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  1. Why everyone is quiting

    I left 'cause not being much into PvP all there was at 50 was Silverfrost, which are spread wide and tricky to find groups for, and the pirates, which are deserted. Then I gave BDO a spin, anf that's where I'm at now, fishing from my boat, tabbing back when there are fishy sounds. Essentially I'm fishing silver out of the sea. There ain't just two ways towards end-game; there's like 9, and 90 ways to do 'em. Likely I'll drift back for some BnS action occasionally, my kung-fu Yun is hot af. :D
  2. BDO VS BNS - pros n cons

    PvP currently unlocks at lvl 45. One easy way to avoid PvP is to make four characters from jump, each focused on a different life-skill, switch between 'em and you'll be in for like a 1000 + hrs before it even becomes a concern. Personally I feel the reports of random ganking are exaggerated.
  3. BDO VS BNS - pros n cons

    I left this game to go to that game. Currently tabbing between here and fishing off of my boat. I really like BnS but there really ain't jack squat to do for end game content except same-old same-old; BDO has so much crap going on I'm not anywhere near end-game after 300+ hrs in game. They really only have one point of comparison, and I'm saddened to tell ya - BDO is the better waifu simulator.
  4. Where is everyone on Daily Dash?

    da fuq? Hadda log in to see if night luna was still up, it was, this other one???????? :? I want the other one. Heck with luna. :P
  5. There it is. :D Oathbreaker's ridiculous, the fun pirate dailies are dead, the SSDD routine gets old with the quickness... my "solution" is to throttle back and play something else as a "main game" and log in here once or twice a day. There's some things they should really work on to keep the players engaged. :/
  6. Accidently Went Oathbreaker

    Since ya can't really add numbers to infinity, they're both about the same. :D
  7. With or without HUD

    I've got a Razer Tartarus with hotkeys for disabling UI and taking screenshots, although my motives are purely deviant 'cause my girl's so dang hot. :D My screenshot folder is indecently large. ;)
  8. Show off your characters!!

    Get out of here!
  9. Questions about starting a new toon

    My main's red and my alts are blue and I send stuff back and forth all the time. I've got a WL around lvl 26 so that's the one I'm gonna eventually level for that bs - I don't know if she's gonna be any good or not. :/
  10. Why B&S, Why Did He Had To Die

    I never liked that guy. :P
  11. Summoners now get Dogs.

    April Fool's is stupid and aggravating.
  12. This is new...

    Minutes as in "groups of 60 seconds" :D NA server, takes foreverzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. :P
  13. This is new...

    Tag is horrible. Never have the patience to wait however many minutes it takes to find a match. The one time I did, my team rage-quit after 2 losses. :/
  14. The Yun thread

    running around crazy and stuff... and not...
  15. Show off your characters!!

    with that outfit...