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  1. my gallery

    Holy crap, your work is amazing! they all look so beautiful. Do you do commissions or something?
  2. ~ And More Pixel Art! My Yun Force Master! ~

    Adorable! love it :)
  3. Photogenic Characters

    My yun bm, defintely more photogenic than me! I just love the colours in these screenies :)
  4. Character beauty contest for fun

    My bm :)
  5. The Yun thread

    My bm :)
  6. Regium Corvus

    Female yun here :)
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Lil freckles :3
  8. Hello, can anyone confirm that the outfit mail stamps work on characters from a different server? It's on the same account, but i'd like to mail a stamp from a character on cardinal gates to a character on windrest. Thank you :3
  9. Show off your characters!!

    Teeny tiny lyn in the new maid outfit :3
  10. Show off your characters!!

    Serpant :) ~
  11. Crashed last time for me

    Same here.. literally last boss. 20 mins wasted, constantly crashing >:(
  12. Crashing..

    Can anyone help me here? Game is constantly crashing for me and i really don't know why, its starting to get pretty annoying now as it seems to happen alot when im doing dungeons ect. The game just closes on me, i've tried the razer thing with no luck, tried a fresh install, repaired the game multiple times and it's still happening!
  13. how to get obsidian serpent outfit

    I just got the outfit and veil, from about 30-35 runs, I just let the dude die and then killed her, rinse and repeat
  14. kfm or bm?

    Okay so i was thinking of making another character whilst the event is still on, i have dest, sum, fm and warlock. But i really like the look of kfm and bm. I only have one spot left so i can't make one of each, i'm interested in both pve and pvp. So i'm interested in reading about the following.. Which would you say is better for pve? which is better for pvp? Which brings more to a party? Which is more difficult to play? And which is more fun to play? Thank you :)
  15. Show off your characters!!

    Temptation! :3