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BM Dragontongue Nerf


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5 hours ago, Narukoi said:

Inb4 ppl are back to complaining about summoners (not that they ever stopped).

but summoners will also get a nerf and earlier then bm (next patch for sm)


  • Rumblebees [RMB]
    • (Stage 3) Damage reduced to 500%, down from 750%.
  • Sunflower [RMB]
    • Damage reduced to 480%, down from 550%.
    • Super Sunflower damage reduced to 655%, down from 750%.
  • Seed Shroud [4]
    • (Stage 1 Tier 5) On success counter, instant cast Rumblebees (Stage 3) and deals additional 500% of your attack power for 3 seconds, down from 550%.
  • Petal Storm Toss [3]
    • (Stage 2 Tier 3) On hit, instant cast Rumblebees (Stage 3) and deals additional 500% of your attack power for 3 seconds, down from 550%

dont nerf us more pls q.q


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4 hours ago, Grimoir said:

Summoners already got the damage nerf. The only thing they get in terms of a "nerf" is the extra damage rumblebess will do in combination with Seedshroud and Petal Toss. The skill damage stays the same.

how can we already have the skill dmg change when my s3t5 bees and s3t5 sunflower deal exact the same amount of dmg? in tw they got a skill amplifier reduce and are not equal anymore so this 2 skills cant do the same amount of dmg. 

So in conclusion nope we havent got the amplifier nerf right now.

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Summoners need the original KR bees build. This weak ass combo stuff they are trying now with petal storm toss is beyond annoying after seeing the destruction of hm 15 korean summoners in mushin tower. This BM damage tho, is just insane. I leveled one from 1 to 600 ap to see it, and it is 100% broken. It needs no pve buff, and the change to their pvp isnt that much considering everyone at 700+ ap has like 55-60% crit, you wont even notice a difference. You will get 2.2 shot instead of 2 shot. Also, BM restraint skill does WAY too much. was hitting double 25+ crit at 600 ap and my summoner barely hits 15k crits moonfall at 740 ap (no buffs). 

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3 hours ago, RainbowDashie said:

pvp nerf and pve (with enough crit) buff. 


btw you need 77,77777% crit Rate to get the same amount of dmg with dragontongue pre nerf.
or you need 70% crit Rate with 300% crit dmg.

Or 66% crit with 265% cdmg and +2 crit ruby (10% chance). It's still a nerf for alot of people. Why is everyone crying, when the bottom tier dps gets a little love ? Seriously everyone with their top tier summoner and fm should stop being so selfish. This game doesn't ONLY evolve around YOU and your little toys. Calm your tits already and carry on...

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Are you kidding me ? No one played or wanted to play a blademaster before, because there was no point having a trash dps tier class in the group. Stop crying. Your summoner is still better 

And we are talking about pve, not pve. Who the hell cares about pvp ? Your summoner or fm yet again still does it better. But please keep on crying. The developers are in kn. So good luck with that.

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42 minutes ago, Kixtar said:

I guess you don't know top tier BMs :(


The amount of top tier BMs are very few compare to the amount of average BMs. Also, don't forget to take into account the ping people have to the NA and EU servers. This isn't Korea where we all have less than two digit ping so naturally the amount of dps each individual does of the same class is all over the place. The nerf to their skill affects equalized pvp in arena and 3v3 (decisions made towards tournaments), things like pve dungeon play, unequalized WWV and Beluga lagoon are of less importance to them since there are no competitive tournaments geared around those contents (and it shouldn't even matter). 

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I'm pretty sure they balance a game not based on a remote region's ping, but rather by how the classes function at peak performance together. Not really concerned if a European is playing on NA server or vice versa, as they have other servers available. Sure people may not have 10 ping, but if you have over 200, that isn't really balance-able by nerfs/buffs.


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17 hours ago, werwe said:

Are you kidding me ? No one played or wanted to play a blademaster before, because there was no point having a trash dps tier class in the group. Stop crying. Your summoner is still better 

And we are talking about pve, not pve. Who the hell cares about pvp ? Your summoner or fm yet again still does it better. But please keep on crying. The developers are in kn. So good luck with that.

You tell others to stop being selfish but guess what WE care about pvp, in fact some people only PVE to achieve their PVP goals. The reason people keep complaining about BM is because it is absurd to give the best "tanker" class the highest DPS when the typical dps class is a "magic" type of class.


Even in PVP take for example, one of the "top dmg" classes' skills such as Inferno and Dual Dragons deal high damage with a high cooldown...now compare it to BM's Dragontongue and maybe then you will see why there's so much "crying." You just cant give a class that can spam block, has so much CC such an insane damage boost, and yes FMs probably complain the most because BM were already their hard counter and on top of that they boosted BMs and as if that wasnt enough they nerfed one of FMs key skills to fight BMs

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  • 1 month later...

Seeing alot of comment appearing about BM here i feel like i need give BM player a shot and like to
explain at least my opinion here in details. So please relax take your time reading below and bear with me just to help and shed some light to all BM already risking ther necks out there.
I play as summoner WL long range class. And have friend who play as BM and must admit nerfing BM
suddenly after its firebuild is kinda bit harsh.


This also should compensate for atk speeds BM too like ping consider ppl can have on NA/EU(2-3digits
like up to 150ms) vs KOR server with there is 1-2 digits like 5-15ms then ofcourse there be comment on
pvp. But be it if you live in EU or NA the ms could always be in variation in relation to IPS server
range, even if close the peak time may effect those isp. So to solve this to melee user like BM is to
give an overall dmg quality but within close range. Even i couldnt able to complain on that vs long
range user like me can mostly hit from afar.
This game is supposed to be good ping related for overall players be it as melee or long ranger
user but because that cant exactly be reached as true. So they solve it this way for BM melee with the skill and firebuild.

Even in future with some range skills that has cooldown BM will still always be fix close range/high risk front user so they so i can respect they as one
tanking and taking huge risk up close already should least have some high dps to end battle faster and
kill mobs/enemies riskign their own HP to much and die at close range. 
BM was broken class before who didnt do enough dmg unlike the long range counter parts like WL etc. so
they introduced Dragontougn build to compensate for it overall with higher dmg in relation for ping/ms
and range as melee class. Which i respect and understand this.
And now if there is nerf they make char broken again? Jeez.
BM just using their skill+movememt to the fullest potential during close risk range but they still
need to adapt on new situations dangeon mechanics etc. With much work then jsut pressing most of same
buttons like long range does. 
They need to adapt on new things dangeon/bosses to move alot as melee because at close range its high
risk. While WL/FM/Sum sometimes just mostly/same basic stand still and dps combo.
Also when you go in F8 cross server dangeon you dont get same party like before ms part can be very
different time to time. Sometime you get BM good ms then good and next time you get one with bit higher ms. This holds true in reflection for time/ips/quality
for WL/Sum/FM they can manage well with higher or lower ms, but the overall solution would be said below that their dmg and
dps would still be ms friendly. 
So the game itself made dragontough an overall dmg equalizer&compensator for ALL BM player to be able to enjoy (because thats reason you play in this region to enjoy to be close and smooth exp with lower ms offering a flued and enyoble experience and wouldnt contradict itself since other mmorpg have good and lower ms then why shouldnt bns then also have it seeing its important both fast pasted pve/pvp contect)  it inNA/EU even if you have bit better luck to have best ms like in korea way with 5-15ms ms it still wouldnt effect other melee that dont have it because of the build.

Rememeber be it you one have good ms YOU DO NOT always get same quality of team in F8(sometime you see people get disconnect and you party still waiting for them to get back or vote kick here auto happens which you still need wait for new to appear unless you just go tired just go 5man). The bad/good for variation still effect whole party but
gives everyone gets fair shot even its still inconvinent for melee class, ranged class that has more ms friendly overall so they still manage.


Another side note example is which is kinda sad and shame that divides player base community, which
kinda makes me worried that game starting to hugely lean so MUCH(before still was but not as critical
that starts to show now) toward P2W(for everyone even premium or not should be able enjoyble for all),
even if some mats are reduced it still pose a problem. And ofcourse there RNG factor too make it even
worse. That there is some people always saying 650+ AP only which can be understandble if some people
still new on mechanics(but how can they know the mechanics when they havent even properly learned or
tried out the dangeons?). And some players even already have the skill and knows the mechanics gets
underestimated with only  gap from 600-649 of max 650 still get kicked out from party. This is typical
example thats kinda makes game community bad and divided. Like stronger gets stronger and weaker gets
weaker pattern will always become bad news later on. IS ALREADY hard enough to be able to learn new
mechanics, but still struggle to get their gears up.
Do hope they find way to solve this issue to make it more friendly play for everyone
(which can always be said here: like temp buff dangeon event for player who has like below 500ap gets
150+ or so IF they are stuck to get by like TW bns have this event even now).


If BM get nerfed(broken class again) already carrying high risk of being close ranged and not so
friendly ms or LAG during movement will suffer even more.
BM then need to even work more to get higher dps gear vs a 650 AP WL/FM/Sum who doing more dmg from
afar. Seeing that ssp got nerfted with moonstones is kinda pretty hard for players already to get over
650. So ofcourse last thing would be expect BM class dps getting nerfed which falls down even more.
On interresting note. On LIVE TWITCH channel Ruins of Vidar they even mentioned themselves to makes
games more accesable for overall players now that they hav hard time to progress. 
Even if even if they reduce mats cost becuz of ssp nerf they did ofcourse people will still get
"stuck" and cant progress for long time. Same as nerfting the class that has already enough problem
getting mats for upgrade too kinda doesnt make sense to call it "more accesable for players" which is
kinda hard even now. This is typical example for stronger getting stronger, while weaker getting
weaker. But we wait and see after the patch if its TRUE promise kept to make it easier and accesable
for rest of players. Let see what xmas they'll bring.


Admit that there is true REASON why BM close ranged atk like dragontaug must be
little abit OP and this kinda make it bit sense. 
Because unlike WL-FM-Sum who can be guranteed hits from afar, dragontoug can miss too if its not
within 3meter range. 
Thats why is should be little bit overpowered(to compensate for the range) while BM risk on close
ranged battle switch from def/atk all the time. While WL/sum/FM can go FULL ATK in their convinient on
long ranged in field they have it already easy while melee class like KFM/BM tanking for them(pay back
for that compensation). 
How unfair would it be if BM get nerfted too, already when they taking so much risk already close
front with switch to def/atk all time.

So to sum it up. Long range user(Ex:WL,SUM,FM): Convineint atk LONG ranged, ms friendly(+standing
still time to time wont put much burden on ms/hardware), mosly same basic rotation smash button+dps,
safe distance constant flow of dps even if boss/enemy moves lil bit here and there. 
Now vs: BM Close ranged, High risk/inconvinient, need adapt, Limited 3m ranged dragontough(which can
miss time and time when boss/enemy moves/jump alot because of mechanics adaptions and BM still need to
do dmg same time and get close to them again), unfriendly higher ms(more risk on hardware/letancy wise
because of the movements needed to do to aviod dmg being close ranged).


Some last toughts.
Seeing that how some people dont really think carefully of the burden BM alaready taking.
If you consider all those risk BM already taking, right now IT IS balanced consider how broken it was
before they fixed this giving the class fair shot and made class equally popular as long ranged are so
I dont really see any problem here. Also if they did nerf a little on pvp side and notning on pve then
wouldnt be so harmful. But still it wouldnt be unfair for pvp BM players seeing that some skill/item
and can only be gotten through pvp now, this would kinda make it unfair and make BM suffer on pvp as
close ranged user they already are. Exept for pvp. Some of HP skills regenerations on BM has also been
cut down before on some recent patches, taking it more risk for BM on pve close rage just trying to
survive. Understandble if there was critical reason for the nerf. But all said above there is already
so much inconvineint for BM to shoulder all this time so doesnt make sense if they changed it.

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All that reading was too much work for me, so I don't know if this was already said before:

Ideally, lightning build would be superior when executed properly and fire build would be the option for people with higher ping or just simply lazy. As it is, lightning build is harder, fun but not worth it, whereas fire build is boring but strong. I wish they would work on this.


All that BM nerf talk comes from PvP, not PvE and PvP fire build really is annoying af.

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