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  1. World tournament winner was also gunner. Russia win Korea and China 8 - 0 in finals. They had exactly same patch on tournament than we have right now. It is not that bad class. Also most classes gonna get big revamp after we get awakened patch so I dont think it even matter right now.
  2. Back in days that model works because there was not many game to play, but now you have to think about casual players. Players have job or play multiple other games and not have so much time to invest into single game. Casual players are the ones that bring money to the game. Current business model prefer the one that have more casual players. BNS barely have new players anymore. Most of players are the ones that start from the launch. If you want pvp to be popular it should give casual players chance play the mode. I did not say game should not have learning curve, but pointless grind should
  3. I did not whine about that. I just simply not play that mode, that is fine by me. I just stated the fact why the game mode is dead. New players simply can not enjoy from the game mode. You can grind pvp gear if you play 24/7 two years or whale yes, but that is kinda unlikely. PVP modes not really need vertical progression. That only cause huge unbalance. On top of that it is not fun one shot each others even if you have the gear. That have nothing to do about skill. Most interesting game mechanics are gone.
  4. What game really need is more gear balanced pvp modes where skill matter more than gear. Anybody that not have high end gear can not enjoy from current 6v6 mode. Difference between entry and endgame gear is way too big.
  5. Wow bm have so many gold players, it must be nerfed. With new changes you can get gold after 3 wins XD.
  6. If it is equalized it is really good, because I m pretty sure I will never touch any content require gearing in this game anymore. I m not gonna grind 2 years to be competitive in single game mode like how it is in 6v6 right now.
  7. For new player easiest learn is probably summoner. Warlock is imo strongest class in game and pretty easy too if you know basics. FM is really strong too, but it is less ping friendly than other ranged classes. Gunner is strong too. Pretty much every ranged class is good. If you wanna play melee, sin is easily strongest followed by destroyer and bd. SF can be pretty strong too after changes, I actually have no idea how much recent changes impact them in pvp. In general skill matter more than the class.
  8. I had assassin opponent yesterday that did every time same opener, shunpo + c stun and could not avoid that even if i spammed iframe from the waiting room. Would be nice if there would be like 2 - 3 second immunity after game start, so you dont need lose neutral game because you are loading into game.
  9. Gunner get buffed for arena in this patch, new alpha call and launch is really good and make gunner instantly better than most of classes in arena. Nobody used gunner in arena kr before this patch. But this patch make it even op and it is gonna get nerfed later.
  10. Lightning rod penetrate parry and defence, but not iframe. Spin is iframe against daze, stun and knockback.
  11. It is not up even in Korea and probably never will be. Who knows. I think there is not any new hm skills like over 2 years in KR?
  12. You are leveling hongmoon levels until story is at the point you unlock 50 - 55.
  13. It is not fun die against defence penetrate pve damage in 6v6.
  14. In the end game there is mainly veterans that have played on same class like 1 - 2 years and gunner is still pretty new class for the game. Most players not wanna start gear progress all over again either. It will take lot time for f2p players get gunner gear on same level than what majority of veteran players have. Most well geared gunners are still mainly whales.
  15. For toi you dont need any gear. You just can not reach floor 100 but you can get rewards from early stages. And reward difference is not really that huge between floor 40 or 80 etc. Even my alt that have only mainstory quest gear can reach floor 40 in toi.
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