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  1. Newsletter Gift

    thats why it shows 6 chest instead of just 3.
  2. ...nice work...

    atleast there are some sums in serious kr torunaments right now ;) btw our dps is just so low cause our mystic amulet is pure garbage. wait for Vortex amulet and be happy to be in high tier dps ;)
  3. Which items needed to deal 60k per hit?

    pls show me that wind sum that can deal 500k-1kk dps burst with that.
  4. Client speichert IP Adresse nicht

    du hast deinem router selbstständig eine öffentliche statische IP gegeben? Sollte das nicht, wenn überhaupt, eher dein ISP können? und wenn dein router tatsächlich über eine statische IP hat, dann wird das ganze auch gespeichert und du bekommst keine mail.
  5. Which items needed to deal 60k per hit?

    Kunlun 6+ , vortex wind neck s10, bt wind ear s10, bt wind s10, dragon braclet s10, true soul, vortex 8. I guess they will use that setup to be able to deal 500k+ dps if your ingame delay is higher then 180 ms you cant realy play wind and should stick with earth.
  6. Im 99% sure weapon chests are rigged ...

    i also saw 500+ dt runs and no necklace but without any screen of that achiev and i wont believe it cause its nearly impossible. Same with 30 boxes and not your weapon, just make a 30 sec video or screen or gif were you open these 30 boxes without your weapon. thats how argumentation works, thats how you proof something. Not just with texting aka "opend 3k boxes not my weapon q.q"
  7. Im 99% sure weapon chests are rigged ...

    try it with 100 or to be more accurate 1000 boxes and list all weapons you got, then you will see that every weapon has, more or less, the same chance.
  8. Updated Accessories Evolution Guide

    necklace: draken (drop from desolated tomb) earring: elemental legendary (drop from skybreak spire/ Black tower) ring: elemental legendary (drop from skybreak spire/ black tower) belt: draken (drop from naryu foundry) bracelet: draken (drop from naryu sanctum) and these you just evolve as it is mention within crtl+i
  9. Skill Setup?

    Wind: https://bnstree.com/skill/SU?b=0131131221111 earth: https://bnstree.com/skill/SU?b=1131131221121
  10. Seraph or Baleful in Stratus Patch

    dont match magnum + msp ss + dragon bracelet, cuse your doom uptime realy sucks. if you want to use dragon then use bt + holy fire.
  11. Why ppl hate BMs after update ?

    yeah right a tank with top tier dmg doenst need a nerf.
  12. 6vs6

    jup viel spaß mit den beschwerden dann wieder über die leute die das system ausnutzen um höher zu ranken ;)
  13. Changing Servers

    this information is outdated for around a half year.
  14. proper patch notes??

    which elo are you that you say that summ need a bee nerf? oO
  15. NA/EU only class Gunslinger ?

    its not out in korea, maybe in june 2017, that was a hint that we got with their april fool.