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  1. Congratulations on your good fortune. It is rng, it can drop the first time or never. Thats right, never. Some of us have have done dread tide almost every single day since release (minimum of 5 times) and spent several all day sessions (long, painful saturdays) attempting to get this thing. One day it will drop on an alts first run while attempting to do the quest and I will go into a blind rage and destroy my pc / monitor / whatever other unfortunate thing that finds itself in front of my physically dominant person. You are right though if you keep farming for it, it still has t
  2. My Blade Master (worst plat bm NA) My Blade Master I spend way to much time staring at this elegant creature in game, dont really have shots yet. Will do that soon ! My KFM (almost plat despite playing her with air combos only, trying to make her my alt BM)
  3. SS macro is the only macro I can think of that would actually be good at all times. Removing that little double step pause and get instant SS (with macro) is game changing and I wish there was a definitive statement on if this is permitted or not. I would create and use this if it were (huge bm buff), a instant ss into 5 point is / would be much more lethal than the stutter step (ha ha, I know wtf you are trying to do) move we have now. Also, SS changes stances from normal to draw stance for BMs.
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