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  1. Thats what i mean tho, Foxy character actually look very obese, is the closest thing you can do in BnS obese related (ignoring the old bear costumes for lyn), also, actually when you do increase the thighs, you also see the stomach of your character increase a good amount every point, i am super careful when i move those sliders so i dont end up making a little chubby character.
  2. Sorry is just that my brain small OCD its triggering so badly with that picture, like, i cut it in half and i feel good, then i look down and it just goes crazy, look so bad and wrong @.@. But i guess some ppl like fatty chars.
  3. Your character face is so pretty, but why is she so obese? D:, is such a waste =(
  4. Here some of my characers, hope you guys like them, they have been *made, deleted, made, deleted, made...deleted...* MANY times, because if i find something that make me unconfortable with their look i must fix it or i cant keep playing >.<, but now i am very happy with all of them ^^ My Yun Force Master: Megumi Stellary My Lyn Summoner: Luna Serena My Jin Blade Master: Luxanna Light My Jin Warlock: Arena Mercury And i dont have pics of my Destroyer :<...because she its in the proccess of pay to change her
  5. Oh i like them! really pretty, the first one look mature and serious, and the second is a pretty innocent girl =3 Here are some more pics of mine:
  6. Here i made a little pixel art of my Yun:
  7. Try the one i am using, you can use it for free tho it force you to restart every 30 mins, but is good enough for a good amount of PVP battles, then you restart it and do more PVP, i mean, is better than nothing u_u, and i am serious, it help A LOT, the one i am using is PingZapper
  8. i also have around 150-200 but i dont want specific servers for us, lets be honest, theres not that many players in our current servers, there are equal amount of players than bots...so they cant, and shouldnt do it. But i agree that the server lag is huge, i dont know why is so unstable, they should find a method to reduce the lag...currently the only way to play the game is using WTFast or other ones like that, i am currently using PingZapper and it work amazing since now i can perform anicancels..., but i wish i didnt had to use it...
  9. It could look more like the Young version, but still it dont look like her =/ http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/blade-and-soul-roleplay/images/1/10/Jinsoyun.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150926193849 Ya not at all >.<, and, selling presets is never a good idea, you are using one in game resource to make a character, is very easy and at least every active user in this forum would do it for free (i would do it for free...)
  10. Those are easy to drop but you need patience, the boss respawn every like...2 mins, so just get many stones and try, i always get the costume from there because, to be honest, is one of the best designs in the game, i wonder why is a drop from the first field boss...
  11. It worry me that NCSOFT ignored all those topics, and yes i made one of this topics before with no answers....i really need to use my Mouse Wheel click but the game dont allow me to...
  12. i understand the PVP thing (tho, to be honest, at least in the server Yunwa, no one wear PVP clothes, which make me sad since i walk around wearing it expecting to be attacked but since lvl 35+ i havent seen anyone with PVP clothes, from lvl 1-25 i had a lot of fun pvping players around, and no i dont attack them if they wont fight back) But 95% blue? what do you mean? in my server everyone is Red, which is also kinda annoying since most of the costumes in the cash shop and lore ralated are Red so sometimes you get confused if they are wearing pvp clothes or not xD, at the start i
  13. Wow which one is the 3rd one? does it look the same for Jin or Gon? i dont like that race at all, i see Yun's too plastic, they look unrealistic, i even feel Lyns more realistic than a Yun (a well made Lyn of course, there are many that look creepy O.O) And ya i also want the first one, it look lovely, it is halloween or something like that?
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