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  1. That school swimsuit should have been Lyn only IMO. It looks terrible on all other races.
  2. One of my characters - not from BNS though - but I felt like putting her in something based off the Soulmate outfit.
  3. I caved in and got Chronicle. I want to get Prime Time and that other outfit, but I'm out of NC's.
  4. Straight out of a maritime-themed Kpop/Jpop idol music video.
  5. Warlock in the making. Also, Heaven's Reach scenery is underappreciated.
  6. Looks like you've left the Scorching Sands... that's a start. Everyone's partying in Silverfrost now, you'll find much more to check out there.
  7. I did some quick photoshopping - this may or may not be closer to what you're going for. Summary - slightly wider mouth, wider/larger eyes, minor eye distance adjustment (no more than 1-2 on the slider IMO) I've never really had a problem with "anime faces" on Jin - shouldn't be as long as you use realistic proportions for chin/jaw/nose.
  8. My Yun FM - gonna see if I can get her to 45 before the deadline.
  9. You gotta level up and leave the Cinderlands - there's so much more you can check out at Mushin's Tower, Moonwater Plains, Blackram/Nightshade and so forth.
  10. Wasn't expecting to get the outfit ticket today. I like it - except for the tail. Infinite Challenge is still eluding me.
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