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  1. Auxtra here! i've done well over 2,000 tag match games and i would like to say that 6:00-9:00 is way too early. Tags never seemed to be alive around then anyway and most people have work during that time, atleast make it 9:00pm-12:00am or 6:00pm-12:00am
  2. agreed, would like an ncsoft response to this question <3
  3. are the rewards based on class or overall? In the clan rankings it has people based off of class rankings.
  4. Anything being done about Destros when it comes to 6v6? literally fury one shots and is easy to use, they can stone shield too many times, they can red spin which is another powerful ability. 6v6 is so unplayable atm with the Gunner(dumbest thing to ever happen to an MMORPG) and Destro. BD is getting a great nerf yay! but anyone know anything about destro nerfs? As a sum main, seeing Destros/KFMs being so godlike basically makes Sum useless.
  5. I want to buy Legendary Elements and Jewels right now for pvp accessories but pvp accessories require lots of sacred crystals, 900 to max one without a dragon crux. So now I have to buy sacred crystals from the market which are over 1 gold each and then buy the legendary elements/jewels. instead of 20gold per thing, i'm spending 35-40 gold. This update was supposed to make legendary jewels and elements cheaper. for the change with the elements and jewels used to buy the legendary versions, The time i spend into getting these regular jewels and elements, figuring out, bidding, transmuting, is t
  6. Was wanting to be in the middle, i main a Sum, heard of other sums doing bug bomb. How do I bait it and are there any tips?
  7. Will changing the name of my character make the name available so I can make an alt with the name that I changed? Example: I wanna change the name of my character "AB" to "BC" so I can make an alt and use the name "AB" on it. is this possible? would I have to wait a certain time until it's available? Would like to know as soon as I can
  8. The clan battlegrounds is filled with alt whale clans and regular battlegrounds has the most unfair matchmaking, grouping people randomly doesn't work and sometimes i wonder why we get 2 scrubby parties against 2 god-like parties, i mean you could atleast try to make mm somewhat fair rather than making it random and unfair where it's either you totally win or you totally lose. I hate sitting and waiting to win the match or lose the match, it's just a total waste of time and not even fun anymore. mm needs to equal out the teams and make it fair rather than add randomness to it.
  9. That's the point, if people cant sell gold and get HMcoin at the current rate, it should be lowered, i'd gladly sell my gold at a 2.5 rate.
  10. I Keep trying to sell my gold on there to prepare for new outfits and all, been 4 days and haven't been able to exchange my gold. Now there are new outfits that I want in F10. One thing that everyone said was good about blade and soul was the currency exchange, now that's taken away since you can't sell gold for HMcoins. I'd be glad if the minimum 3.00 rate was lowered down before these outfits leave.
  11. MMORPGs aren't always easy to follow, i've played MMORPGs that are more complicated than BnS.
  12. They said they'd close the F9 Exchange and with the recent outfits and good stuff coming out, you should've prepared some HMcoin.
  13. Yeah I think Dawnforged is gonna be better since full BTs lower doomnbloom CD which make my bracelet proc more and with my alluvion soulbadge, lots of sunflower damage.
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