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  1. would be nice if they actually showed us the required item to buy each one since u cant access a bank/market when you finally get to a vendor..lol
  2. ever since the merge, ive been so laggy that i am unable to do any pvp related things.
  3. thank you very much!! and yeah.. i agree. looks like i didnt miss much.
  4. would like to see any bikinis out, since i missed em last year
  5. Could someone list all of the outfits (for this daily special) that have been released already? i have been unable to check and i dont know who else to ask >.<
  6. WHAT SERIOUSLY?? i was told it was jin only.. omg
  7. still doesnt justify why people should be spending money/gold on a small (small because trove compared to rng boxes from the cash shop are full of filler pages) chance of getting a cosmetic item that should be just in the store at a fixed price. and wow, that sounds very condescending, lol. theres a problem though, this is RNG and there are people who dont spend the time or money and will get the same as those people who do put their time/money in. it happens alot actually, and then there are people who put in the time/money who are deserving (like you said) of it.. but still dont get any
  8. Hmm maybe after you've spent all your gold on the poor rates of currency exchange, and STILL did not get what you wanted on this trove.. you have no gold left! so this means you must spend irl money. and i personally have a decent amount of gold. i know there are alot of people who dont even have enough gold to spam treasure trove. so are you saying everyone who wants these costumes or whatever are rich enough to be gambling massive amounts of gold for a cosmetic item that should be available to buy in the store?
  9. LOL dont compare spending IRL money to gamble for something to spending TIME on something you can spam for free.
  10. yeah like what if i dont want anything from the trove, even the crits, but just the cosmetic item?? i have to go gamble for it? come on. this is sad
  11. worst trove ever, dont bother spending any money on this (to anyone thinking about it)
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