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  1. The Yun thread

    found this preset on a chinese site and then modified it a little to black hair and blue eyes etc of my liking im having this saved now til the day we get race change for my jin blade master
  2. Preset Challenges- Doing Presets

    it dident work but thats ok if u dont wana share it anyway besides i found that chinese page after all wich im just browsing like a madman
  3. Preset Challenges- Doing Presets

    i dident share it :P thats the preset i found on the chinese page that i modified ^^
  4. Preset Challenges- Doing Presets

    i found a fery nice chinese page that has tons of presets on it tho it does require you to register and post a reply to get the preset to show http://bbs.17173.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=2719&typeid=1797&typeid=1797&filter=typeid&page=1 1 example that i got for myself i edited that preset a little more to my liking
  5. Preset Challenges- Doing Presets

    if you go to pictures and in to ur BNS file there its a character customize file that has all ur presets saved if u chose to save them when u made characters then u just upload that picture
  6. Preset Challenges- Doing Presets

    i want the presets to that character if you dont mind giving it away
  7. Ebon Hall NOOOO

    u dont happend to play ark do you altairbg? :P also server down? rito plz
  8. Ebon Hall NOOOO

    muh hongmoon skill pleez :(
  9. Show off your characters!!

    my lovely blade master
  10. disconnected from server.(2000)(132,10054)....

    i tried evrything with razer and asus and to no luck! BUT guys i found out that my MSI gamingapp that controls my fans was the thing DCing me i turned it of and i havent DC'd once since... so if ur runing the MSI gamingapp turn it off
  11. Crashes Caused by Razer and ASUS Services

    so at long last i am finaly able to play after 5 days of suffering... now ive been geting the (1000)(132) error all the time i tried evrything i finaly installed WTFast now the problem is that i cant play on EU servers bcus i now get a (200) error after entering my pin BUT! i can play on NA servers... my conlusion to all this rubish and shity errors is that the NA and EU servers both kick ppl of thinking we do not have good enough internet connections even tho we do! what the dev need to do is fix their servers and stop this wrong reading on connection speeds and kicks ppl out now as soon as they fix this error 200 i will hopefuly be able to play on EU finaly but for now im lvling on NA
  12. Crashes Caused by Razer and ASUS Services

    see ive done that to and it stil will not work trust me i have tried evrything on this forum and as said im running only windows atm with b&s on it and im stil crashing as i load in the game
  13. Crashes Caused by Razer and ASUS Services

    it has to be client side aswell cus i played all the beta periods and i never encountered a single error until the headstart
  14. Crashes Caused by Razer and ASUS Services

    as stated in another thread i went so far as to reintall my entire bios i only run windows 10 atm with blade and soul and what it needs to run and i stil crash as soon as i log in
  15. Disconnected From Server (1000X132,10054)

    its pretty clear at this point that this error is something that the devs have to fix not us ive done evrything that any thread on this forum has asked i even went so far as to re installing my windows and the only thing i have installed right now is blade and soul and what it needs to run and im stil having the error... it cant be an issue with any programs nor my computer its on the devs side of things and they need to fix their shit