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  1. so you know about their rule to only rollback your char 1 time and now still complain about rng? Maybe you should have waited with that rolback ;)
  2. its p w/o the buff, so with hm 10+ i would assume you have around 880ap nothing more.
  3. du hast doch einmal den skin und dann die aura beim pet. Um den skin jetzt auf legendäre aufzuwerten musst du beides wieder voneinander trennen (verwerten) und dann den skin seperat von der aura aufwerten.
  4. immortal cat, cause you dont know what a cc is or to gain profit out of your 4 sec timespan? (thats the time between each q). Or do you just keep hiting into my q and whonder why my cat doesnt go under 100k hp?
  5. das brauchte man als die Pets erschienen sind, da hatten die tatsächlich eine bestimmte laufzeit in denen die Buffs aktiv waren, mitlerweile ist dem nicht mehr so und wenn ich mich nicht irre bekommst du vom antiquitäten händler dafür ein paar mats.
  6. q: cat recive less dmg e: iframe + kb/kd x: 5 sec summ+cat iframe v: 2 times kd, aircombo c: daze tab: stun, grabble so you want me to tell that your class dont have 4 ccs? what are you a wl? Yeah if you just keep hiting in our petal storm (projectile shield + heal IF protect) or keep hitting in our Seed Shroud yeah we will stilll be alive for long, our other healing skills are Huzzah (z) 10% of our health and Doom'n'bloom (f) with 50% heal for that dmg that skil have done (for note this skill doesnt deal real dmg) so yeah we are so high
  7. right, thats why sum have 8 skills on cat and all ccs (except our 2) is on cat too. But yeah you wont cipple us like wls. How many skills do wls have for their thrall? right 3, and 1 of them is for cc. if you do this, revamp the whole sum and name it wl 2.0, ty
  8. That not, but peopla shall understand what is the difference between this. So maybe they will realise that their ts3/other game delay is nearly the same as here.
  9. ingame its just a Delay. It self tell it to you in the options "show delay". And a dealy is not a real single ping. as i said a single ping is just send a package from you to the server. Thats it thats a ping. And this delay also count the server reaction time, the way back and the reaction time of your pc. ie if you have a normal 40 ping and we dont count server and pc to it your delay is min 80ms. Now count around 15-20ms for server and pc reaction and et viola we have a 95-100ms delay.
  10. The EU Servers already placed in EU. Only the IP is goin to Texas cause NCSoft got a range of IP Adresses and they are located in Texas cause their HQ is in Texas. BTW if that 200-300 ms is your ingame delay then its just a 100-150ms ping even less then that. Cause this delay is not only a ping, it also counts the server reaction time, the way back to you and the reaction time of your pc.
  11. free speech in a forum, youre joking right? Did you understand what freedom of speech is? Its just that youre goverment cant punish you for that. Or did you go in a club say some shit and then complain that they kicked you out?
  12. and that ist most likely on telias site (NCSoft ISP) this ISP is just crap and has often ping pikes.
  13. and you believe all what is written in the internet also if its just trash without a real proof.
  14. thats right and i also got lag spikes its most on the part on telia (NCSoft ISP)
  15. u know that NCSoft got their IPs for Texas, cause they sit in texas, right? That didnt mean that the server is physacaly also in texas....
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