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  1. First lyn I've ever made, max height too. Posed with my wonderful boyfriend of course. My gunner. And of course, my main Warlock.
  2. My Warden, Snow Leopard. Love her a ton.
  3. Love these animations. Hope these gifs work.
  4. My warlock, also including my bae And my gunner
  5. My main warlock along with my bf posing with the awesome gi. Some older shots of just my WL My gunner who I love her design a lot. And my SF, Succubus, who has looks to match the name.
  6. Got the Yura hair after just a few troves and was so happy. And my gunner rocking her master pack outfit since it looks so better than the nasty recolor.
  7. I wasn't even talking about those outfits, I was just talking about the hair. The outfits was just what my character was wearing at the time when I took the screens. Never said that hair went with those outfits. =P
  8. What hair? Because when this outfit was first released, it did come with hair. I don't remember the name but it's the entire reason I bought the outfit, because I only wanted the hair, but hated the outfit itself.
  9. Been waiting all day to see if there was going to be a costume and there aren't any. :L
  10. My bae was helping me decide on what was the better option, so we made two choices and went into the game to preview them. We ended up choosing the left option with the skintone from the one on the right.
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