super proud of my characters ;_;
  6. ours should be doing the same thing for lyns! I hope anyway. Idk. Like, that size is perfect! I think that's about as big as lyn boobs should get anyway xD
  8. I purposely rolled a Gon because I wanted some sexy outfits! :D
  9. My Lyn summoner is the cutest. I cant get enough of her and her cat (named after my own). Meet Maeoi and Kenna And this is Cheiko my Gon FM. First time making a Gon and really enjoying her look. I have another one I made for a destroyer, but I want to get these cuties to level 50 first!
  10. I understand where you're coming from with people from SA being sort of... not kind or complaining a lot. I have a close friend in Brazil and as much as I love him dearly, he *can* be a troll, rude, and a bit obnoxious to play with -- I personally figured it was a culture thing, as he has told me a couple times that it is normal to complain a lot in Brazil. Buttttt, I love him and we also have a shit ton of fun running dungeons together and playing with other people. So, idk if you'd like to join us, but we are on the Jiwan server. I've met some really cool people there if
  11. Hiiiiii! Everyone meet Maeoi. The new and improved. At such low levels, she's a sleepy girl! Meet me at Dochun's?
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