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  1. On what class? I believe some classes (like warlock) the skills while grabbed might be different, but for most you press 2 anytime during the opponent skill's cast time. Sometimes (for some skills) you can easily see the cast time in your grabbing "progress bar": say, if you're grabbed for 6 seconds and counting down, and it suddenly changes into 1.5 seconds and counting down, that's your time. (Most notably on KFM's pin down) Some don't show the "progress bar" but are fairly easy to spot: if you're grabbed by a Blade Dancer and he does the soul pierce thingy (whatever it was calle
  2. "Compensated"? Sounds like you're saying that because someone somewhere abused GM powers and created a bunch of items, you want a cookie for surviving this terrible experience. Best "compensation" would be a guarantee that this kind of breach doesn't happen that easily. Perhaps a more strict rule regarding GM accounts. Perhaps some hard limitations on those powers or automated checks and reports. And if you think about it, it's just a couple who went full cricket and created unavailable items. How many GMs out there just got the cap items (s3/scorpio acc) and/or gold f
  3. Saying you're trustworthy because you have stage 10 legendary weapon is like saying you're not a thief because you have stolen property.
  4. (spoilers act4 first part) That was the most iconic voiceover (or rather, scripting) derp for me. I don't know the original Korean story so the little discrepancies don't bother me, and the lack of emotion in voices is tertiary for me, but that... "She did it!" "No, it was mu--" . . . ? "Silence!!" I couldn't help but laugh out loud where I was supposed to feel bad for her. Sadly I really enjoyed the actual story and visuals of that cutscene. Oh well.
  5. Not if the coin is rigged! Cough cough illermeneti ncsoft rng checking usernames and ncoin amount cough cough
  6. The difference is that in Ragnarok most of those weapons you would get en masse and they were treated less like holy artifacts and more like expendable materials. You'd grab 50 swords and go break most of them, and possibly one would get to +10. If you got more than one - you can sell it. Maybe it's because equipment wasn't ever bound, except quest items or some cash shop items. And it wasn't like you're an underdog if you don't have everything maxed, and even the richest don't have the very best equipment - not to mention there's a lot of gear swapping meta. The chance to get a +1
  7. Yeah, it's from Ragnarok. There was a bunch of things that could destroy your weapon/armor (overupgrading, slotting) but it was common to grind/buy (and break) a bulk at a time. It didn't take away from the fun of the game, in my opinion, that was "equipment breaking done right" - I haven't really seen it in any other game. Every equipment part had a safe level of upgrade to which you could upgrade at 100% chance, and then a diminishing chance to go up to +10. Bonus from over-upgrading wasn't too evident, but it added up from multiple equipment parts, and some cards had additional
  8. Sometimes it works... Anyone? :D
  9. Obviously, but the point of that statement was that ESRB rating can't have anything to do with this decision. (therefore shouting "it's rated M so we can handle it" is pointless). Posting illegal images is obviously illegal and NCSoft don't want that, but the current solution does nothing for it. I don't know any reliable source to confirm or deny the "understaffed" part, but I'm rather skeptical about it. The big idea about reporting & banning people uploading illegal images, however, is not in bans alone: the fact that you CAN get reported and CAN get banned
  10. Don't sweat it. You may have received a new lease from your DHCP server, or your external address could have changed due to some ISP shenanigans, or maybe due to some NC hiccup your verified location was erased from your verified locations. You can see your "authorized locations" in account settings: you might see your old address (should be just a little bit different from your current one), or just this one. Either way, absolutely nothing to worry about, it was just you accessing your account.
  11. No, if that were the case, those people would've learned and became competent. Not trying to belittle anyone, but what it feels like, instead, is that they have ten thousand high schoolers given basic explanation about the game and paid two sandwiches a day. Have you ever received a message from the same GM twice in customer service, in one ticket? Me neither. And the staff themselves may not be the cause of it - rather, I'd say it's the very poor organization of said staff.
  12. You have two ways to get Hongmoon Energy stage 1 (+15 AP) 1: Get Moonwater Soul, upgrade to HME (5 honorary ornaments, 5 naryu tablets, 5 gold) 2: Get HME stage 1 directly by fusing 3 parts of broken oathbreaker's blade (check the prices on AH, I'm not updated). Rest is all the way straight and expensive.
  13. How much resists could a resist resist if a resist could resist resist?
  14. If you cancel it now, you won't be auto-buying it every month. Your current premium stays until it expires.
  15. Are you trying to imply that this much desired by the community change was supposed to make people more happy?
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