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  1. bns economy is dying

    Maplestory is one of the most P2W games you can mention lol, you literally need to sink thousands of dollars into a single toon to be able to do mid-endgame
  2. That wont work, because WTFast will also get the same pocket loss.
  3. [Jiwan] 742 AP BD LF Active guild

    send a msg to RollingStar / Meese / Rebirth or Mal Underground Business!
  4. Awful Management

    Same difference really. You cant expect them to reward someone for losing, that is just unseen, imagine if they gave away the same amount beans to losers...what would be the point of trying to win? But they do give you some beans when you lose, just nothing like winning though
  5. DC @ BG, lose over 60 points

    The reason why you lose points its because people were abusing it before. They would see themselves in a losing match and they would just quit/close the game to prevent losing points.
  6. Would Untimate moves gain aggro?

    Well their damage wont have anything to do with aggro, damage only gains aggro when no aggro skills are being used. So if a blade master/kfm is using their aggro skills the right way it wont matter what ultimate skill is used, they'll still keep the aggro. Now if there are no aggro skills being used then whoever does the most damage with or without ultimate skills will most likely have aggro.
  7. Forfeit?

    You just answered your own question. "Is there a way to fofeit a duel?" Yes, just stand there and get clobbered.
  8. Awful Management

    This is why would you get rewarded for losing? We're not babies in kindergarten. Ever seen a 10th place olympics competitor get a gold medal? Lol
  9. Secrets of the Stratus: April 12, 2017

    I know that lol but i mean, weren't a lot of the new skills revamps broken op? So are we getting them fixed or the broken version?
  10. Secrets of the Stratus: April 12, 2017

    Wow....its here, arent they still working on balancing skills on KR though? Or they finished?
  11. YES YES YES !!! thank you

    Nothing on that link
  12. YES YES YES !!! thank you

    And what is the secret? Mushin 20F?
  13. I didn't mean they lack resources in general, im sure they have enough money but as a business they only use BNS money for BNS things.
  14. Badge question

    I did some research myself and I was told the green(meteor cd) is better for now until we can merge it with the blue(inferno)