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  1. Server Merge is Awesome!

    I love the server merge! The two servers i had characters on (old man cho and mushin) merged together so now i can mail between them all:] I love having people around and its just great. So far there has been enough people around to do zaiwei ruins a bunch which is the 24 man raid i like to do the most(i want that outfit!) When it was just old man cho I would struggle a bit if it wasn't peak hours on a weekend. I do find that i have been lagging a lot in combat which I never used to but I don't know if that is due to the server merge or not. If so I hope they fix it soon:(
  2. Bring Back Green Dungeons to the Lobby

    agreed. not a useful thing to do right when a new character is released.
  3. A Umbrella Class?

    That might be cool. Another one that would be good for Yun would be a fan since that is traditionally a female weapon. It would be cool to combine the fan attacks with fire or wind magic:]
  4. Hyped for Soul Fighter tomorrow <3

    I thought it was Wednesday that they were introducing that class:I
  5. Show off your characters!!

    Yay! I wanted this outfit for so long and I finally got it tonight:]
  6. server population HELP please T-T

    From what I understood from other people posting is that Mushin is one of the most populated servers:^/
  7. Does the pale wanderer outfit only drop in 4man yeti or does it drop in 6man as well?
  8. Forced to PVP

    On my server its a little annoying to do pvp related quests in misty woods. There are way more crimson legion people than cerulean folks in general and I have to sneak around doing my quests in the morning because if i try at night there will be a massive swarm of crimson people who will gang up on you. I refuse to switch factions as the crimson legion have terribly garish outfits :^]
  9. [Light Specter] How much did you pay?

    just get ivory specter instead since it is pretty much the exact same outfit?
  10. These lvl 50 people... X.x

    I think there are for sure some very rude people in this game compared to other mmos which is really saying something since mmo players aren't known to be the nicest people generally. I think if they introduced a healing class then people might act a bit more civil. Probably not though.
  11. Show off your characters!!

    Finally got this outfit:]