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  1. I made a ticket and they told me i just pretty much dropped 35+euros in the garbage... I will be sure to tell every person that asks me just how much this game sucks and to stay away from it. Im out.
  2. I have 64 expired treasure trove keys from the summer trove, i had a sudden health problem and couldn't use them then, i thought that i would be able to use them in the new trove but turns out i was wrong and they are different keys.... Has this happen to anyone else and what will happen now if anyone knows please tell me
  3. I returned to the game like 2 weeks ago and i just saw the news about the new update. I would like to know if, there will be a summer trove with the new patch in 19th of June? I saw that last year the tropical trove(summer trove?) started in 20th of June so i was wondering if it will be the same this year.
  4. I would like to thank you all and in general all who make threads here, you helped me by showing me its not time to return to the game yet :) I was thinking of returning, i left for the last event which took 30min to finish, made me hate Poh whom i liked a lot, now i see another badly planned event, so i am not coming back :D Enjoy the game! :D * best comment so far "so many whales i thought i was at sea world" by Ace Hardware
  5. someone told me they spend an hour in that dungeon i already have limited time cause work/working too many hours i will just choose to play another game like tera or bdo instead of wasting 1 hour of doing nothing *right now i have spend 10min waiting for a player that wont leave pt imidiattly after joining it .....
  6. Seraph for WL cause leach cooldown is op, so do change it (get light chest) You can change it at Grand Harvest Square there is a coin merchant there and u can get 1 chest for 5 naryu coins, so u can try and get the 6 slots like that instead of opening them with hammers and u can easily upgrade but also do not upgrade too high stage cause in 10 days ,at 17th there will be cost reduction for seraph/baleful http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-soul-2nd-anniversary-festival-on-january-17/ "including a reduction to the Seraph/Baleful weapon upgrade costs"
  7. they had oil and premium stones(pts) on December at the beginning of the month i think
  8. I have a wl as main and geared with raven stage 6 and soul stage 9 and all accessories( bt ones also) and he does 60k dps on a good ping and 50-55k dps on a bad one, above 150ms My alt gunner with nothing no accessories and solak soul and only baleful stage 1 does 35k dps to even 40k dps with good ping, below 150ms If that looks normal for a comparison i do not f understand what normal is ..... just imagine i was told gunners can reach 1mil+ dps( i presumed with sb+bb) when geared..... seriously ...... seriously?
  9. I might be wrong but maybe not? Maybe someone or a group of people, who paid a lot of money and in general put money in the game, asked them no to decorate? Like there are other religions that don't have Christmas in them( if you know what i mean), so maybe these people asked them to not put it in game and this is why there is no response from staff, cause if that is what has happen then what will a staff member tell you, sorry we op-out of Christmas cause some didn't like it? That is literally the only reason for no decoration this year, is that some asked
  10. More easily receivable, its really quite tiring to click each and ever exp charm ever single time/ for every single day... just stack them or something like that
  11. Wow didnt even think about it lol you are so right where the heck is Christmass ingame?? And if someone has a problem with the best holiday of the year that speaks to the spirit of giving and love and happiness idk what to say... Also is there nothing happening for new years eve? I have seen games doing ingame fireworks countdowns and funny/cute things like that (personally would not spend new years eve ingame but it would be great seeing things like these).
  12. + on this and all ingeneral things being account bound. Its our account and our characters, please do not put restrictions on characters between the same account, it makes no sence since all characters share same account and same lobby etc
  13. Only 3 premium transformation stones and 33 transformation stones in 2k keys.. everyone needs pts low geared players like me with seraph 12 need them and high level geared players but i used 100 keys and saw 0, so the rate is not even 1% its less than 1 like wtf....its christmass give happiness not sadness. Also saw 0 oils the 6 oils in 2k is again way too low.. From trove you are supposed to get things that you cannot get by farming easily like oil, pts, transformation stones ,pods etc Moonstones, soulstones and exp charms are easily farmable.
  14. 100 keys 10 pet pods 2 pets(the char ones) 50 elements 30 moonstones 20 hoongmoon gem powerders 200 soulstones and a 30 exp charms of 10k exp 0 oils/empyrian stones/hoongmoon gems/premium transformation stones what i needed the most was premium stones and oils and i saw nothing of those, the powerders were good but not something i should focus on
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