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  1. Oh god this is sad, so many players will leave :( Why make it harder for new players, game is already feeling super empty, now no casual will play at all and no new players will stay :( This company never cease to hit new lows, you don't think they can go lower, but they will never cease to amaze you with their stupid decisions. How come they never make stuff easier to get? the model they have been using for last years clearly is just killing player base, why not try go the other way? why not make stuff easier to get and focus on making money on cosmetics /
  2. give us more colors in general or even better give us a color slider so we can choose ourselves - RGB - 255-255-255 style with brightness and saturation settings.
  3. Why is there no arena frenzy on Saturdays? Every other day of the week has it and Saturdays are one of the days people have the most time to play. Please add it. Also please fix the daily challenges for arenas so 3v3 challenge actually are on days that 3v3 is available.
  4. What is so infuriating is that we are paying for this service (at least a lot of us) and they do nothing to fix these things, a service that would expect in any other game. Even more infuriating is that they don't even respond to or acknowledge these issues. Which other game has ever let cheaters, wintraders and bots run wild? none that i have played at least.
  5. he also forgot to mention absolutely stupidly op destros.
  6. Judging by the amount on xml cheats going on, i would say we have surpassed "soon" a long time ago.
  7. I so wish they would make the other specs viable, i hate the 3rd spec. blade master but +50% damage force you to play it,
  8. Based on our feedback NCSoft is proud to announce, that they will do absolutely nothing and no action will be taken against the cheaters and bots running around in the game. They welcome everyone to join the fun!
  9. All hail the most glorious and amazing Korean overlords and their most wise decisions!
  10. thank you, captain obvious and oblivious, maybe read the thread.
  11. This has been brought up so many times since release, that they should revamp the ranking system, but our glorious development team in Korea, don't give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about what we think, even though the Koreans have the exact same issues and are saying the exact same things on their forums...all hail the development team.
  12. Super annoying when people auto win like this on a rng. roll, when you actually did the great play and they sucked. Super annoying, that theres so much rng on the bg soul shields, when some of them takes weeks to farm. (super annoying for any soul shields in general, let us chose our stats!)
  13. Will you please fix this, there's disconnects every match its unbelievable you can't fix it and it cost people ranks. :(((((
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