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  1. In the future, are there any intentions of nerfing the amount of gem powder and fragment used to upgrade gems? If I could craft triangular dyads again that would be nice so that I could stack the affects of some gems, but it is currently 20k+ to craft a single penta dyad, and the increase in dps would be very small. Having dyads constantly increase whlie removing the ability to make older versions just makes it harder for players who were already behind on gems to catch up.
  2. Part of the reason I made this post was in the hopes that if this type of thread was made enough times that we would get an idea of what they're planning (if they're planning anything).
  3. Are there any plans to either buff the DPS of classes at the lower end of the spectrum or nerf the DPS of those at the top? I don't think it would be that hard to change the damage of some skills to make them more in line with each other.
  4. I'd argue wind or fire (although fire has the lowest dps) is easier to tank with because wolf combos can get in the way of tanking. They all can do it pretty easily though.
  5. I didn't know about the SSP area that KR has and that we dont/never will. I think they're only dropped from the stage 3 rewards and below but don't quote me on this. I know I see them for a little after the TOI season resets.
  6. I'm always low gold and there was sometimes in the day where I wouldn't be able to have a match, within 5 or 10 minutes, but I agree with your point that 1v1 should be available more often than it is now. I like the one char per class idea. Adding rewards to Silver is an interesting idea although they would probably only get like 50 or less soul stones from the weekly rankings. I completely agree with you about BGs its why I will continue to avoid doing them Q.Q.
  7. PVP definitely needs a total re-work. Arena heavily favors certain match ups and some classes are much stronger than others. Also the ping discrepancies by region make it much harder to enjoy. I can respect wanting to keep PVP and PVE separate but I just don't know what to do with these gems other than scrapping for one copper leaves a bad taste in my mouth because they're uncommon and should be worth more. Getting a gem powder or two from salvaging would be enough for me if transmuting them is too much. I think the time restriction was put in because they could not get enough peop
  8. I am not asking for PVP gems to be removed I am asking for the ability to transmute them into PVE versions. The current speed run event and challenge mode are PVE players competing against each other so I disagree about your reasoning for why TOI is PVP. The newest solo dungeons also always have weekly and season awards based on how competitive you are compared to other plays of your class. As for your complaints regarding PVP players having to do PVE content that is definitely true for trial arena, TOI, 6s, and world PVP. The first 2 I consider PVE because they are ag
  9. If I was buying them with arena points or battleground points I'd agree but Tower of Infinity is not really PVP in my opinion.
  10. I am not sure if this is the place to post this but I have an idea that would great improve my quality of life in Blade and Soul. I do Tower of Infinity almost every day so I have a bunch of Hexagonal Dueler Obsidian and Hexagonal Dueler Garnets with no intention of fusing and/or using them. Is there a plan or could a plan be made to make it possible to transmute these dueler gems into regular gems and vice versa so that they are useful to me? I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter .
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