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Oooh i must be part of the Yun crowd! <3     Shonai - My ForceMaster!  

I need some updated pictures of my Yun KFM, but here's some for now:  

Here's mine :3

yah9KVR.jpg?1 saxH8pz.jpg?1


                                   My Blade Master                     (worst plat bm NA)                    My Blade Master


I spend way to much time staring at this elegant creature in game, dont really have shots yet. Will do that soon !




                                                                                       My KFM

                             (almost plat despite playing her with air combos only, trying to make her my alt BM)




                                                                                        My FM


NC  Soft really needs to allow me to play other races Yun, premium feature or something (to prevent every character in game from being alpha yun race).


Here is another Picture of my Blade Master:




Looks like somebody dun goofed and pissed her off.



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Adding my alts ! More BM Pics !
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On 30/3/2016 at 5:15 AM, okitaluc said:



On 31/3/2016 at 0:16 PM, Izzy said:


Oh i like them! really pretty, the first one look mature and serious, and the second is a pretty innocent girl =3


Here are some more pics of mine:


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