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  1. Looking at this I can see a few things wrong with your build that would have helped your dmg output. Now, before I correct it, I understand how you feel about the dmg. Going on from that, you are using wind based nettles as well as wind based thorn strike. Using those for sunflower is a waste for this simple reason. Vine whip (wind based thorn strike) does good damage, however it does not have the effect of having its cd reduced if you crit with sunflower, whereas, left side thorn strike (earth based) does. Which means you will get to use it more often and with my gear it crits for about the
  2. To everyone saying 'just mute it you don't HAVE to listen to it', If some 30+ yr old is raging into his mic over wiping in desolate tomb, and everyone has him muted, is he truly raging? Not everyone wants to hear what the rest of you sound like, im all for things that would make the game a much more enjoyable experience but this is not one of them.
  3. Inb4 ppl are back to complaining about summoners (not that they ever stopped).
  4. Congratulations but this isn't about you. Anyone with eyes can see the groups people are creating via cross server asking for the most ridiculous requirements such as 600+ ap for 6man avalanche den. Just because you got into parties doesn't mean every other person under 600+ will too.
  5. http://apps.keeky.net/blade-and-soul/daily/ Use that, it will show you dailies which can be seperated in terms of gold, exp, and something else. No idea if its up to date as of now with the new patch. It will also allow you to choose 40 dailies and show you how much gold you will get from those 40, as well as any added extra if you are a premium or not and what premium rank you are. Edit: I just checked and its not up to date so certain dungeons that will be included in your daily repertoire if you are able to get parties that is, will be sogun lament, glo
  6. When the booty looks so good you gotta take a look back at it yourself...
  7. 1. Break up that post 2. Blade and soul isn't like other mmos where you have a tank whos role is to hold aggro and a healer whos role is to keep everyone healed etc etc. Yes, you have kfms and blademasters who have the ability to tank and hold aggro but a lot of dungeons can be done without them and it doesnt make the dungeon any harder. The only thing you need to be able to do is keep yourself alive, do damage, and not mess up any mechanics, which you dont really need to worry about until wayyyyyyyy later in the game. So for you being a soul fighter, all you have to do is do damag
  8. Um, I saw a 30min warning as well as a 5min warning and a 30sec warning. I know this because I was watching to see if anyone swiped my top 30 rank from me before servers went down.
  9. The tickets are not changing so any you currently have will still be used/needed to do tower.
  10. Yeah 500 of em, and you had to spend gold just upgrading the weapon.
  11. Thank you, either you got lucky or you had to spend hella time doing EVERY corralite daily or spend gold for the coralites. Either way it involved rng or spending gold/ncoin to trade for gold.
  12. The issue here is not about the differences I am clearly aware of the differences. The issue here is if you have the option to get something that is SLIGHTLY equal to it why not? Thats like me making myself a time machine, going back to the first day of the spring trove event and telling myself, hey dont waste silver making that pentagonal crit ruby because in september they are gonna release a free event for the hongmoon ruby. That's exactly how you sound right now, but the difference is, you dont know when the next f2p gem event will occur. So you feel your way about the gem and im going to
  13. No the average bw group is like 3 parties of people. I don't know about your server but anytime during the weekend if someone calls out bw on mine, people show up. Every point you bring up ONLY applies to if you currently had both options between getting a bw gem and getting the flawless hongmoon. The flawless amethyst is NOT able to be acquired at the moment unless you have 1k gold to waste, so why wait for an event to give it when we dont know when that will be instead of just farming towards something you can get currently. If the gem comes via an event in the mean time then hey stop and g
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