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  1. The majority of the discussion seems to revolve around 6v6 balance rather than arena PvP. The two modes are quite a bit different and require different steps in order to balance them. In order to balance arena, the focus needs to be on modifying skills for all the classes. For 6v6, the focus should be on how gear works with skills. Trying to balance 6v6 by modifying skills based on how gear interacts with these skills will be fine for 6v6, but will make arena even more unbalanced since gear does not play a role. PvP balancing should be tackled by balancing arena firs
  2. I enjoy both Tera and Blade & Soul combat. I feel like Tera’s combat is more enjoyable in PvE and Blade & Soul’s combat is more enjoyable in PvP. Both styles of combat aren’t without flaws. Blade & Soul has limitations in regards to being able to use abilities (you need a target to use the majority of abilities). The skills are condensed into a limited amount of keys which can cause some issues when skills overlap on the same key. Tera suffers from clunky combat (unable to use some skills while in motion) and desync.
  3. This guy is right, all these murderers need to be put in front of a judge and sentenced to life in prison. /s This is the same tired argument that the media throws out there every few years that blames video games for youth/teen violence. While it may be a small contributing factor, I believe there are far stronger correlations with other variables. This event promotes PvP in a game that very well might send the wrong messages to young players, but.....the game is also rated mature. Young players with developing minds shouldn’t even be playing this game. It’s on the
  4. You didn’t gain them for free. It cost you time to get those materials. You may not value your time at all, but it still holds value to everyone else. The majority of educated people in the world have the same mindset as me because that mindset is called basic economics which is: widely practiced, widely supported, widely accepted and recognized. People would still be crafting and transmuting because, to them, the positives outweigh the negatives. People who go to work and earn a paycheck know the value of their hard work. It still doesn’t stop some people from taking that pay
  5. You didn’t gain them for free though. It took time to get those materials and time is a finite resource. By using those materials for crafting, you forego the opportunity to sell them for gold on the market. ”There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” I apologize for the original comment as it was a bit harsh. I should have worded it as I stated above. And yes, I am guilty of skipping a few classes from time to time.
  6. I’ll agree that class balance is terrible, but can’t agree with your other comments. Perma is short for permanent which means “lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely”. I’ll stand by my comment that perma anything does not exist for any class in this game. If a sin is “perma” stealth, you are making too many mistakes. A sin can only get into stealth on its own with x stealth and blue buff. BD doesn’t have anywhere near perma iframe. If they spec for a third iframe, they have about 10 seconds of iframe. It is quite a substantial a
  7. That’s not how it works....go take some Econ classes, come back, and revisit your statement.
  8. WL is undoubtedly still one of the strongest classes in PvP. While their aerial damage got nerfed, 40-50% untabbable damage is still quite substantial. Pair that ridiculous damage with being able to reset key skills on command and you’ve created a beast of a class for PvP. Who cares about long cool downs when you can reset them? Some of the current best players on the server still have issues with WLs and you say that everyone has them figured out? WLs are still a key component in building a competitive 3v3 tournament team. I don’t recall any team making it to the f
  9. There are many issues with PvP in this game, but perma stun/stealth/iframe isn’t one of them. There isn’t any class in this game with perma stun, perma stealth, or perma iframe. Pride/ego can sometimes get in the way of seeing things clearly. The issues you mentioned (perma stealth/stun/iframe) are due to your own gameplay mistakes not a broken PvP system. You talk about toxicity and then go on to discredit all the players who have excelled in PvP. You’re contributing to the toxicity.
  10. Regardless of what kind of player you are (aside from PvX players), I think we can all agree that being forced into doing one mode to progress in another is annoying. A PvE player should be able to progress in PvE through PvE and a PvP player should be able to progress in unequalized PvP through PvP. The fact that the game is designed around PvX is one of the many reasons why so many people have moved on to other games which do a better job at keeping the two modes separate.
  11. There isn’t a large enough player base in PvP to have a nicely shaped bell curve. From my experience as an average skilled PvPer, I either steamroll my opponent or totally get destroyed. I rarely ever have matches that are relatively equal. I can’t blame top PvPers for rolling alts since queues at high rank are pretty much dead. At the same time, I get the sentiment of the average PvPer having to constantly play against top rank alts. The real issue is the lack of player base. You should be blaming the developer, not the players. There isn’t much incentive for PvE
  12. Your first mistake was going into unequalized PvP undergeared and expecting to have a good time. The game is balanced around arena PvP (which currently isn’t very balanced either).
  13. I’ve seen this topic pop up many times in previous games. Some of the games actually did wipe inactive character names after a certain period of time. The issue that came up after was when everyone rushed to snag names either to sit on them until they decide to start an alt (which might never happen) or those that grab popular names in order to try and sell them. Even if they wipe inactive names, people will still be upset if they aren’t lucky enough to grab the name they wanted after the names have been released from inactive characters. Also, people who paid for reserved names
  14. You are mistaking what people mean when they say WL is OP. OP doesn't mean that the class is easy to play and get top rank. People are saying WL is OP because of how much damage they can do with their aerials which you cannot tab escape out of. Once you've been launched into the air, there is nothing you can do to get out of the combo. There isn't any other class in the game that can do that much free damage. I play WL myself (along with all the other classes) and can understand that WL players want to defend their class, but you would have to be blind to not see how powerful W
  15. Uh, DES and FM have two tabs as well. WL also has a second escape when thrall is up. Ground game against a gunslinger is so painfully easy due to the limited options that are provided to them when they are knocked down. 1 on knockdown is pretty worthless against anyone who has a little PvP knowledge. On knockdown, the gunslinger only has two options not factoring in tab escape: 1 on knockdown or F roll. 1 is rendered useless if the opponent continues to hit you after knocking you down. The opponent can continue to attack you because there is no threat of getting countered. All the opp
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