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  1. Look... If you remove "gifting" option then add..

    They probably removed it cause people were selling it for 5g/each. And NCSoft can't have us making money out of something. Hurr Hurr. :v They also waited a day to ninja patch it, so that we would first spend some money on they NC coins. :D
  2. Daily Chest Ungiftable

    Has anyone else noticed the the gift button on the daily 1 NCCoin chest has miraculously disappeared? Good thing, I just bought 400 NCCoins to sell a couple of those boxes. :D Since I haven't seen anyone selling those boxes today, I'm assuming it's not just me that's having the "problem". In any case, I'm glad these things get changed out of nowhere, without notice or statement. Seems to be a trend these days. >.>
  3. Show off your characters!!

    CUTE! *_____*
  4. The return of the EU Potato Server.....

    Last Boss Wars: The Potato strikes back.
  5. Really Bad Winter Trove Experience~!!

    I bought about roughly 100 keys with farmed gold in the hopes of getting the Gold Dragon outfit. Seen every outfit pass once except the one I wanted. Not a single gem seen in 4x 40/40 crits either. Everything I took out of trove was with the intention of selling back. Overall just a waste of around 3K gold, really. :P I understand the disappointment. At least that settles for never trying a RNG-event again. :)
  6. Show off your characters!!

    Some of my better screenshots! :)
  7. Sketch/Draw the character of the person above

    Jinsoyun drawing? :D And here's a screenshot of my character. :)
  8. Show off your characters!!

    Sorry for the spam, but this black leather outfit with eyepatch is too good. *--*
  9. Yuil's Presets

    [UPDATE] Yun Preset Custom 3 [Body] [Face] [Bonus] [She knows...] [Preset File] Kudos, Yuil
  10. Show off your characters!!

    Black Rabbit went posing with Scorpion Bae & Tetralisk Hottie
  11. Fanart Sketch

    Hey Crickets, Due to boredom I decided to do a little sketch featuring the Blade & Soul ladies! (Juwol was supposed to be included, but since I didn't pre-plan the spaces properly there wasn't enough room) :( I couldn't make a scan since the paper was too large (so it had to be a picture). I'm pretty rubbish at colouring so if someone wants to have fun with that, go right ahead! :P Anyway, let me know what you think! Kudos, Yuil
  12. Show off your characters!!

    Yura and I are practically BFFs: Just coping a feel... Bonus: Glitching into Yura has revealed her hidden nipple!
  13. Show off your characters!!

    The Plot thickens...