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  1. If you guys want to sell your gold quickly, it's best to sell them in batches over 100g+ at minimum price since most people just buy the ones that appear on the first page when they press F9. The higher the amount you put in a single batch the better because it would attract people's attention compare to all those 10g batches.
  2. I seriously hope they implement the same looting system as the 6man dungeons where the bidding screen pops up for everyone in the raid... having one person loot then distributing it to others is such a faulty system when people are playing favorites.
  3. It's all been announced in their recent live stream on twitch.
  4. You guys seriously need to start learning how to read... the key bundles specifically stated that the keys will be removed at 9:00am on March 21, 2017. That description has been there since the start when the keys are made available in the store. You would have to be blind to miss it...
  5. Hey guys, with the new release content coming out and the new chokma weapons, should I upgrade my seraph razor from stage 10 that still have the leech cd to chokma where it doesn't have the leech cd but higher attack power? I've read that the amount of attack power that chokma gives is quite a lot so would it be a good idea to sacrifice the leech cd for the attack? What are your thoughts on this?
  6. Damn man... you're salty as hell soratokonome... just cause you haven't spent any money right now to get a legendary pet you want others to spend more when a new pet comes out... what is the difference between them spending money now and you spending money later when the poharan pet comes out? it's all the same and in fact they are actually spending more money to buy a poharan pet to use as a skin on their current pet. Also, if they go by what you're crying about to dump $500 every time a new pet comes out then what is the purpose of the pet skin system they just introduced? Relax and calm do
  7. The amount of top tier BMs are very few compare to the amount of average BMs. Also, don't forget to take into account the ping people have to the NA and EU servers. This isn't Korea where we all have less than two digit ping so naturally the amount of dps each individual does of the same class is all over the place. The nerf to their skill affects equalized pvp in arena and 3v3 (decisions made towards tournaments), things like pve dungeon play, unequalized WWV and Beluga lagoon are of less importance to them since there are no competitive tournaments geared around those contents (and it should
  8. yeah.. it super boring... i have to drag myself just to do it everyday :( i'm doing it on all 9 characters just to get the stuff to make my legendary wep and possibly some account bound upgrade material when i collect enough for the legendary first.
  9. Please nerf all the classes and only give them a stick and shield with the ability to attack and block! That should fix all the complaints about OP this and NERF that threads.
  10. Use your head please... this is a korean game so of course it will follow the korean updates. Second, this is an e-sport game so things like skills have to be the same across all regions.
  11. even though that girl in the comics is Zulia/Julia, I'd be happy if the next class uses those giant dual fans as weapons :P
  12. I really hope they would make Zulia's OLD costume purchasable in the future... I want the old version for my gon~ lol
  13. I see~ so it only becomes available for 6-man if 4-man is no longer available... dang... that's a bummer~
  14. wait... both of you are saying the opposite from each other >_< so its possible to get the costumes in 6-man? anyone able to confirm this?
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