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  1. Yay! I wanted this outfit for so long and I finally got it tonight:]
  2. I really want the outfit that the Toh gang wears. The one with the patchwork pants:]
  3. I'm pretty sure Bomani(?) does an arrested development joke when he challenges you to go into the Hall of Ogong:]
  4. He is so sad you replaced him:] It took me over 30 runs through that dungeon but I finally got pugilist armor for my warlock. yey!
  5. Ok, that makes me happy:) I'm guessing you cant make them bigger than that? I love the big elf ears like WoW. If that was possible I would definitely make a yun.
  6. Oh forreal? I guess I never noticed since most people use hair that covers them up.
  7. I don't really understand how yun is any different from a normal human. They could have given them elf ears or something to differentiate between them. Not that they aren't lovely though. Just unnecessary;]
  8. yay! i finally got spider fangs from the tomb of exiles:]
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