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  1. In case you haven't noticed, there's a specific purpose for warrior. As a main tank in games myself, however, i completely despise how they "encourage" players to be tanks (worst solution i can think of honestly). More classes, let's take archer for example, could be for people who just want to be an archer (or a wizard, or have a sword, and yes, this is a legit reason for choosing a class) or, oppositely, don't want to be a WL but want soulburn for example (i imagine another class will be another buff, just taking sb, as i said, as an example). Also, "unless you're a whale". Exactly. The
  2. This is not a bug nor something in general that would need fixing. Animation lock is a feature (no sarcasm) and here it's working as intended. The game is already extremely lax on this.
  3. You shouldn't have problems holding aggro with players that don't have drastically better gear than you (in which case you won't do too much wherever you are with them anyway). And I don't know where you read that you need to outdamage them, 200% increase in threat means the boss sees you as doing triple the damage of other members. Not sure what you want to say with that gear talk so I won't get into it. by "everything in attack" and "HM 11" for "aggro and damage" I take it you mean HM points and getting the 50 points bonus in offense as well as 10 points for threat. For that you need
  4. There was a target sensitivity setting somewhere but I never bothered to check what it does. See if changing it makes a difference.
  5. While I have a massive feeling of deja vu, I couldn't find myself answering something almost exactly like this on forums, so: We do not have any real choices in terms of weapon upgrade paths. Before the recent updates, people went dawn/rift over raven because it was the cheaper path, but now I don't really know but i'm 99% sure there was a spreadsheet somewhere comparing prices and going to max stages added up to somewhere around the same, orienting on how you get your raid materials. You might find that on forums here somewhere. As for BM specifically, BT (Black Tower or Skybreak Spire
  6. I get where you're coming from on the multiple characters part (except for the appearance, never cared much, 'tis why it baffles me how much people spend on pixels in this game). I like all my classes' rotations and gameplay. But sadly the game is harsh on people with alts. Although it's been getting much better, there's one ludicrously gigantic problem: HM skills. Made a rant about them in dungeons category but naturally nothing will be done about it. They're really expensive and their drop rate in dungeons is so low it's normal not to see a single one running dungeons every day for a whole y
  7. As a person with 8 characters (+2 deleted) I'll say it now just in case you're not immune to grind: leveling to 45 (55) is nothing compared to what you'll face later. Tho it is darn tedious for sure. While KR is supposedly going towards making any class able to tank, right now we only have KFM and BM as explicitly tank classes, so naturally people expect you to do it. I know the struggle of not wanting to drag 5 other people down with your inexperience while at the same time wanting to do harder content, but in normal mode dungeons nowadays it takes 1-2 runs and you're good to go (assuming y
  8. I'm not quite sure how to reply to this, not to mention where to start. how about You're completely missing the point. I could go into depth here but I believe you did not take your time reading this or ignored intentionally (also don't quote that text, it doubles the length of the post unnecessarily), so I shall abstain. But there are the KR 12.13 patch notes, where Gloom got 1 defense point removed, Necro got 2 points removed. Also, even though this was back in summer/spring I remember gloom wasn't really soloable since you either sit forever near the first defense point or go out, tr
  9. Right, I was too busy ranting so I forgot to add suggestions. True, making account-bound or character-bound items for HM Skills does seem like their kind of solution. But for items as old as level 45, others 50, I think they should just let it go and let us get it for little effort. Just look at baleful/seraph tier of weapons now. And it didn't even occur to me that it could be intentional, but if you put it that way I guess it makes sense.
  10. It's getting close to a year now since 4-man dungeons have been removed and replaced by "normal" and "hard" modes, which, however, is not the case for most easier dungeons where hongmoon skills are located. So I've asked around a bit about their drop rates. I don't know if this is confirmed or not, but most say the normal modes have 6-man drop rates whereas 4-man are just gone. Personally, I have not seen a single HM skill drop since the change and those I've asked have seen ~1-3 each. But these people are just a small percentage of the community, so I decided to see what the market has to sa
  11. This question has been going around since the dawn of time and for some bizarre reason newbies keep re-asking it (along with a few others). There's plenty of information available, some here, some elsewhere on the Internet. Long story short: Devs focused on fire build, abandoning lightning for a really long time and making it fall behind, so more and more BMs started switching to fire build. After some time, lightning started getting buffed again while fire received some nerfs. At this point, basically: Lightning is ~same damage for more work. Depends on your gear ofc.
  12. Items in general are similar for every class and you can check other BMs' profiles in F2 to see what you go for, but somebody did go on a rant about it in another topic iirc. No updated guides but not much has changed for that, you can just see dungeon guides and whatnot run by BMs to see the rotation, but once you get the hang of the game, you'll do just fine adjusting on your own: I PvP'd quite a bit back in 45 cap and since then haven't checked any guides for any of my 8 classes yet from what I hear I'm running mainstream builds on pretty much all of them. It just feels right and there's al
  13. Not a gunner and not even sure this is the right place for suggestion topics but there's an obvious fix - making tombstone load a certain total amount of bullets (e.g. 5 reloads x 5 bullets) and make those specific bullets enable bulletstorm and then just adjust badge and etc. effects to match that
  14. To add to what has been said by KuroAme, in the latter stages you will be expected to keep the boss facing the same way so your teammates don't have to walk around the attack cones. For build choice, Fire build is friendlier for: Players with high ping and/or low fps. (you should have <40 real ping for ani-cancelling lightning). Now i've already mentioned ani-cancelling, which is very important for lightning build, you can just look at guide videos for things like Yunsang F20, KR people do it really well (most likely because of macros and their internet infrastructure, but tha
  15. Fire takes much less attention for rotation, letting you look at the boss the whole time, and performs better with lower fps/ping as well as is better for low-geared players. With top gear they get closer and closer together. Right now the difference in builds is only 30k dps for me (alone F12) and i haven't got VT gear yet. Though BM does become quite build-friendly with the bracelet, 24 s CD on V (FoB) and transcendence badge for maximum uptime of Conflagration/Fulmination. A lot of what you should get has already been mentioned, I personally strongly recommend trying to find a good clan.
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