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  1. Thx for your mature answer, i expected a hater kind of reply :x (the forums are usually the home of haters) Also ya i can see that fixing the issue, or just release 1 recolor and 1 new design, but ya i dont know if NCSoft can control that, theres not an unlimited amount of costumes, they will have to release the old ones again at some point. Btw again, anyone know which ones are the new costumes of tmrw?
  2. Well i have been waiting for Class President for months because is the only school costume with decent colors (i saw it long ago in the Korean list and i wanted it so badly), so recolors are not bad at all, they actually fix some costumes so i am ok with them, but is true that they should have a Dye system to recolor them by yourself but that wont happen. So i understand your concern but i dont share the hate for recolors, i actually wish they add recolors for other costumes that i like their design but not their color =S
  3. So which costume is going to be in this friday rotation? i am waiting to see if i will get more copys of Class President *.*, or hold it for the next costumes.
  4. We will probably get it just once =(, and i hope it dont happen like the bamboo, with random codes and stuff...
  5. I give props to the facts that you made the legs shape pretty well, most of the female Jins have weird legs o.o But this is not the right place to post this video, there is a sub forum for that :<
  6. Dont discuss about it here pls, i LOVE the costume, but, the mask wasnt the only thing, the boots, legs position and hair accesory was Draw over the lines of other artworks, i invite you to check the whole topic about it, it disapointed me too but, i still want the costume since is the only one that look different from the ones that we already have in game.
  7. Wow, thats pretty accurate tbh xD, i am a very active user in the forums in all the games i play and is true, thats how forum work, but theres also a % of players like me who like to check the news in the forums, pictures and fan arts =3 I mean, i agree that the game has turned into a heavy P2W game, but i dont mind as long there are Arena matches with balances stats, nice PVE and cute costumes, but again thats just me...
  8. Well, we got Luna which is also Plagiarism, so theres a high chance that we could get two instead of one, the winner one and another that is not plagiarism.
  9. Pls stay in the topic, this is not about if you like it or not, theres another topic for that, be mature enough to know how to complain, that way NCSOFT may take you guys more seriusly. Also i am not sure how long is going to take, the previus ones took a long while until the release of the game, remember that make that modem into 3D is not that easy.
  10. Yup, we all see that comming and NCSoft ignored us, i know this was an user requested feature by months ago, but we all said that it should be a PERSONAL DPS METER in our screens, so this dont happen, and its happening already. Theres not even a single good reason for it, is pretty much like enabling the enemy chat in PVP games, you dont expect someone to say ''hey, i see you need some gear, let me help you to reach my damage, come with me!'', it is always going to be ''yay i am the top DPS, get good, bye''
  11. We were told that in future patches they were going to be account bound, i have 3 of those costumes stuck in a character and i need to transfer them x.x, i hope that dont take 100 patches more...i remember when a member of the staff told us that the training weapons as costume could be possible, now 6 months later and still nothing @.@
  12. Tbh the best way to play BnS is by lvling next to a friend, playing duo from lvl 1 to 50 with out having to join 4 or 6 player partys (unless is a raid boss, and still those are possible), that way you dont have to worry about AP, obviusly both have to help each other to craft the transformation stones, but me and my friend managed to duo the whole game content, obviusly we died many times learning how to defeat some boss's with out help but it was really fun, and we are doing it again with different class's this time. To me, those players that have AP requirements for their Dungeo
  13. i know, but that weapon color is actually terrible, that copper-like color and the black kill completely the look of the weapon, i actually made a topic about it months ago:
  14. Bump...i didnt wanted to make a second topic about the same so i am just remembering the staff that i am still interested on this and i am not getting feedback about it...
  15. I actually wanted the Training Axe for Destroyers as a costume, and is the ONLY axe that i want....but i made that petition since the release of the game many times and they havent done anything yet...
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