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  1. base dmg 11-3,5, crit dmg +4=11,5. Yeap nice nerf...
  2. its just bns feature. Not even germans have 50 ms in BnS, maybe servers are faulty, maybe nc's net provider can't provide good enough connection in EU, maybe the fact that game have to be connected to some ip's in NA and some in EU. Really there is nothing you can do about it.
  3. Not sure why would you need this but you can do it by just setting affinity via task manager (in w7 at least). Ctrl+alt+Del>Processes right click on process you want to do a change > Set Affinity and tick which core should run that process.
  4. servers pop https://bnstree.com/character They stable enough not to go down randomly, random ping changes is another talk .
  5. mega bump. Ability to kick party member really is a must- it's just too many people using this flaw for currently ongoing event and other dungeons. Also not only afkers are problem. Been in situations quite a few times where I ended up in high end dungeon and on last boss some one leaves after few fails or irl reasons- you recruit random person and its some guy with 500-600 ap doing run first time and he can't even hit boss cus he dies from reflect due to not having bracelet- everyone says to him leave cus we can't carry any weight since we already failed it few times- the guy stays and a
  6. Get the best gear from 2010 as game development started somewhere in 2008 and ended with release in 2012. It was tweaked for that time hardwares and softwares so the best PCs from ~2010 should run game the best. Currently the best up to date hardwares and softwares have to run on compatibility modes, uses different features and in the end they perform same or even worse than the gear the game was built on to work.
  7. or ... rng boxes from nc shop! nah that would be too evil even for nc
  8. competitive pvp? BM, aka tank, killing you in few hits by 15k dmg on each hit every 0,5 sec -much balance, totally legit.
  9. considering you need 0 gear and few hours of leveling on new char to complete this event it's only fair that rewards aren't at legendary level.
  10. it's fun to play for few weeks once in a while, but once you hit wall of "you need 1000 of this, go do that 10000 times" it gets boring again to point of few month break, till next few patches when that stuff becomes common, cheap and easy to get.
  11. Or it could count on max ap ever reached on that character- no chance to bypass that.
  12. you really gotta have lots of dc's to look like exploiter, like really a lot, most likely 2-3 per day during matches cus dailies was for 3 battles and exploiters usually needed that much "dc's" to get into wining teams and get done with dailies.
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