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  1. Actually I have a friend for brazil too, but he moved to another server. I would be glad to join but I'm in Old Man Cho and i don't have plans to move for now. BTW what he said is true. Here in SA its like "normal" to be a troll/rude, sometimes its OK to do some jokes, but others... not really. I think everything have a limit. And this is something I really hate about where I live. Most of the "jokes" are really bad ones and they end in affecting someone. (For example, bid a lot one item we said before to be for me or for someone else, and its not a tradeable item)
  2. I'm going to copy/paste something I post some time ago in other forum, but before that i'm going to add something: If NCsoft decide to make a SA server, please, make something for the actual people in NA servers, but specially for Disciple/Master pack users: Some of us used the name reservation, and some of us got our dream name (I got one I wanted to use for a loong time in videogame), so, make the opportunity for us to move our characters with our original names (and ofc, our items and all that) in NA to the SA server, if there's going to be another Name reservation for SA, then do it BEFORE
  3. This thread doesnt deserve to die!! D:< Here is another photo of my Kun/Yun ForceMaster: (@Flarie your Kun is just.... omfg... is beautiful ; ;)
  4. I don't remmember there's an option like that for Yuns, but I can be mistaken, I made mines long time ago and just loaded the preset here on NA lol
  5. I found this photo on Google, i will edit my message later from my own Yun if you want, but here's an example
  6. They.... they actually have elf-style ears. BTW, finally some love for Yuns! Here's my ForceMaster and my BladeMaster, next would be Qi Master/Soul Fighter! But i didn't make her future preset.
  7. Not only AFKers, but leechs too.
  8. Probably because the costumes are more like an achievement (That one actually gives you one when you put it to your character). I can feel you btw. I got the 24 man Pohwaran one 5 times in my ForceMaster. I'm not kidding.
  9. I lost the count about how many runs I made because I did many for like 3 - 4 days, but I got like 400 - 500 tags. It was actually funny, this game always give me the costumes I'm not interested at all, but the ones I want I have to farm them A LOT. It was like that in all the servers I played. With this one I tried to put me a goal after all the runs, I said "if I made a perfect run I'm sure the costume will drop". So, I made everything my best possible, without the King Hujikoi touching me with his attack that can't be blocked (the one he "eats" you). I made everything as I wanted
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