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  1. That style of pet would look too... typical.... I wasn't sure about the pets at first but I ended up loving some of them, like the dragon one.
  2. Dude.... I'm not complaining haha, why nowdays everyone thinks that when someone just say something? :s I want to REALLY know WHY now its like that. And yeah, i explained and they just stay with their "you're a cheater" mentallity, because, if I have that hmlvl I should have money, even if I said I mail it to my main (FM HM8) they said you still have to have 500ap.... BTW, not only me but I have seen people blaming others for the same reasson from my main. Quest give you exp + money, plus vips, events, etc... would make it easier to lvl up if you have the time to
  3. I come back to the game (I left on the first merchant of wonders, just logged in sometimes, but not so much), I didn't have a graphic card before so it was impossible for me to do Silverfrost vaults because of fps... When I left, one of my alts was on hm lvl 6 and others in 5 or 3 (now 7 with the "new" history), the first one -not my main- it's on 457 ap (was 410 when I come back), now everyone say you're a cheated, you boosted your characters and etc.... Then I asked someone, why and he say "because you SHOULD at least have 500 ap".... I have been using my alts just for money (Did
  4. do you have the monsters effects at, at least 3? + something like that happened to me (and my fm bangle), i did this and now i see everything fine:
  5. I actually think the outfits looks pretty cool, but I agree its a bit offensive for the artist who put a lot of work on this costume to ignore variants... I don't know guys... I think it would be great if they launch a 2nd version for races who didn't get the variant, while not replacing this version. I actually like a lot more the Jin version on the races, but it would be nice to see the others too. Coming back to the topic: Yes, I want it too in at least 2 characters... one for my Yun, and other for my Lyn. Would be cool to have more, even if you pay for it, but hey, its fre
  6. I was going to put it on general discussion, but though this would be more convenient here since it is a bug... This error started on BSH patch (at least for me and the majority of the FM I know), to fix it till now (Not permanent) I used to change costume and put the one I want to use again, but to make it not disappear at all, you have to put on the Options/Graphics/Advanced Settings menu: Apply to all -> 5. It doesn't matter if you low everything else later, but that one must be on 5. It fixes passive orbs too and others effects. I'm really sorry if some
  7. Well, that's actually sad but its fair enough. I know it will be replaced with the new outfit, but I really find it ugly, so its a nope for me, lol. I may or may not be able to get the money before it, but I will try. Thanks for the answer!
  8. Well, since it is the actual 1 year VIP outfit, what will happen to it? I don't see it on the MISC category, instead, I see it in the Hongmoon Store category (I know it has been on the HM Store the first month and so, but it isn't anymore as far as I know). My point is... I wanted to buy 1 year VIP but I don't have the money yet, one of the reasson was that costume (And I miss VIP, but my only reasson to buy the 1 year one was Silver Dragon...), but honestly I won't be buying the one year one with the new costume, since I don't like it. So, I want to know (From and admin of th
  9. But you said it: Thats because A BUG. I never got it bugged, however I can understand you, because NCsoft just don't care about bugs and they *cricket*ed with me more than once with their errors. You dont have to blame the non-shareable bank, you have to blame the stupid bug that NCsoft refuse to fix, like many others (As I say, I suffer for others bugs too... so I can feel you in that way). HOWEVER, if you don't have them in other sv, you can always say to a good friend to trade the break and all that to you. (I don't know if you can trade with F8 now, I hear something like that but i du
  10. - Actually I love that every character has his own bank. I would be really *cricket*ed if it was shared with my others toons. - I don't really know about this, I'm a Master Pack user and never got problems with that, I only have to put silver. Not a big deal. However I don't understand why you should do a toon in another server, but that's just my opinion. - That's not a problem for me neither since I actually tried all classess in other servers before NA existed, and, btw, I like all classes. However, I think thats KINDA cool. I have seen a lot of cases of stupid girlfriends who del
  11. I have to disagree too, why do you think that?
  12. Actually I have a friend for brazil too, but he moved to another server. I would be glad to join but I'm in Old Man Cho and i don't have plans to move for now. BTW what he said is true. Here in SA its like "normal" to be a troll/rude, sometimes its OK to do some jokes, but others... not really. I think everything have a limit. And this is something I really hate about where I live. Most of the "jokes" are really bad ones and they end in affecting someone. (For example, bid a lot one item we said before to be for me or for someone else, and its not a tradeable item)
  13. I'm going to copy/paste something I post some time ago in other forum, but before that i'm going to add something: If NCsoft decide to make a SA server, please, make something for the actual people in NA servers, but specially for Disciple/Master pack users: Some of us used the name reservation, and some of us got our dream name (I got one I wanted to use for a loong time in videogame), so, make the opportunity for us to move our characters with our original names (and ofc, our items and all that) in NA to the SA server, if there's going to be another Name reservation for SA, then do it BEFORE
  14. 50 HM 5 - ForceMaster 50 HM 2 - BladeMaster 48 HM 3 - Warlock 50 HM 1 - Summoner 45 HM 1 - Kung Fu Master 14 - Assassin 10 - Destroyer 4 - Blade Dancer I always play what I want to play that moment. I want to play with my BM? Then i'm going to play with her today. If I want my WL, I'm going to play with it. Of course, none of them have the same attention as my ForceMaster (My main atm), but all the dailies profit of every toon I have is going to have the same end: Use it for my Main and rarely for an alt, so it doesn't bother me, the only thing th
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