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  1. i stopped playing the pve game about 3 months ago, but i did some daily for the back adornment and i dont know what game i am playing because SF output is always "as usuall". pve wise u just ice build your way through RMB. moreover when awakened. geaer and awakened RMB are the best dps kit SF can have. rest is accessory
  2. ahaha game is not p2w. but gear is purchaseable. which is already common sense because u psend money for ingredneitn u use to upgrade gear. and u p2player play a game is known to be subjected to this rule, and whine about players who play the ONLy, unique mode that is p2w????? i don't know..what do u expect? a prize for playing against whales? whaT? are u new? me myself asked for months about gear equalized 6v6. other than shitstorm by the ones who can play with their gear, not a single point to my favor. players spend money and
  3. pvp wise for entertainment? SF and WL because imho their aestetic of skills is the "best". SF is a wombo combo of kung fu and magic stuff. WL is a nuke of airborns and dragons. pve wise ? sin because u can solo stealth bosses,. jsut for fun. WL because u wont be ever letf alone since they are very wanted in every party. or BD because yes
  4. 40/40 connection means 40dl / 40ul? your 20-30€ trash connection actually works smooth on every single multiplayer game of the last 15 years. and i reiterate, bns is not a 2016 game. it is a 2012 if u are lucky. guild wars 2 is 2012 and works "very " fine. and i dare you to say that in wvwvw are less than the players we get in ssp. planetside 2 is 2012 accordingly to google. never had an issue. as i stated you play good because your connection is way over the required to play smooth .
  5. im BAD at examples but i try to explain my point of view. aside from east europe having one of the best average speed connection in EU..w.e let's say a multiplayer game needs "10 internet speed" to have low ping, BnS with that "10 internet speed" LAGS. u have to put into BnS about "50-100 internet speed" to go on pair with other games needs. basically, to have BnS going smooth, and being BnS a 2012 game, it needs modern pc and higher internet speed. which is silly.
  6. whatever u call it it is the same. call it ping or delay, if the game register my input later than i do meanwhile your game register your input at a different timing, u have LAG, whichj is, in a reactive pvp game, a bad thing..to not add funny adjectives.
  7. i changed pc so since january headstart i have never installed again BnS. so i completed installation and.... stage 2 download. u can play, but there is a huge 8.6gb of suff to download again. what is that?
  8. as u stated scale is farmable dungeon is one x day + scale to enter only it means that players are lazy it means that u have to have the scale to do dungeon. it means that if that player didnt use scale u wont do dungeon. i can solo heavens as a lot of my friends. but we do F8 (LFP) just for community help/merchant. isn't it enough to let scale user to get loot? OR maybe it is YOU that play in that unpolite way? to me it hjappened like once in 100runs i got a "stealer" . once i even bid because i was distracted. once in 100 run
  9. if u miss the scale why dont u do the quest ?
  10. i would like account achievements just for HM skills locked to alts while i already got my books/material to unlock skill. if they remove the achievments wall for skills i dont care about achievements at all.
  11. there was a time in which stingers cost 2g and moonstones 4g... ..be gratefull :D
  12. is it that difficult to understand that MAYBE u are learning and not skilled enough against those matchups? also 250 ping and u complain about classes? look at your provider and pc maybe .. also..gold strategy, silver strategy..lool what is that?
  13. i dont get a part of the rant: if sin tank get grabbed u do the normal way of yeti boss. u stop at 70% and 30% (35%?) and do the shrooms phase. easy
  14. if they rewards me i could do, because i have a character to upgrade
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