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  1. Don't worry guys, server Jinsoyun has had their Marketplace and Character Info partially unavailable for a while now. Managed to bring it up with the dev team yet? Take your time, only 2 years went by after all. Happy Anniversary by the way.
  2. This forum is basically a cesspool. This thread is proof of that. Almost everyone edited XML files for convenience to bypass idiotic game designs, not to "cheat". I can personally barely see myself playing this game actively without the instant Transmutation/Box Opening/Upgrades/Salvaging and I don't know why on earth the developers thought it would be fun (well, probably to generate a similar addiction effect to slot machines, very healthy game!) to have to needlessly wait 3 seconds when you need to open boxes and salvage items all the time. It's plain ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. I've been sweari
  3. From the looks of it, no one in my raid were suspended after clearing all Scarlet Conservatory bosses. I'm guessing someone who did exploit a game mechanic was just also one of the people doing the Demonize mechanic, so people assumed. It should be safe.
  4. Thanks for the announcement Justin. Could you fill us in on the exact scope of which accounts are deemed to take advantage of the exploits? Did your previous stance on client configurations (that doesn't grant unintended gameplay advantages) change any, by which I mean altering things to, for example, remove the Transmute animation, remove countdown for opening Chests/Boxes/Pouches, or enhance performance by measures like the DirectX912pxy and disabling class skill animations? I think a lot of us, me included, are scared to change anything now. Performance without any a
  5. Are you drunk? They HAVE already decided. That's the thing. They made the decision to start suspending people's accounts through a filter and a community moderator who I hope to god has knowledge of the game was most likely informed. The only part missing in all this is the fundamental part of making sure we, as in the playerbase, gets to know what's going on. What I'm asking for is nothing more than acknowledgement. Like Russia's team, state what the ongoing issues is for those who are uninformed and mention what they've already began doing: suspending accounts, but that more info
  6. How is that a valid excuse? Check the DevTracker and you'll see there were posts during the weekend by PhoenixMitra, but only telling us to follow the CoC. I'm also guessing it was someone from the community team informing the devs about the ongoing exploits. Weekend or not, they need to inform us about the situation if they're starting mass-banning their community. You can't do that without putting up a notice.
  7. I've heard similar things. A lot of the ones doing the Demonize mechanic in the Scarlet Empress encounter gets banned without breaking any rules. My own raid is going later today, will update the thread if anyone of us receives the hammer. Meanwhile, other ET raids don't even dare go to the last boss. Imagine not being able to complete the latest raid because of dumbass bans. Love the transparency from this company.
  8. It's clear that some sort of "mass-ban" is going on and I just cannot comprehend that you haven't mentioned it at all. You need to inform us of what's happening. China's localization by Tencent Games and even 4Game, the Russian localization, has already informed their playerbase about the ongoing issues stating that they received the news from you. This is ludicrous. Make a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ post about it. I get that there's probably ongoing discussion about the appropiate course of action, but in the meantime, inform us of what you're doing right now and that more information is on the w
  9. I hate to sound dramatic and all, but the game is already destroyed. The continuous mistreatment of this game won't stop. It's definitely unfortunate to see what happened to the game considering it could have been amazing given the right publishers.
  10. Sounds pretty good if the drop rates of the three Hunter’s Refuge Treasures are decent. The cost of entering Hunter's Refuge is a decent (although temporary) way to get some gold out of the system from whales and having Transformation Stones be a guaranteed drop is probably good to try and fix the cost of TS and PTS on the Marketplace. Thanks! Only thing I have to complain about is the Awakened Thunder Talisman and Awakened Morning Star Talisman. They're the equivalent of you putting True Tiger/Dragon Soul in Treasure Trove, literally no one will get it because of how low the % is.
  11. I think the Infestation bug on Hive Queen is still around. I also think they never fixed the issue with new players not being able to enter Scion's Keep.
  12. In Hangar 0's X-Cavator 500 encounter, the attack Great Spiral Spin prompted by the end of the 90/60/30% mechanics is bugged. I have only verified the bug's existence in Hard Mode. Each phase, the mechanics are repeated three times. Failing the mechanics twice, inflicting a stack of Gyro Explosion on the boss, will cause a Berserk Rage. Successfully executing the mechanics both twice and thrice (in other words, passing mechanics but not perfectly and passing mechanics perfectly) will have the boss start its Great Spiral Spin attack, but regardless of the party's mechanic execution,
  13. The fairly recent cost adjustment to overall equipment slots are a bit of a mess. I believe plenty has been said about this, but I really hope there's some changes coming as soon as possible. Personally, for me to upgrade from Thornbreaker 3-6 and Awakened Champion 2-True Champion, it would cost me 24x Premium Transformation Stones. Because of the overall equipment upgrade requirements being shifted to Transformation Stones and Premium Transformation Stones making the prices go up by a ton, it would end up costing me around 15,000 gold. Can I afford it? Yeah. Is it reasonable? Abso
  14. The posts for the scheduled maintenances have incorrect information in them. I don't mean the patch notes themselves, but the posts on the forum detailing maintenance duration and the like. As an example, copied from the maintenance on the 18th of December: I'm sure most people get what the actual change is, but from the sound of it, it's as if a change would be that Received Items now do deliver inconsistent quantity. Not that important, but would be nice if the changes were actually correct. Just wanted to point this out since I've noticed a lot of it recently. An added "Fixed an iss
  15. Thanks for peeking in @Amraith :) I'm inclined to believe you along with your team does both read and acknowledge numerous issues that are present in the game and although it's impossible to know what how many different teams that look into each issue there is, I'm inclined to believe that at least you as our publishers are doing what you can. That said, it remains imperative that each division within the production of Blade & Soul takes accountability for making sure the product upholds the very same standards that you set out prior the launch way back in 2016. I u
  16. I agree. The efforts to squash bugs are kept to a minimum. I always tend to check Blade & Soul KR's website to see how their game is doing, and to my surprise, it's as if it's an entirely different game. After the release of the final boss encounter in their latest raid Iron Ark, they quickly performed a hotfix maintenance to fix all the new issues. With every maintenance they also make sure to list all the known bugs that they're working on fixing. I'm sure a lot of the patches that we get include bug fixes for things like dungeon, but that we never get to read about in our pa
  17. Zinji from the side story Silversteel - Chapter 5 has a status effect with no name or description during the combat encounter
  18. Been patient for another 10 months, hoping for any information on fixing EU's Character Info (F2). Can't confirm if JoannaRamira's post of NA's Character Info having that issue was fixed or if it always worked, but either way, as of right now the Character Info for NA works while the EU one doesn't (and hasn't since September 2017, may I remind you). Here's a GIF if the issue was too hard to understand: https://i.vgy.me/Rm1WNu.gif Oh, and EU's Marketplace when checking the graph of a certain item's price is also broken. At this point, any details on even if you're just
  19. Enjoy your holiday Hime! Thanks for this year. :)
  20. I hope you're aware how big of an impact your team has had on the game's decreasing population. You know that this is nothing that the Support Team can fix. This is a problem with the game, as stated by OP themselves - "even with modern rigs not being able to run a 8 year old engine because devs are too lazy to implement proper optimizations for the game". I beg you, stop treating us like we're idiots. You, me, and everyone else on this forum knows that the optimization in the game is atrocious. Don't pretend like the issue doesn't exist and either point us to CS or blame our ISPs,
  21. +1. It's a little bit funny how, regardless of how good the idea of the PvP damage introduced in Storm of Arrows was, they can no longer justify the atrocious PvE class balancing. It's easier than ever for them to make sure every single class and class specialization in the game is roughly balanced. Even before Class Specializations were a thing, while there indeed was a meta for which Element to play on each class, playing the weaker spec now (see Distortion for Warlock, Spinning Storm for Blade Dancer, Dragon Fist for Kung Fu Master, ...) is most often just considered a meme. The only except
  22. I'd argue that for this post to be of value, you should explain your stance on why you think the game failed in the west. Personally, without going into any specifics, I think it has tons to do with the lack of engagement from our publishers in being knowledgeable and interactive with the community as well as a neglect from the development team to partly make sure our feedback is implemented and partly maintain active development resulting in a lack of bug fixes. In other words, the game is not at all a tailored version of the game to fit the western market and much more like a treadmill of co
  23. Force Master's Dancing Flames talent, available in the Flame specialization, has a mistyped talent description (last bullet point) Blade Dancer's Enhanced Hurricane Slash talent, available in the Spinning Storm specialization, is missing a skill explanation for Hurricane Slash Unbinds available.
  24. This was mentioned in the Known Issues. Really hoping it won't be too long before it's fixed.
  25. Feel free to make Blade Dancer's Character Info (F2) all pretty like the other classes with the fancy artwork. Total discrimination as it is right now, guys. Characer shown in GIF is mine, so not putting someone else's name out there. https://i.vgy.me/CZiRii.gif
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