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  1. whaT s the problem? arent parents humans too? can't they play? mommy means anyway any female human being with 16+ years old. i understand that gamer girls can seems to be some strange chimeras but they exist.
  2. i want to know what anectodes tell you that game is bad in cross server. i see only FEW possibilities so tell me which one: A) you dont know mechanics of the dungeon B) u dont have the required (by community) average ap to clear with "no effort" C) u are one of the above and sneak in high req parties D) u are the only player in entire EU/NA/KR/TW/CN/RU/[...] that party only 5 retarded
  3. i stopped playing the pve game about 3 months ago, but i did some daily for the back adornment and i dont know what game i am playing because SF output is always "as usuall". pve wise u just ice build your way through RMB. moreover when awakened. geaer and awakened RMB are the best dps kit SF can have. rest is accessory
  4. in group 1 EU, when SSp was quite fresh ceruleans OWNED SSP at all. we crimson could not even start a quest they would come en masse. lately...some big guilds of both factions arranged a pact and bot faction splitted chanels. lately we crimsons grew more than them, because on group 1 EU ,they denied entirely SSP for ceruoleans. instead of fighting back again, big whale'd cerulean guilds decided to switch faction. end of fight more farm for all. gg balancing. TL;DR: u cannot have a fair, fun, balanced faction war.
  5. seems my post pointing at the most reasonable truth didnt revealed nothing to anyone , then. sad panda is sad
  6. i think because SSP was a fresh update when they released last part of content map. so it was a challenge to do it and reward was balanced to that challenge and struggle and equip to farm. now game has shifted to higher equip with other kind of needs in term of materials. stats grew so a small group of whales can potentially farm his own channell, hence they added other ways to farm mats and lowered the lower level ones. easy
  7. 16 years of experience so what? every game has his own rules, u dont like or nostalgia some old game? go reinstall that old game. or look for a game that suits better your tastes. about gear, well, do u want back some aion - pvp gear style? u went into abyss , fight other players with pve equip (u could have anyway a better pve gear than others, due to fact that professions there could crit the recipe so u could have a better crafted weapon than most of dropped weapon around), gain pvp credits and buy pvp armors. then what? a brat comes to abyss looking for his pvp equip and get obl
  8. well..not supporting gear balanced pvp is ...childish... i mean, they arent going to remove geared pvp because whales throw ncsoft tons of money. but really, having 2 queues is not nasa business. BUT calling pvp outdated... is silly: mboas lives with same mechanics since ages. tons of money CS:GO outdated = esport... come on
  9. lots of players uses macro even if code of conduct (or term of service, bah whatever) tells they arent allowed. but as everything on earth happens, they likely ban the unlucky guy who maybe was trying what macro are and how they works instead of the abuser who maybe now can be 1000ap... ..so...well... unfair, as life is...
  10. kfm is fine, every class is fine - based on what it was before patch, so dont start the whine abvout fm and stuff like that - kr uses this tree and everydecent player fixed his playstyle accordingly. KFM is not even the top of the op classes in pvp. BUT maybe, now something can change. maybe the gap between WL, BM and sin and rest of the classes became smaller by a bit.
  11. WOW. playing since january 2016..never seen such site. for the sake of being not awkward. but u know when u dont play such classes, reading just descriptions doesnt help.
  12. so: we both fly ; i attack in air doing about no damage but removing any kind of stamina movement, but i fall before you that still plane. i touch ground and u , BD air combo me with that attack that bypass you. longshot what. like the KFM "C" skill, BD has a chain attack close the gap, i dont know why, but if i counter it and animation goes, BD doesnt care, go on, stun me and air combo. HM block + that protection (i DO NOT know names of BD skills) >>>> self chi defense i dont get what u are talking about. when bd locks you with flying swords dot
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