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  1. NPC Hairstyles

    Lmao, I would really like to see new hairstyles in character creation next!
  2. Has someone actualy took a peek at alice outfit?

    Yeah, basically it was a mixture of probably didn't have time, and also a lot of the parts of the outfits were stolen from other artists... sooo...
  3. 365 day sub with new outfit?

    Yeah there is a new 365 day sub and it comes with the outfit Samurai, which you can find in the wardrobe to see what it looks like.
  4. Is the New Event Outfit Going to be Account Bound?

    Are they going to make it account bound? Because it would be stupid not to, lol.
  5. Hello! This is mostly for the devs, hoping they might respond, because I'm farming my butt off to get both gem and outfit this event and I wanted to see if the outfit was going to be account bound, so that I can trade it to my lower alts. I'm willing to farm on one character hard every day, but on two or three... it's a little too difficult especially considering when people have lives outside of the game... So please, if anyone knows... is it account bound?
  6. Colorful Autumn Leaves Hairstyle (request)

    Me too! This would be awesome!
  7. Want to make Presets for People!

    Hi Danny
  8. Want to make Presets for People!

    Still looking to make presets for people! (don't appreciate the self-promote of someone else's though...jeeze, get your own space). :D I love designing characters so PM if you are interested!
  9. Want to make Presets for People!

    I just got your message here. But i will definitely start working on it for you.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    My FM, who's lvl 50 my blade dancer who is only lvl 12 or something
  11. Want to make Presets for People!

    :D I'm glad! Thank you! Enjoy it <3
  12. Summer Groove Fixed for Gon female

    @Laoshottie I love your character! My bf plays a thick gon as well, and he always gets teased on xserver for it. We love the char though. My char was based off my own preferences, so she's thicker as well. ;D Gotta love all the ladies, people.
  13. Costumes & Market, is it just me....

    Not always true. In Aion a lot of people buy retired costumes that are no longer available in game, or are annoying to get. It can be expensive, but if someone doesn't want to run the dungeon over and over for a *chance* at a costume, there is always the possibility of purchasing it. I think it would make the game more fun for people as well.
  14. So, I've been playing the game for seven months now, and my favorite part is the character creation. Have you had an idea for a toon but couldn't quite put it into digital glory? Send me some pics/ideas of what you want, and I'll try to make a preset for ya. PM me if interested~! Here are some examples of my characters (not for use):