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  1. Can you also use the Yun baby to feed your weapon and level it up?
  2. Brb, going Near Death in Cinderlands and waiting.
  3. I volunteer as tribute to help the Yun reproduce. They can do the brain shenanigans like Liara, I don't mind.
  4. I just explained that you can remove it. You can send S + S without delays in most macro software (key down, key up, key down, key up). Heck, I can just straight up write software that will simulate two key presses without delay.
  5. Macro that looks like does not include a "pre-set" delay. Macro programs usually include a default delay, but you can remove it, and it'll still work. "Each key press can simulate only one key press", on the other hand, seems to have no room for ambiguity.
  6. What part of "you don't need to explicitly pre-set delays to make S+S macro" is vague? I'm not using any kind of macros but I'm all in for unambiguous rules.
  7. Thank you. But while I understand what you're saying, it still can be interpreted ambiguously. Putting S+S on a macro, while intrinsically having a delay, can usually be programmed without the explicit delay, so it'll probably be more clear if you state that one key press cannot simulate two or more key presses. And the "Action" still stays as "one action" - "Use a skill". Cheers.
  8. Heyo, Please check my other responses in this thread, thank you.
  9. As I mentioned, they're talking about tournament. Scroll back like 10-20 minutes. (That got me confused too...)
  10. He then goes on to explain macros are allowed and are not as cheats as bot programs are. So I assume that "No macro whatsoever", "1 button = 1 button" binding is tournament rules. The "Yes macros, 1 button = 3 buttons whatever" binding is casual rules.
  11. If you check the message that the support sent in that reply, they write (and I quote): " So binding "S+S" to Mouse 4 is legal. " Binding ("S+S") to (Mouse 4) "S+S" <=> Mouse 4 If he meant "Binding "S" to mouse 4 is legal" that's one thing, why would he group "S+S" like that (with double quotes)? I don't really see an ambiguity. I can't see it as meaning "You can double-click your mouse 4 bound as S to cast S+S".
  12. How can binding "S+S" to a mouse 4 mean "you need to press it twice"? That's binding "S" to mouse 4. What's "s+s" then?
  13. Updated my (I'm sorry) post, @Dowra's support reply should be considered official instead.
  14. A bit of a fix to what I have said above: I looked up where I had heard the last part, and they were talking about the tournament (to my defense, for like 10 minutes straight). https://youtu.be/g_FSg3i6QyM?t=3675 So disregard that: what we have is the diluted first two statements, and this guy's ticket reply: can probably be considered a go-to.
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