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  1. The answer's pretty simple. Some people mentioned NC's recent store incidents discouraging players from spending, but it goes back a lot further than that. This game's bled plenty of players for a variety of reasons over the past year, and with that a portion of paying players who would have likely joined in on this. Seeing as you're limited to 1/account purchase and there are no add-ons/more expensive purchase tiers, funding is solely depending on sales volume, except that your sales volume is only as good as your active playerbase will allow. You can't squeeze blood out of a rock.
  2. lol. That "sometimes" or "also" is incredibly misleading. For a newbie to catch up to the sin and catch stealth via smoke, that sin would basically have to let them get close. The probability is closer to "never." What... it's really easy to shadow dash off mobs in blackram, there are plenty patrolling with their backs to incoming players, or do tab+1. It's not exactly hard to land a stealth proc via counter using decoy, I stealth off mobs with my summoner all the time. Sins also have other stealth combos, i.e. poison + hook kick.
  3. You'd have better luck getting 100% transmute success on a dozen premium stones than managing to catch up to a rushing sin with a headstart and miraculously being in range of them when they cast smoke. Also, shadow dash and decoy only have 8-9 second cooldowns and give 6s stealth, not sure why you think their skills have long cooldowns.
  4. Wat. Low levels do not need carry in Narrows, period. The boss mechanics are fairly easy and they can 4man it and still get a quick clear. The 50k HP boss at the end doesn't take that long to kill. If you have players who are experienced, 2man is even possible, maybe even solo. 3m is practically melee range. This is significantly harder than it sounds because it requires you to be next to them at all times. As mentioned, endgame players will have 20k vs a lvl 20's 12k stamina, plus they will have access to more gap closers/stealth skills.
  5. This has been one of my longest standing complaints with the game. The mechanics are unintuitive for the most part. It feels less like a "boss fight" and more like a round of Simon Says with some button mash thrown in. DT just takes it to an extraordinary level of stupid.
  6. That school swimsuit should have been Lyn only IMO. It looks terrible on all other races.
  7. One of my characters - not from BNS though - but I felt like putting her in something based off the Soulmate outfit.
  8. This is the byproduct of multiple issues. One, gold inflation from quests is substantial compared to back when we were at 45 cap. Two, we've got no shortage of bots and farmers. Three, there aren't as many players willing to put real money into a declining game - so there's your supply side constraint.
  9. I caved in and got Chronicle. I want to get Prime Time and that other outfit, but I'm out of NC's.
  10. Straight out of a maritime-themed Kpop/Jpop idol music video.
  11. Warlock in the making. Also, Heaven's Reach scenery is underappreciated.
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