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  1. Let me draw you!

  2. Yeti cave "secret boss"

    because none of them did the trick to make him spawn which is simple 1º dont attack first boss with skill before he fell, only use snowballs. 2º clean all mushroons in the road, before break the pillar 3º dont kill any minion that spawn with 2k hp each, after you kill the big hunter boss before yeti room. thats all.
  3. Character beauty contest for fun

    wow, yeah, we probaly use the same preset here ^.^ she is really she hehe
  4. i wanna see you doing 8% dmg in Mushin server ^-^ where bosses die in like 15 secs lol
  5. What class to play

    well, since you are joining NA servers, if you wanna be loved, choose FM/Warlock/Sum, or you will have problems to join groups later :P check this
  6. Huge FPS Drop !

    yesterday i broke my record in GHS! Literally 0 Dmg input, 100% freezed untill boss die x.x i still cant believe, before i was able to get brilhant... first time GG affect me >.> its frustating
  7. Post your lucky moments

    Well, i never get luck in any game before, not even in this one, but i have to say, i literally Xformed after a luck moment I was doing my dailys all day for miserable golds to upgrade my weapon to siren, when all my p2w friends was full pirate x.x So, when i finally get awakened Siren +10 Axe 401 AP , i decide, well, i guess i can dmg blackwyrn now, lets give a try xD then, Hexagonal citrine +5 AP 100 drain drop from my first weekend box LOL sell for 600g, then im sitting now in the endgame content, full pirate and true siren accs with 504 AP xD Bns is like that Play the game, play the wheels But well, u know what happen when poor ppl become rich so fast x.x im poor again! omg x.x
  8. Character beauty contest for fun

    my force master when i just start lvling for temptation outfit xD almost lv 45 here x.x my main gon destroyer my beloved husband
  9. Show off your characters!!

    My force master and destroyer '-'