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  1. got banned for rmt selling

    yes i did it took about 15 mins and they fixed it. they are staying on top of it for the most part which is good. this is now more of a heads up thread in case it happens to other people
  2. got banned for rmt selling

    sigh dont even try man it was just poor choices of words. so @chinmi it is the same account @xmajix the warlock is going to be my main. have been waiting for that class to come out so i transferred everything over to it. also why not have gold on a low lvl. just makes it easier to buy stuff if u need it on the spot like trans stones
  3. got banned for rmt selling

  4. got banned for rmt selling

    i under stand you man. if you havent send them a email and a ticket also if this is your main account name then you are not banned anymore or should not be as i think if you where banned you could not post on the forums. ps they did not send me a email but they did send me a ticket that was insta solved so i did not notice it at first. but it was from a head gm saying what happend and that im unbaned so i would check fire and see if u can login to the forums @fireEmplum
  5. got banned for rmt selling

    thats good then dad. but im just saying be careful im unbanned now but that the only thing i have done that could trigger that ban. so was just going to warn people to be carefull and if they do get banned just wait.
  6. got banned for rmt selling

    so yeh before people try and say i buy gold i do not. i have spent alot of money on this game from the cash shop for me and friends and am rank prem 9 so i would never risk this account for something as stupid as gold where i can easily make 40+ gold in hrs from pvping and selling soulstones. but alas i made my new warlock sent him 20 gold and bam 2/3 hrs later got banned for rmt selling. so i will say to players be careful because sending new characters gold that you are lvling up will prob get you banned if its over a set amount. good luck to you all and again be careful now to wait to get unbaned. see u guys in like 4 hrs holy crap that was fast i just got unbanned. well great job ncsoft i was only out of the game for like 10 15 mins but dang i guess keep up the fast unbanning.
  7. everyone please stop replying to this thread. it has gotten way out of hand and has become a massive flame thread. this type of thread is what kills forums. flagged for a mod to review and hopefully remove or lock
  8. Upgrading Weapon End Game

    its prob because its to expensive to upgrade it man. i just droped close to 80 silver on 2 upgrades
  9. The Radiant Ring Massive bug

    thanks yaviey. hope you guys get it fixed, love the game so keep up the good work
  10. The Radiant Ring Massive bug

    Going to bump this again can a dev please respond to this. really want to know if the devs know about this bug
  11. The Radiant Ring Massive bug

  12. The Radiant Ring Massive bug

    So i just wanted to point out that the radiant ring is broken. you should have the option to make ear rings and necklaces and rings but you cant. not only that but if you find the secret teachings that unlock new ear rings they do nothing at all. this needs to be fixed asap as not only dose it take for ever to just make gems and lvl up guild points but it hurts people who want to craft those items but cant.
  13. black screen after exiting cutscene

    this happens to me also. every time i try and skip screen goes black and i have to restart. im hoping they will fix this soon as its annoying
  14. some bugs and some problems

    ok so first i have to say how much i love this game and how exicited i am for it to come out. now on to the problems for a blade master when you use rmb but also hit lmb it will use the force that rmb would take but not actually attack instead lmb will override it. for blade master one of the trees you spec into will just eat your points only the very end one. "im trying to remember the name but its not coming to me. i remember it has the first one you spec into then 3 more and that is it. it adds abunch of stuff like fire dmg and lowered defense and stuff like that." for ai. when you fight rifle men in dungeons one of two things can happen when they shoot you. if you leap at them right when they fire it can insta kill you or perma stun you. insta kill is self explained but the perma stun leaves your character floating in the air unable to move unless a mob hits you or you relog. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other issues more of a issue then a bug. You guys really really really need to lower the prices of unsealing scrolls or up the amount of money earned in the starter area up to the first purple dungeon. 10 silver is insane to make until really lvl 20+ fix the drop rates of blue reward chests. out off all the lower daily missions I did and any of the ones that gave you blue chests not once did I ever get anything but buns and hp pots. same with my friends also.
  15. Failed to connection Error GTM +2

    the beta is over that could be why. the beta ended at 10pm pacific time