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  1. I've read many information about SF and most of people said, SF isn't the class for you if you're looking for a class with high DPS. And in my opinion, WL can do much more dmg than SF.
  2. My Force Master based on one of my Original Characters. He should actually be a Blade Master, but sadly Gons doesn't have that class. I also tried Kung Fu Master which his looks seems to be perfect for the class, but my FPS and Ping aren't that good.
  3. I waited for my character to slightly smirk, waited for ages and he never did.
  4. 1) Yu Chun 2) Hajoon 3) Madun 4) Ji wan 5) Yunma Fei 6)) The bank at "Herbalist Lodge" (Silverfrost Mountains)
  5. Do I need to download both Afterburner and Riva Tuner? Can't seem to download Riva Tuner.
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