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  1. Only thing to equall it up to give non player items/possibility of making bit better coin/gold like Ex: daily mission 4/4 might get more 10-100g til june 14 or basin box more drop etc. just some mention few. If every1 did get that benifit even key buyers get compensated further more too get same benifit. so it just be eqialized in anyway. But difference here is non buyer(or every1) did get some compensation as well. All in all no one could feel anymore discomfort. It might shake/drop market abit but price could then go up after June 14. Also right now if some price go down it means non buyer
  2. There is truth in what your saying. In way they did good job on this one. A very good over the edge compensation that not only give something back but seeing as items people already have or used can be seen as overall gift either ncoin or HM coins. By not making it so complicated and just give keys being used during effect times. And top it all as patch on the would people can keep their items opened. If there sale unbound items it might effect market abit and lower some of price for days to week but prob back to normal after June 14. This also compensating rest of community and ev
  3. Thx for reply Massive. In anycase dont rly need to go any futher seeing as it connection ingame engine, can just read. The topic off this and furthest development and improvement on ncsoft game/engine. Hopefully lies in future improvment. Since it old game and now uses even 64bit we wish it would take even less resource to modern mid-high cpu/gpu and still remain stable and fast. Dont really think so about ms/lag. Because even when checking tracert it even as it should be no problem. From 20 25 30 m s. Which as sld be in t reg for max smooth exp. When playing other mmo fast ph
  4. Now this might just be "bug"(or porpousely done?) after maintenince. Thats why putting it out there. You know for being company and community that people/player look up to and trust as a community when playing your game. We player works hard on their gears. And suddenly you make such sneaky changes and think people wouldnt notice? The Blademasters (RMB)dragon tongue damage was lowered abit after stratus patch by compensating it with faster atk speed ofcourse during its rotation. But why is it that after the May 17 patch the atkspeed seems to be bit slower now? If bit slower
  5. Hi, there is a truth in this. And its a good thing you notice it. It absolutly no brainer that this shouldnt be allowed on AI bots as well. All their skills should reflect the same normal char. Not only have they very high enough HP as well to able to be killed. But thiS "cheathing of taking advantage on some 'hacked' skills" that itself breaks the rule of the game. As they said before release stratus patch that be considered alot of bugs so ofcourse this is just few of them. But they should really compensate for people who lost their ranks because of this. Because no matter twist on turn,
  6. The thing is your right. Didnt they say at live stream your char will even be more stronger now even if you didnt upgrade or anything. So it shouldnt effect any dmg you deal with high ping or not. Some people have even made video or screenshot before patch training at mushin dummy just to be sure that stat hold true even after the patch(be it if you now add some ap point+elemental etc) but seems like even after patch it speak for itself total dmg "sucked" and "rigged". As said if some other post. They are pretty sneaky with some "hidden" changes and think people wouldnt notice this. In Kor can
  7. Yea its easy to read between the lines i agree. How would this be called "make it accesseble" for everyone kinda way like they said on live stream? It is not at all. Just an illusion. Another example would be if they want reward vip prenium use to have like free item with 1-2 transformation stone with 100% successes then after item is bound or not(ncsoft can decide) that would be least something to give back to supporters. Then again it on p2w path itself but least is a rewarding factor for VIP user.
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