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  1. Most bosses can destroy you if you try to face tank , the idea is not getting hit by them.
  2. TJXX You have Hex gem, and your weapon is almost broken ( meaning deaths?) doubt you need to fix your weapon through normal play unless you have died frequently
  3. some itens you get following the story, in your case i would wait this week, and finish the story later, probably will leave you in a better situation in gear than finish it this week
  4. The game still favors by a large margin who spend money (or better saying heavy money) on it, people here will try to defend it is not p2w (probably to feel better with themselves), but yeah , trove is around , rng boxes too. Don't expect anything different. Feb 8 patch will have a new weapon path, before doing anything check it out, will be easier to get geared up to a certain point (before legendaries). Yeah It still is run dungeons all day everyday, with the daily challenge to help
  5. A little up on this thread :
  6. I will send you a PM explaining , to avoid the off topic
  7. You don't understand how the listing works , so that's why. don't know how it is on Europe , i play on NA
  8. Sold 150 gold today , is not dead if you know what to do
  9. Use the direct link of the images and they will show properly like this:
  10. Guess they are waiting everyone forget about this , sadly i can even get the censored one , damn rng :/
  11. Yes they are fine because they are weakling who need guns , martial artists don't
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