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  1. Can this even hurt?

    Dropping your quest didnt fix anything. But I am glad to hear you came to your senses. They were angry in the way they spoke to you but I would hope that you realize that they made a very human mistake just like you did. You came to your senses and corrected your mistake which is admirable, if they do not correct there retalitory type behavior they will eventually be punished for it (and should be). Thank you for responding, this thread originally put me in a bad mood. Your admission of guilt and willingness to correct your own error has temporarily restored my faith in people. Try the battleground on a day you do not feel forced to be there (by a silly quest). You may see it differently, it is a very imbalanced game mode though and you will die but it can also be a lot of fun. The mode also has some ok rewards, I really like the outfit and have been meaning to grind it out. I feel bad playing it though (only reason I do not already have the outfit) because my gear is really good and it just feels unfair to the people I am easily killing regardless of how good or bad they play. Good luck
  2. Can this even hurt?

    How would you feel if someone entered your Yeti run and afked at start just because they needed the rewards but did not enjoy pve. What you did was shameful and I have no clue how you could think it is ok to actually post about it on the forums. Those people were angry, they were in a unfair match and it was because of YOU and your bad attitude. If you are unwilling to do the work, YOU DO NOT DESERVE THE REWARD. There is also enough options that you do not need to join the battleground to complete your daily. Why do you think this is ok ? You should be punished and hopefully what I have said will make you realize that those were real people and YOU affected there lives in a negative way. Some of those people were probably like you in the fact they did not wish to be there, at least they had the common courtesy to play along and not ruin the game for the others. I am sorry if I sound hostile, but you need to wake up and realize this WILL not work in the real world and it is just a horrible thing in general to do to people.
  3. Which One Doesn't Belong?

    The best runs I have ever been on were all Blade Master. With that said, it is startling how few melee are now in queue. Even I am guilty of spending a lot of time on my fm (farming mats for my bm in places she cant farm). It is free stress free 100% chance of success loot. It is also SO boring, at least my fm has enough gear I get to tank most instances for the other 5 fms.
  4. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    Many of the same botting companies that ncsw temporarily close with ban waves will respond with a ddos attack. It is so inexpensive to order an attack and relatively safe as well. https://www.akamai.com/us/en/solutions/intelligent-platform/visualizing-akamai/real-time-web-monitor.jsp Dunno whats up with the link, just copy pasted for some interesting real time graphics.
  5. BNS Turned to P2W

    What this dude said ^ !
  6. Allow UNLIMITED Quest/Dailies, NOT 40/40.

    Not just that there are many who CANT farm ssp, most melee players for one. Anyone with a bad computer / internet connection. A lot of people with both good internet and a great pc (me) cant farm it on melee due to extremely low fps. I would estimate (pure speculation) that 80 - 90% of the people playing this game are unable to farm ssp due to technical reasons or are simply to far behind to do enough damage to get credit or loot. I would also estimate another 6 or 7 % of the player base is simply not interested as you can easily make much much much better gold per hour in 4 mans. I leveled and geared a FM, just so I can farm ssp. My FM has 558 ap, 56% crit and almost 200% crit damage, etc. (horrible stats compared to my bm) and I am able to farm ssp with the same 20 fps on my fm with ease and do VERY well.
  7. Question: Classes and their purposes

    Agree so much with this !
  8. Question: Classes and their purposes

    It isnt bad, it is just boring. I actually love the animations and the audio queues its the play style I find boring. I am glad you enjoy it though ! ;p
  9. what can do in this game for fun?

    Yes ! Pretty sure the answer is no and I dunno what half that stuff is. That we have plenty of !
  10. Attack Power

    I have entered rooms on my fm where the req was 550 and I am 558 and be removed because I was the lowest that joined. Look up homebois F2 and he has 44% crit and 180% crit damage and less acc (though my acc is a little low as well).
  11. Allow UNLIMITED Quest/Dailies, NOT 40/40.

    I will right after I get through killing the 194th npc out of 395 I must kill for x pve quest in ssp. Your server has blues ? Reds on Soha took care of the Blue problem a long time ago, the only Blues we see now are just teleporting all over the place grabbing soldiers and meteorites.
  12. Allow UNLIMITED Quest/Dailies, NOT 40/40.

    True False If you are not making more gold in pve, you are doing something incredibly wrong. Also, ssp is pve.
  13. That is what they did when they removed weapon crates. Here is a idea, lets remove bots and hackers and leave game content in the game !
  14. what can do in this game for fun?

    Almost everything in this game is fun. It has the best combat system by far. Some of the best pvp of any mmo (gear is equalized but levels are not). The story is even super good and normally I hate lore / game stories. The only real complaint with the game is the profession system sucks, worst in any mmo to date. Now I would be dishonest if I did not say there are problems with the game such as a lot of bots and hackers. NCSW is doing a horrid job with managing this game and is probably the greediest gaming company I have ever seen. Even with all of these problems this is the best game I have played since The Burning Crusade (wow).
  15. Allow UNLIMITED Quest/Dailies, NOT 40/40.

    40/40 Keeps people from getting to far ahead while at the same time keeping people from feeling forced to do every single daily in the game. Progression minded guilds would require crazy time input due to the importance of gold / hm levels in this game. Helps to somewhat control how much gold is available in game as well. Argue for 50/50 but unlimited is something that just cant happen.