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  1. The answer's pretty simple. Some people mentioned NC's recent store incidents discouraging players from spending, but it goes back a lot further than that. This game's bled plenty of players for a variety of reasons over the past year, and with that a portion of paying players who would have likely joined in on this. Seeing as you're limited to 1/account purchase and there are no add-ons/more expensive purchase tiers, funding is solely depending on sales volume, except that your sales volume is only as good as your active playerbase will allow. You can't squeeze blood out of a rock. Next is the fact that the first 3 reward tiers might not have been all that exciting. The first costume was as cheap as 40G on the market when it came out in trove. The next two were harder to find from RNG boxes and decent looking, but there were plenty of other F10 costumes just as good or better. Even though it's technically a great deal, demand is likely iffy. I think the stretch goal is reasonable, you'd only need 16,000 players to buy the pack to meet it. That this game can't come up with 16,000 paying players to do that 1.5 years after launch is the real issue.
  2. I'll tell you a good part of the reason why we have ridiculous gear requirements. It's no secret people have been quitting this game and the remaining players tend to be those who have sunk a considerable amount of time and money into the game. Throw in the fact that progression is still somewhat slow for newcomers, so there isn't a lot of demand for endgame dungeons from intermediately geared players (which I consider anybody between 550-650AP) as their population is relatively low now.
  3. On the subject of difficulty, the real issue with dungeons is just how scripted they are. I don't have a problem with gear requirements, though plenty of people in F8 have no idea of what is actually necessary. For the most part, the mechanics are plainly unintuitive and simply require you to go through the motions and parrot some online guide, rather than be creative or able to adapt to dynamic situations. You are basically playing a dressed up version of Simon Says. It gets old, fast. I've played since launch and dungeons introduced after Asura just stopped exciting me altogether.
  4. PSA - Frozen Firing Range

    1. Don't pull the lever until you've confirmed that EVERYONE has loaded in and is in control of their character 2. Don't recruit in dungeon if you've already started and someone left. Given load times and how fast the dungeon is, it is highly likely that joining players won't be able to complete the dynamic quest (50 banshee kills). All you're doing is wasting their daily entry. 3. Don't leave unless you're absolutely sure the run is going to fail/get mediocre rewards. If you leave at the start or the middle, you've just wasted 5 other people's time in finding a party.
  5. PSA - Frozen Firing Range

    It's entirely possible for someone to recruit on wave 4/5 and cause someone who just entered to use up their entry without firing a shot.
  6. going absolutely no where

    Just out of curiosity, what AP were these clowns?

    lol. That "sometimes" or "also" is incredibly misleading. For a newbie to catch up to the sin and catch stealth via smoke, that sin would basically have to let them get close. The probability is closer to "never." What... it's really easy to shadow dash off mobs in blackram, there are plenty patrolling with their backs to incoming players, or do tab+1. It's not exactly hard to land a stealth proc via counter using decoy, I stealth off mobs with my summoner all the time. Sins also have other stealth combos, i.e. poison + hook kick.

    You'd have better luck getting 100% transmute success on a dozen premium stones than managing to catch up to a rushing sin with a headstart and miraculously being in range of them when they cast smoke. Also, shadow dash and decoy only have 8-9 second cooldowns and give 6s stealth, not sure why you think their skills have long cooldowns.

    Wat. Low levels do not need carry in Narrows, period. The boss mechanics are fairly easy and they can 4man it and still get a quick clear. The 50k HP boss at the end doesn't take that long to kill. If you have players who are experienced, 2man is even possible, maybe even solo. 3m is practically melee range. This is significantly harder than it sounds because it requires you to be next to them at all times. As mentioned, endgame players will have 20k vs a lvl 20's 12k stamina, plus they will have access to more gap closers/stealth skills.
  10. winter trove

    Those people asking for 500 are clueless. You only needed that much to 4man. Necro and Lair were far easier than yeti, so those should have been doable.
  11. winter trove

    Wat. You could make 10G MUCH faster last spring than you can make 100G today. Do your silverfrost dungeon dailies and sell your stingers (2-3G ea at the time, IIRC). Easy 10G right there, you don't even need to have the gold reward boost from premium. All in a day, less than that actually. To make 100G today in one day requires you to max your 40 dailies, get lucky on rare loot (i.e. offals, HM books), AND have many active crafting alts - or spend all day in PvP/SSP. While items like stingers got devalued hard, inflation didn't actually decrease the purchasing power of gold by 90%. Sure, gold got devalued, but that does not justify a 900% price hike.
  12. While good and not-so-good things have happened in the last few updates, this one really jumped the shark. For one, primers are fairly expensive for new players. Players using soul shields as placeholders until they get BIS are also discouraged from wasting primers on their temporary shields. Nobody's going to blow a 3-4G primer 8x on some POS scorpion shields while they're gathering yeti/sparring/asura/etc - unless they're desperate or have too much gold. What's the result? People not fusing their shields and coming into dungeons with a sub 30% crit rate. It's bad enough that we have people thinking that AP is everything. Please consider reverting this change, or at least increasing the primer yield from crafting (as someone with two level 4 warden alts, the drop in prices would not bother me)
  13. Huh, asking them to revert it to how it worked previously is being needy? Also, your math is off. 50 gold only gives you 20 primers at 2.5G. Second, crit primers for PVE generally go for 3.5-4G. You know what, crafting is already useless for most professions, so your complaint is moot. Acquired Taste and Earthseers can't make anything worth a damn other than the purification jar components. Silver Cauldron, only silverfrost antidotes, and margins are still very low. Radiant Ring is about as profitable as making premium stones. Forgekeepers, let's not talk about that one. My characters are fine, I already got high fuse values prior to the patch. But every time someone whines about some undergeared noob coming into their LFP/F8 with unfused shields, know that this change is responsible for a good number of those incidents.
  14. Burned out due to lack of storage for outfits

    IMO F10/limited event/store outfits should be stow-able and retrievable from F3 without a subscription at the very least.
  15. Daily Challenges! Is it worth?

    All they need to do is increase the amount of things you can buy with heavenly energy. Put HM skill items in there, moonstone/soulstone bundles, tribute tokens, outfits, etc. The Taikhan Skin/Flowers are great (though Flowers are much more affordable these days), but for people who aren't planning to go legendary yet, there isn't much useful in the heavenly energy store.
  16. this ap requirements are making me nuts...

    IMO it's time to just get rid of F2, or make it display non-stat related info. We already have the DPS meter, and even that is no guarantee for the mechanics side of things. AP requirements these days are only reinforcing a false sense of security. I tried the Asura challenge yesterday in 3 different groups with people 550-600 and up. Saw wipes all over the place.
  17. R.I.P SSP

    Understandable, but overpopulation isn't the real culprit in SSP. It's simply poor game design (static boss stats/fixed dmg contribution), and overpopulation is the symptom. To try and solve overpopulation by nerfing the zone's loot is backwards thinking at best. As stated, having bosses scale HP/prestige (at spawn) based on the amount of players of the mining faction present is one option, others include making tighter limits on channel pop. If people are complaining that miners get to laze around all day, they could even add pvp dailies with good rewards to create an incentive to thin out miner populations.
  18. R.I.P SSP

    There's nothing wrong with having 50 vs 10 farmers. The only reason you don't have as many farmers now is that SSP is now significantly less rewarding for the effort. What the underlying problem was is that content difficulty/rewards don't appropriately scale to the amount of players present, hence the complaints about people getting credit on grindtooth. In fact, SSP population already dropped long before this change. Getting credit should have been possible on a moderately geared character. Mushin used to have 5-6 channels when bots/multiboxers were at their fullest. Prior to the patch, it only had 2 channels, rarely a 3rd. While the terror nerf did help melee with the rotation change, their hardest hitting AOEs (i.e. wraith venom) are still practically instant cast.
  19. R.I.P SSP

    Names and titles are irrelevant. You do realize at the start of the Silverfrost patch, SSP was the ONLY source of moonstones/keys. They didn't drop anywhere else, period, until trove, then WWV, then Naksun in later updates. Now, that's not saying that it was better back then, but there really is no benefit to the recent SSP change.
  20. You'll lose players to an upcoming game

    Then when they get around to F8ing their dungeons, the general toxicity of the playerbase will do them in if they survived that far.
  21. Terrors buffed instead?

    Summoners who know their rotations can pull off enough DPS to draw aggro, especially if well geared. Taunt lasts 8 seconds on a 12s CD, and instantly reset is available when beckon/E (which has a 30s CD if specced for that - however that pulls your cat out of taunt range). While that isn't normally punishing in most contexts, that 4 second downtime is plenty for a terror to grab you.
  22. Wall to wall (Also known as PVP)

    OP probably ran into an assassin.
  23. Please dont bring back tower event

    Even better, the Corallite event!
  24. In a game in which outfit recolors regularly populate the cash shop and crafting is mostly irrelevant, I am not surprised.