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  1. This is such a pathetic reward compared to what we lost. Shitty company is shitty. :(
  2. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    You cant be serious, your'e shitting on all the people that stacked demon spirit stones, to make a change that changes absolutely nothing for the better, only taking people in the ass. You never cease to hit a new low.
  3. Crashing and Disconnecting in 6v6

    So more than a year of this, what the ..... Seriously how can you as a developer stand for this.... its every game, that either dc on own team or opponents team, will you please fix your game....We pay you big cash, fix it already.
  4. They wrote in other thread, that it was supposed to be on store after this wednesday reset, but i dont see it? >_<
  5. Where is new KR bathing suit??

    Yeah sure, on the world time table, but our summer vacations ends at 1st of august and school, work etc start again. Doesn't make sense to wait with the event till end of summer, instead of giving us summer spirit during summer.
  6. Where is new KR bathing suit??

    it brilliant, lets have summer event after summer is company 2018
  7. Where do you farm Elysian Orb now?

    speaking of moonstones, they removed sparkling keys from all silverfost dungeons daily too, so even less moonstones comming into market from 6v6 now, gg, gotta love this company :)
  8. Dont worry, they are hearing us and are working hard on making stuff cheaper / better for the players. This is a common phrase getting thrown out on stream/twitter, in regards to stuff like, oils, legendary jewels / elements and for a long time, pet pods. How the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ they can sit and say with a straight face on stream "we are hearing you and are working hard on yada yada yada" then a week after its complete opposite, is beyond me. like pet pods, before they started touching these, it was 50g, now after them ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing it over and over it was up to 100g, they said on stream they "hear us and are gonna work on making it more available / cheaper" but then they ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing add them as part of 5 mill exp charms, making the price go to 200+, does the ncwest team have absolutely no clue what so ever? Its working just as awesome as when they heard us about legendary jewels / elements. This company is unbelieveable.
  9. I think they have been monitoring the effects of the changes and they like what they see, both the increased amount of legendary elements / jewels sold on f10, but more so the increase in activity in the arena, which I think was their ultimate goal. People have been screaming about dead arenas and incentives to do arenas for a long time and this is finally a good reason to go play arena, which a lot of players are doing.
  10. The Jewel/Element update

    Good then, that last trove had very few legendary elements / jewels compared to the ones before, like 50 boxes you got 10. lets buy 500 boxes for each acc you want leveled ^^
  11. New Legendary Element/Jewel Prices Suck.

    Maybe its a bit drastic change, but its actually pretty interesting for the economy and game. Because soulstones rose so much in value, a lot of people will check out arenas again and maybe thats a hidden agenda for this change, since people are saying they need incentive's to go into arena. What i mean is, maybe Soulstones could be for Arena, what moonstones are for 6v6 and actually bring some life back into arenas. Element Powder and Jewel Powder grind is the one thing i dont like about this change, please introduce easier ways to get both or increase the amount we get from salvaging.
  12. Legendary Element/Jewel Changes

    doing all big 8 and the low bob purples, bring you less than 30 jewel 200 days to get 5000. But dont worry as they said on stream "they heard us and are making it easier to get legendary jewels/ elements".... This is such a retarded change, i cant comprehend there hasn't been a greater uproar, but i guess a lot of the players havent realized what is going on. Oh you can farm old low bob content for jewels, whoa so much awesome fun to be had, such a great change.. Now imagine people that also want legendary acc's on their alts..... lul :P
  13. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    also...bring a option to toggle cut scenes, its been 2 years of having to press escape to skip cut scene in every dungeon >_<
  14. Anyone ever mention how god awful PVP is?

    At the bottom of the ladder it sure is RNG who have whales and who get the hm 7 - 8 etc, but when you get to the top of the ladder, which they balance the bg gear around, its a whole different story. There, everyone are whales or at least dolphins and can survive each others burst. (kinda :P) There the fights are often quite intense and close. So gear up, rank up and git gud ^^ PS: Having to get keys by RNG is retarded indeed, i heard in other regions there was keys as weekly rewards from BG ranking, why we dont have this :(