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  1. The new patch, harder dungeons?

    Most bosses can destroy you if you try to face tank , the idea is not getting hit by them.
  2. New character extremely weak

    TJXX You have Hex gem, and your weapon is almost broken ( meaning deaths?) doubt you need to fix your weapon through normal play unless you have died frequently
  3. Should I continue main quest

    some itens you get following the story, in your case i would wait this week, and finish the story later, probably will leave you in a better situation in gear than finish it this week
  4. The game still favors by a large margin who spend money (or better saying heavy money) on it, people here will try to defend it is not p2w (probably to feel better with themselves), but yeah , trove is around , rng boxes too. Don't expect anything different. Feb 8 patch will have a new weapon path, before doing anything check it out, will be easier to get geared up to a certain point (before legendaries). Yeah It still is run dungeons all day everyday, with the daily challenge to help
  5. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    Like Ak yesterday , ok noted (And you guys trying hard just because BZ)
  6. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    It's not convenient, unlike you i'm not trying to win a discussion , if we are losing , i don't have problem in admit it , it could have happened . and nothing that i would say would change that. Simple as that. right now i don't think so
  7. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    This address what i said earlier, that my opinion changed if you read all the posts in this thread. It's there for everyone who can read. Man look at your attitude , i insist please don't make yourself look bad
  8. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    look at my post earlier in this same thread , i addressed this already, now i'm starting to think you have bigger problems than a faction war, please don't make yourself look bad it's emabarassing
  9. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    Read my posts in this thread i addressed this earlier , you re just desperate (please don't make yourself look bad)
  10. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    I think right now everyone can see you are just all talk , keep talking if it makes you feel better.
  11. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    You're just all talk, "looking numbers" lol (losers talks detected) . Start backing what you say . I can say the same we're farming and destroying CL , we have more numbers , and it's sad for you but numbers don't lie couldn't even kept a channel after filling it? You said well "all" cl decided to show up with a surprise attack on one channel , look at this all CL in one channel you want make me laugh ( and that was combined through discord , man you guys are really desperate) , only way to you guys not get instantly destroyed is filling a channel to not let us getting in, or when we are working and doing something else. Your channel hope just to die or stay at distance looking us killing your terrors. You guys are the king of escapes and look who is talking. Not only that you all are avoiding us in SSP. Your hope for BZ getting banned just confirms what we are saying . keep wishing that's your only hope. when you guys hide behind the terrors we kill the terrors and you guys , is not even fun. Look at the another loser talk: we crush you when equal numbers are present, lol Like you can count the numbers who are fighting , please stop you are shaming yourself Unless you have some real facts to backup what you are saying it's nothing more but losers talk , the numbers are there to show you guys , deal with it while you can. You can't lie
  12. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    Take some pics from the prestige from AK an Gwi throughout the channels let's see who is doing better , numbers don't lie. Every time one faction wins over the other the prestige of their terror goes up. Just a tip you can't lie about this (unless you "photoshop" it lol)
  13. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    If they are crying they have a motive to cry, there is no Crying in cerulean side because we are stronger and we are getting things done, and some CL already changed to CO , and said how you guys complain we always have more numbers than CL. Obviously people are getting problems with dailies done, because the competition here is fierce many people are very geared, more people more hard to get things done, obviously, we farmed a lot throughout the day, even called out you guys to come since only 3 channels were open because CL disappeared. First two days the trash talk from CL were so much, but now only shy guys coming to be killed by us trying to struggle a little. Last Night I Was there on channel 1 , i saw what happened , you guys filled one channel to not let us enter to get your farming done , successful partially i give you that , but slowly we filled the channel and we take it back easily again (without BZ), you guys did an big effort and couldn't even keep a ch. futile struggle , the part when you guys try to do Ak is just humiliating to CL failing and reset over and over, the prestige from Ak was 40000 you know what it means don't you? While Gwi was on 10000 on ch1. You can lie to people who weren't there , but not to me i'm there almost all day. Later on the night you guys even stand there watching us killing your terrors and did nothing. No clan on Jiwan changed because , they don't feel they need lol People from your side are already coming. Some even asked to let you guys farm ch 1 (when we was planning our comeback lol) We outnumber you guys sorry i know you won't admit it because if information spread that you guys are getting dominated it will get worse. So i don't have to face nothing you are delusional and i want to see what you say in the future. We don't need to try to fill a channel to not let you guys in because we know we are stronger. And if think you are stopping the farm you don't know what is happening, people lold when they saw you guys killing your own terrors ( you know when people are desperate they start to do stupid things that even demoralize themselves lol). Deep inside you know the truth , keep trying it's have been fun
  14. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    Yeah that's what i think overtime we will get to dominate again , from what i'm seeing playing, But one thing is "think" another is it happen (it's easy to see the difference) . Few days yes but things already changed a lot from the first two days (right now we have only 3 channels on SSP, from 6 that we had on start) . About one side complete dominate , in a "perfect world" we could come with a more civilized decision , reality is from the three servers who joined group 3 all of them one faction completely dominate the other, it's a bit hypocritical now talk about its better to be balanced, why no one did it before? Because people prefer easy mode farm.
  15. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    Sure right now is not decided yet , thus i said to let it on hold on my last post, but i saw this happened before , there is signs in the battlefield that one side is doing better than the other and if you can read it you will understand what i'm saying. Not only that, my time in the game is mostly entirely dedicated to SSP so yeah, it can sounds that i'm just boasting our faction (in another thread , the first impression i had was that CL red more numbers than us because the massive presence when the servers opened after merge , i didn't have problem to say that my lecture in that moment was that we can fight back but we were outnumbered , i don't have problem to admit if we are losing it could have happened). About people change for the stronger side (or stop fighting which leads to the same outcome) , that's what always happened , despite what you think about this.
  16. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    We did some mining, but it's not consistently yet and not everyone can get credits and this is for both sides (because too many people in one ch, because the need to defend). But logging in today some people of our faction said we did a good farming earlier (so perhaps things start to change?) but its soon to say anything yet. I would let it on hold , to have a better picture of the situation.
  17. Which Server Group (NA) Still has Okay SSP?

    Are you doing SSP at all? Stop lying , we are destroying Crimsons over and over . I think it's a matter of time to the server become Cerulean dominated again (we showed that we are stronger, and if happens like before, soon people will start to come to our side or stop going to SSP to die). It's have been fun tough. The only time Crimsons have a chance is when our numbers aren't on (because sleeping / work / school) DomiSotto , the war in Jiwan is Still going, Crimsons only can do something if they fill channel to not let our numbers enter, they are avoiding us in SSP. Our strategy is working (what happens in SSP is what we want) and morale between ceruleans is high . Tip: He didn't said how they are dominating (because obviously it isn't). Here something more reliable that reflect whats is happening in SSP IMO https://bnstree.com/character Here a comment from a random guy (saying he don't want to go to SSP because Jiwans Bots (who knows the server , knows he is refering to the CO clan of chinese farmers, well if CL is dominating why not go to SSP? lol https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/4td2hr/how_do_we_fix_ssp/d5gfmcv
  18. Server Merge is Awesome!

    I think you are delusional (or not doing SSP at all) , but yeah let's see what will happen. And Jiwan was Cerulean dominated who said 50/50 lied i'd say 90/10
  19. Server link Rage Page

    In Jiwan CO used to be the dominating Faction , but appears CL have more numbers now. But we can fight back from what i've seen today , which is a change for Soha and dochun CO i guess ...
  20. Ok i got tired from it!

    People complain since day one , nothing new here and i don't agree with you , everyone should be able to express their opinion about the game here (as long as it remain polite and don't go against the forum rules).
  21. Stable server you got there

    Yeah got dced in bloodshade doing the daily challenge
  22. about moonwater tears in store !!!

    You need 15 moonwater Tears to craft the MTS by yourself (5 from tempered clay + 10 for the mts itself)
  23. about moonwater tears in store !!!

    Most people can solo the dungeons that drop it right now , so i don't see it specifically as p2w , for a new player it's a bit problematic to get them because they can't solo it and the dungeons are old content so not much people do it anymore. Have it in the store is a positive thing i think.
  24. Why you quit?

    When future content arrive we will see , right now dedicated tank is not needed. Each person should decide themselves what is fun for them , not you, not me. So yeah i don't agree with you. And this kind of attitude ruins the game for others IMHO.