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  1. What would you consider to be more overall useful?

    Honestly being a Summoner and FM main for a few weeks on each, i can tell you to go warlok :). FM is dead borring, u literaly just spam lb 2 and stack burns Summoner....... My hand, wrist and arm have never been so damaged playing a game.... that class has the hardest lvl of spamming needed lol. I seriously quit the class cuz of the pain i was getting in my fingers from LB RB spam, u just gotta go fast (pun not intended) with the LB RB for super sunflower spam. Lok i quit at lvl 22 lol, but i would still recomend it over the other 2 borring and painfull classes.
  2. DPS Meter is overall a good thing

    How dafaq do u consider someone who works 9 to 5 and gets to play 2-3hours a day a kid XD. Gramps why dont u go get ur little missus to change ur daily nappy? think its filled up to the max with brain cells.
  3. About the BnS

    Same opinion on the healing!!! TERA Priest was the funnest ive ever had in an MMORPG and tbh the guild castles werent so bad, but my own and a farm.... no please. BNS is nothing like the holy trinity games with crapy tab targeting, the fact that bns has no trinity imo is cause of the combat system we have. you can literaly do most dungeons without geting once because of this combat system. Altho on the other hand i sometimes think that bns developers were just too lazy to implement healing in the game which is actualy really hard to do. A game without healers is much easier to make and as bns is so pvp focused the dps would have to lowered to the lvl of the healers or vice versa.
  4. About the BnS

    You do realise BNS is very and i mean VERY different than your typical MMO RPG, we dont even have the holy trinity... Please dont compare BNS to something like WOW. And srsly what is it with ppl and housing in MMO's??? i wanna kill stuff in an mmo not grow some potato monsters. BNS is something NEW i guess, i call it an mmo rpg cuz there is no other name for it but i think games like bns and bdo should get a classification of their own, out of the box type of mmo with no holy trinity is what those 2 games are.
  5. Why continue play this game?

    So i can read such lol posts in forums :)
  6. DPS Meter is overall a good thing

    Dont even joke about it :(((((((((((((( i want a good and working DPS meter than doesnt require me to ADD UP ANYTHING (rly retarded comment that addup shit, so trigered rn)
  7. DPS Meter is overall a good thing

    Umm ofc i have tried it..... In BNSDojo there is a fan made dps meter altho ive tried many times it dont work :( and my mates managed to get it done but say that its not acurate and cant calculate well when the combat log is scrolling too fast.... Meaning it wont calculate my V storm very well since its like shit ton of hits in 2 seconds.
  8. DPS Meter is overall a good thing

    Really? You want me to read through the combat chat for a whole 60seconds so i can decide which rotation of dps is better and add this all up? While repeating diff rotations, taking into account diff stats and so on. Are you crazy or something? i could spend 2hours of adding up and not be enuff for all the testing i want to do. Keep ur OLD fashioned ways to urself gramps. Sure they have been doing it, dont mean i wanna do all of that ADING UP when i play 2-3hours a day cuz i do have life unlike most ppl who got time TO ADD UP.
  9. Ping questions

    Hello gorgeous peeps (i think XD), I had some questions about ping n stuff. So today i decided to take a little CMD test with pinging both EU and NA servers for BNS. Now i would like you all to keep in mind that i am from the EU and all day everyday i get 100-200ms steady. Its playable i have no issues with it and i can still enjoy and love the game. Now comes the interesting part. The first ping test was to NA, as shown bellow... AS YOU CAN SEE THIS IS EXACTLY THE PING I GET WHILE I PLAY FROM LONDON IN THE EU BNS SERVERS (sry capitals just want u to focus this part :) And this is what my EU ping should be like... An average 20ms with a couple of spikes.... Can someone tell me, what the actual fk is going on here? I get my 100-200 ms all the time, whether im in F8 or not.
  10. Ping questions

    Hmmm... Well so no explanation to why we getting NA ping on an EU server :/ This is very weird.... Who do i contact to sue NCSoft? Like seriously speaking. Are there some Gaming lawyers?
  11. DPS Meter is overall a good thing

    All cancer comments :/ Im just happy i can finaly decide for myself if SF dmg is better with Earth or Ice/Frost storm or Kingfist Elitist can be all the elitists they want, how is that afecting any of u??? They wont flame ur ass if ur not under the Ap requirements they got lol. I see a LFG of elitist with 680AP i dont go join that shit i look for a 610+ cuz i am a 610+ like whats these ppls problems with Elitists? they wont bite u if u dont go close to them. Just begging to KamiSama that all ur CA3NER comments dont make them remove the meter... :(
  12. 3RF vs 3 shin kicks

    3f is not doable, simply because after ur first 3f3 ur next f wont be cyclone but rather the knock up unless u wait 0.5 seconds for cyclone to register from the 3 > f. I play KFM and the hardest part about 3rf is the fact that 3f is not doable, it need the R in there to buy time for f to come up after the 3. IDK why f isnt INSTANT folowing 3 but its proper fkn anoying, which then makes it harder since R can easy cancel ur 3 = no f.... Im getting better with my 100ish ping rotation but its still cancerous anicancel to make XD I dont even try it in pvp just on pve mobs, in pvp i go serious mode and do what i can best which is blue buff and 3 x (PVE pressure point) while locking enemies in stun. summoner dies instant with Buff+PVE pressure point, rest of classes need a little more air combo after the pressure point rotation.
  13. This is the smartest comment ive seen in this forum, i never even though of it but it makes so much fkn sence lol. I acept this comment as the main reason cause it makes perfect sence while being so simple. Well done Reap00!
  14. Regarding SSP

    I think they merged the servers so they can free up a couple servers for other games, BNS is just a money cow till the next game they get. Everything they do for the "players" always seems to somehow do good for NCsoft as well. They dont do it for the players, they do everything for themselves.
  15. Make 24-Man Great Again!

    Very true, Sorry to say drx but 24mans in silverfrost are trash to say the least. Beastbog - if u are lucky its eaxctly 1 hour long bongfest FrostScale - Worthless in all aspects why does it even exist... Zaiwei ruins - Great for xp and its the fastest 24man yet while giving scale for Mandate (dunno why dead tbh) Twisted Wilds - BeastBog 2.0 just with a cool costume and also weap for legendary Once you get what u want from those 24mans there is really no point in going back, sure Zaiwei gives fragments for scale but with the amount of money ppl make its easier to just buy the scale. ESPECIALY since doing the dailies in Zaiwei doesnt *cricket*ing give 10 fragments so its absolutely trash.
  16. Notice me senpai( SF PVE build )

    Oh come on!!! Say something otherwise i feel so damn curious about it :/
  17. Notice me senpai( SF PVE build )

    Everyone seems to be under the impression that kingfist is better than Storm... Just for the main reason as to why it is better - Warlok buff.... u can spam storm 4 times and use F spam alot more than u can while doing double kingfist (if tank isnt a bm that loves to just q all time). So lets talk maths: Kingfist Tier 5 Form 1 Deals 108 ~ 126 [9.00] earth damage Frost Storm Tier 5 Form 3 Deals 150 ~ 175 [12.50] ice damage over 5 hits Now these parts of the skill (cuz there is more like second hit dmg and finishing dmg on Storm) are the important part. As you can see base dmg of Kingfist is about 50 lower than Storm. Thats already a reason to consider Storm over Fist. Next is the added bonus to these skills: KING FISTING Deals 108 ~ 126 [9.00] earth damage + Deals 22 ~ 25 [1.80] additional earth damage on additional use = 108 ~ 126 First Hit + 130 ~ 151 Second Hit = 238 ~ 277 Base Dmg STORM FISTING Deals 150 ~ 175 [12.50] ice damage over 5 hits + Deals 90 ~ 105 [7.50] additional ice damage on hit with the last attack = 240 ~ 280 Base Dmg Storm wins on just base damage. Next is the important part. The Damage Multiplier on storm is alot higher than for KingFist. I do not know how the multiplier works but what i do know is that the higher it is the more dmg u get. Now ppl may argue that CRIT will afect the damage. Well no shit ofc it will. Now if u got crit high enuff to crit 2 kingfists why would it not be enuff for Storm to last hit crit as well? Not to mention how many times u are atacking during storm to proc weapon buffs alot with RUBY crit buff and so on. Main point to consider is - U dont derp with storm unless you dont know boss mechanics (like jumps and shit) u just use it and it deals dmg But with Kingfist u can very easily miss it. Now all of this is just some theory crafting XD i wont be sure of this poop maths opinion until i get that damn DPS meter >_<
  18. 518 ap Soulfighter dps rotation

    Really XD man i never even noticed. Also im just writing here what i was told, that the new skill patch means we need 3 chi lvls for V instead of 5.
  19. HM RMB essential for PvP?

    He makes it look so easy...
  20. 518 ap Soulfighter dps rotation

    With Ice RB HM skill ur laughing when it comes to getting chi stacks (unless you are tanking which seems to be so fkn comon unless i got a proper tank from guild in party). The Earth Stance for SF's KFM mode is honestly only usefull for pvp, you cannot compare the amount of dmg u can do with ICE to EARTH, especialy considering the new skill patch in korea where u only need 3 chi lvl for our V. Ever since i got my RB HM skill i can get 5 chi lvls in 13-16 seconds (on a dummy practice) which can be alot less as i use CHI block (9 seconds one) and often use q/e while fighting. For FM stance with EARTH and 585 AP and 190% crit dmg i do V and BEAM spam and get 10k all the time for 10 seconds, with ICE its V + LB+RB now the RB deals 12-13k DMG every crit and LB deals 3-4k plus heals alot more. I play with the ICE in FM stance cuz of the heal and not the DMG simply cause i use the X that regens 40% HP to party and 0% to myself (cuz 6 iframes duh) and so i want some heal if i ever derp. I personaly do not find earth to be worth it in both KFM and FM stance. ( except in Infinity tower cuz fk that place with ice build XD )
  21. KFM or Soul Fighter?

    I am also geting that "bug" @PotatoPirate where i get kicked out of FM stance back to KFM, its honestly weird but idc too much for it as my main dps is in KFM stance and i can go back to FM with TAB or SS, As for the block if u take the 3 second one that freezes the enemy ur never gonna suffer, just block the atack then press 1 to go behind enemy and he is frozen for 5 seconds, thats 5 secs to deal FREE DMG, now for AOE u'd want the FM stance OR take the ice RB in KFM stance, its less dmg but it freezes enemies and its also AOE. Example: KFM AOE - gather mobs > 3 or 4 for cc > spam RB to freeze while mobs CC'd > get behind them so no dmg taken. Just for ur info, the FM stance is prety poopy later on, and use the pull V and BEAM for questing.
  22. Help

    That is weird, try contacting your ISP for that, might need to open some ports.
  23. Summoner in Infinite Tower Needs Nerf

    I did upgrade in 1 day... all of my stuff! And i crafted all my trans stones and farmed all my mats. Sure buying mats its 1k gold but who would do that....
  24. 97mb Update

    Sorry but i cant make out a single thing of what u saying :(
  25. Summoner in Infinite Tower Needs Nerf

    LMAO 1k gold from awak breeze to true breeze.... WTF are u even playing BNS???? i had 1100 gold when i made my Soul Fighter. ATM its 540Ap with true breeze awaken oathbreaker ring/earing/bracelet and true pirate necklace and i still got 850 gold left.... Wtf dude where u getting those bogus info of 1k gold for true breeze. Might i add i spent 220 of the gold in HM coins for 1 swim suit and 10 of the new RNG boxes which was a total waste :/