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  1. Academy Website has been lost due to server hosting issues. But we still have: Main Discord "Lounge" Discord Google Document Guide Stash
  2. No, all minibosses are now supposed to cause the thunder as explicitly stated by the message. They're not, otherwise the mobs that were in my visual range would've died.
  3. Stealth failed because the Sum/Sin didn't do their job. Stealth failed because the marker didn't properly lure the AoE that's needed to stealth the party. Stealth succeeded, but the marker was a Sin who decided to enter stealth right after, and as such Zakhan had no one to to target. Stealth succeeded, but someone broke out of stealth too early. Stealth succeeded, but someone wasn't in range to be stealthed. Stealth succeeded, and all non-markers didn't get hit by the projectiles, but the buff didn't transfer properly because either the marker or others decided to
  4. Gee, thanks for copy-pasting exactly what I said. It's not nice to steal someone's words and claim them to be your own.
  5. C stun can be charge blocked and lasts 1 second less. X dagger is a huge nerf, its queue duration is now 1/3rd of its original, so it's extremely predictable to iframe or you could just kick us out of stealth and CC us long enough so that we can't use it. Before we could just run to the other side of the map and wait for you to drop your guard.
  6. The whole point of the Training Room is it's namesake. Just to train and learn mechanics and rotation.
  7. Bukka does mechanics at 90/60/30%, instead of every 10%. Zakhan does mechanics at 90/60/30%, instead of 90/70/50/30/10%. Zakhan always does mechanics in the middle. Zakhan doesn't do wide sweeps, teleport, or sawblade, he will only do the former two if his aggro holder stands too far away, and the wide sweep is significantly slower. Zakhan doesn't fake mark anyone.
  8. Baleful. Spirit of Darkness gives you cooldown resets on Thunder Slash, Storm Cleave, and Lightning Draw, which means more surge uptime. Spirit of Light requires you to get hit for that, and the 10% Flicker damage is incredibly insignificant to the point where it's outdamaged by Spirit of Darkness's additional damage.
  9. Well here's the thing: If you don't have stealth, the boss doesn't give out the buff that helps kill him faster, and therefore takes longer to die. I mean you CAN kill him without it if you want to take more time.
  10. Doing that for Lightning basically has no future. The next mystic badge is a proc on Time Bomb and without Blue Moon they have almost no uptime for it.
  11. All three are aimed toward PvP. Of those three, only one slightly hurts our PvE utility in taxi. Ice Mine and Turning Leaf were deemed necessary because of: https://clips.twitch.tv/BlushingResilientOxDBstyle
  12. It's literally the same thing as the Shadow Dance training.
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