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  1. I do, but it still feels like I have to be standing right next to the mob to chain the bees well
  2. Then the KFM and WL aren't playing right. The best way to dps now for summoner is to melee bosses with our S3 bees. It seems stupid af we have to wait for the rosethorn to HIT the mob before the free Bees cast. Before the changes, the KR bees was hella strong. Make Bees more accessible (take out the rosethorn travel time issue, melee issue), and you will please a lot of summoners. I picked ranged so that I get to kite, not melee. NC need to learn to balance game, not just adjust damages improperly and make a class clunkier than it was. After playing 8 of the classes to almost 500-600 ap mostly
  3. I understand what we have to do Holybread, but let's be honest. there are LOTS of bosses that having to counter in order to maximize our dps is just not efficient for farming runs.
  4. So you are just admitting that they are trying to make the class less appealing to the average player. I would think they want to keep player base, not lose it, since the game has been fading hard since about mid-summer.
  5. Let's be honest, every KFM uses the solo dps buff, not blue buff. they don't buff you, they buff themselves @NCsoft will you comment on these problems? The blatant racism in game, followed by nerfs. You want your largest player base to leave the game? Sounds like a good plan, but maybe we can discuss it before you see droves of summoners quit.
  6. I guess you are just proving my point though. These balances are made for patches way down the road, not to be rushed before we have the gear that warrants the balance shift.
  7. I mean they call us a support class, but the game comes down to dps in pve. More DPS, faster farm, etc. Summoner was top tier dps and still is good dps but each little nerf is just pushing us back so people complain less because they don't know how to deal with sustain in pvp. It has nothing to do with our PVE output. If the game was focused around utility, then you would see people asking for summoners (aside from 1 stealth mechanic in ebondrake). The split in dps will grow as they add more crit dmg gear. I actually have 3 classes over 600 ap, and the numbers I was seeing on both my sin and B
  8. KFM can self buff and hit nearly 40k dps with 700 ap. I've seen it. They crush summoner dps if played well.
  9. we dont have FM dmg .. everyone get buff. our flower/bees nerfed some. We never got the amazing Korean Bees with crit chains. Ours is a fluff an puff version...
  10. When you stop being racist towards summoner I may consider playing the game like I used to back during the summer. So tired of the nerfs. Racist BNS towards summoner
  11. wtf are red primers? you mean green? There are green , blue and purple rarities. the color of the picture isnt what most people describe but rather the rarity. I believe the green primers are being referred to as blue primers.
  12. I'm pretty sure they balance a game not based on a remote region's ping, but rather by how the classes function at peak performance together. Not really concerned if a European is playing on NA server or vice versa, as they have other servers available. Sure people may not have 10 ping, but if you have over 200, that isn't really balance-able by nerfs/buffs.
  13. I guess you don't know top tier BMs :(
  14. I don't mind some love, but they had no dps problems before this if you were a good BM. They out pp almost everyone on ssp except fm. Now their gains are just insane.
  15. Yup, they should counteract the panic, instead of encouraging it. That's the whole point of this thread. It's stupid shit gets all bought out to be resold every patch. You fix this by upping the main sources of things. The ten ornament bundle should absolutely be included in either ebon or tomb, not just gloom that no one runs now.
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