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  1. I've read many information about SF and most of people said, SF isn't the class for you if you're looking for a class with high DPS. And in my opinion, WL can do much more dmg than SF.
  2. Thanks! And yeah, my 1st post was the one I ended up making as my Soul Fighter. ^^
  3. He already touched you. Touched your heart... XD
  4. Made another 2 presets. :) On this, I couldn't decide on his hairstyle and this one seems to suit him best. I wanted to make a punk looking one and this is the outcome.
  5. First, I chose the 2nd preset at "Base" then modified his face for hours until I find my liking. The eyeliner is the last from above the 6th one, and the lip color is peach the 7th one. About the body, I've already made a comment before when someone asked. This one. It's not really that hard, look at StingKun, he made it himself and now we're brothers. <3
  6. Yu Chun's hairstyle please... T.T
  7. LMAO! What a cute fella! And yeah it's working again (for me). I'm in game now, though it seems that some others are still having problems.
  8. Not only EU, NA servers too, though I live in EU while playing at NA server. :/ Edit: It's working now guys! :)
  9. Which anime are these from? xD They all seems familiar but I can't seem to remember them. :/
  10. Hi! I always have this problem and it's because of AVG or whatever kind of anti virus you have. All I do is disabling AVG during play, then re-enabling it again after play.
  11. My long lost big brother, haha! :D Grats on finishing yours. :)
  12. "Having kids".... Sounds like you also asked a sex action to be put at "F12". xD
  13. If you're talking about forum profile, on me it says that I don't have permission to edit my profile, lol. Not to mention the buggy logins too, you'll have to login on the forum like x10000000 to connect. -_-
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