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  1. what i like about trove is the act of comparing values and noticing the frequency of the relative options, its too bad i had such luck with my experience this time; thanks for contributing ideas towards improvement
  2. i think they missed the mark in terms of changing the trove for better, mainly due to the lack of change on the overall approach of making things available, people have different reasons for paying the game but they generally land in either pay for power or pay for appearance, so in this regard the trove lacked appropriate change, for example out of 100 keys i only received 2 opportunities for acquiring the new cosmetic options an example of the change that i believe was desired among the majority of people giving feedback regarding trove would be: out of 100 keys seein
  3. they sent week 1 rewards this week when they meant to send week 2 rewards? did anyone get the week 2 rewards today yet? the crystals are different between week 1 and week 2 and the pet chest and wonder chest correspond to week 1 and 2 respectively as well edit: i see the timeline of this thread now, seems this question is the current conundrum
  4. this game isnt going any where, cool your rockets, this game really shouldnt be compared to its "genre" genres are inherently corrupt because it would be stupid to try and reproduce the same **** in different colors or whatever distinctions are required to delineate between items clumped into any given genre... i wonder why people are so ready predict the end, could be a lot of reasons, but a game like this** is important to the progress of the world. i hope you all get to make art with your lives outside of nay-saying and destructivism, and i hope you feel brave enough
  5. there was a time when there were outfits regularly included but they were super expensive as usual and there was no sense for the possibility of recurrence on any given item that one couldnt quite afford that day, or what could be expected on later days outside of cosmetics i always cringe at any developer's nudges towards pay-to-win systems, and as a PC game pay-to-win is apparently impossible to corral, however i believe this is only due to a lack of creativity and inspiration towards the better alternative of decreased vertical progression in favor of broader mutually exclusive
  6. i tried scan file hours ago on after the first few errors, tried it again just now and no change in the error
  7. NA - tried all 14 characters who all were ranked last iron conqueror season none passed character lobby
  8. i tried my 14 characters and none passed this bug :{ i do my best to keep up with all the content on all of them (in so far as my schedule allows weighed against the potential rewards and other variability factors) some said the outfit from last event, some said the previous iron conqueror rankings, i kinda doubt its anything with celestial basin i dont know if i did any of celestial basin with dual blades, it is possible i dont remember it, although i think story quest or some quest letter provided peaches during the climb. i feel like i could figure it out but i dont h
  9. something ive seen thats less clear is stuff like assassin counter only does timestitcher rarely while any of the timestitcher block just soak hits and reduce skill cd to near nothing and i think kfm counter even procs timestitcher multiple times not that assassin could have possible improvement to its counter, maybe it could, but perhaps there could be better insignias all around? insignia is a good system for the most part if you ignore the very likely potential for the pay to win to glare through
  10. "What items would you like to see removed and added? " -if the only permanent convention of trove is the GUI exactly as it has been in all system respects i think you could make stranger exchanges possible, does it always have to be priced in Gold??? -add the things that have definitive value for the longest term future for your game... "If you can be specific about quantities, it'll help." -one example might be the experience charms, when they couldnt be fast clicked to consume they were actually worth more because having something stack up is a long term goal. i wo
  11. i want to apologize for my harsh language in my past i really want to try my best at communicating clearly and effectively as actively and frequently as possible but i make mistakes and realize far past the repercussions at times im about to re- read the whole topic thread and decide on a few more points
  12. the game has never been more pay to win, sure it involves playing more heavily because wealth inequality hasent beat time requirements entirely even though it still sticks out like a sore thumb the game economy is so trashed from all these years of neglect bolstered by the promise of continued updates new content and systems, unfortunately each new content and system has made it geometrically more and more pay to win im surprised itd get asked on forums what to comment on about trove and other pay to play systems because the game has logs and all the data is there for t
  13. parry is often a .5 second window exception storm astro and fire fm, and results in stun in most(all?) cases block is always frontal as well as counter. block tends to be a longer window than counter. counter activates something usually, block is simple damage prevention from that direction. im guessing this is on topic due to the recent insignia system, so ill post some recommendations on that system. dont guild any and certainly dont try fuse. just save them up and grow HM level
  14. i just want to put on the record that being so deterministic is really bad for your health and mentality, furthermore: when i referenced past technical problems and then the consequences of cheating, 1 i dont have problems ever, back when i was using a really old comp in the first year or two i had GPU trouble that maybe caused one problem i had to simply try again before another period of relatively flawless gameplay before the gpu quit; and 2 the referred consequences are the way cheating kills your perspective, like if you pirate digital media youll never come to terms with the actual value
  15. not like i havent been around for a while but it will never settle well with me how cruel some individuals allow themselves to come across... looking for better reality is what lead me to embark on my journeys with this environment and while i still think it offers the best, it clearly has its dampers reducing the atmosphere of fun with a list of borderline agreeable discontentments, if only it were less emotionally charged during presentation, this player commune i observe here tends to disregard advisable choices in the betterment of their community, nevertheless
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