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  1. the level of absurdism here is too far past any resemblance of humor... using 3rd party programs to enhance your ability to win is cheating and theyll have to do something about That before shutting anything down, and since people have already dumped in far more money than necessary, they get to sit back and develop long term plans while their costs are still low. Sure its economic to leverage your income streams; what income streams do those 3rd party cheater-tools developers leverage? hmm? stolen accounts? cheating is the wrong road kids, ive been down i
  2. you must use text literally, there is no purpose other than degrading the conversation using wacky “expressions” so you quit practicing B&S but you still lurk on the website’s forums? is that like a hobby? maybe you work for some “competing” company and are sewing dissent...? what really is your purpose for opposing the terms of service for the video game on topic here? “Investment”?! do not you know, money spent is money gone. there is no context for “investment” here. it takes some practice to miss-quote people to bolster flaccid argumentative de
  3. programs are not “spit and glue” you have to use what the developer makes available for public use otherwise you might as well get permanently banned because they already drew the line, you agree to it when you start the game. 99% of the “90%” you keep mentioning will follow the rules once the judgement is made. There will never be any competitor to Blade & Soul. if there are features that are worth asking for and worth implementing, the developers will add them in when they get a chance, otherwise its too bad you ruined your perspective on w
  4. the NC launcher works just use that. perma-ban any account that has logged in from anything else. how about that. then finally you can submit requests/ideas from a legitimate account for how they could improve their ToS compliant launcher. let them start over from scratch, gear doesnt matter anyway. Devs continue raising the high and low bars; its about enjoying what they make available to their players and not taking advantage of vulnerabilities like latent rapists.
  5. Classic Mode arrow keys (left and right) when activated during NumLock Auto-walk feature instead control the Camera left and right swivel, as opposed to the previous version - controlling Character direction swivel. it seems there are more than a couple of things that have not caught up to expectations iterated during the UE3 version... I hope this one issue that I have brought up in this post will be received and corrected as it was because, I have considered if the change was purposeful, and determined that it likely was a mistake in the current implementation. I so l
  6. are there any safeguards against multi account abuses? even in the forums? may i claim a degree of reasonable ignorance? is there a point to a design “contest” if the same winners get through to voting every time, personally id like to see a different GRAND PRIZE winner every year ... is it really the same artist winning this every year? its disappointing to me that even with the design constraints their art style looks the same as those at least two other grand prize winners? three times is too much right? it looks like the
  7. when i was running story 10+ times, i kept active like a speed runner, id use stamina for a little and then use ss and anything else the class had for combat speed, enough to not let stamina totally refill so i could use stamina while the skills came back from cool-down. ive always looked for what better habits i could be practicing that could further my comprehension of the developer’s viewpoint of the game’s design and balance construction trying to use what theyve provided to the fullest extent: this has always been entertaining to my thought processes; instead of wi
  8. it is another necessary and interesting facet to the mechanics of the game. take 6v6 for example; furthermore it adds another avenue for intriguing balance among classes. *ahh its been a while and i dont remember if it is infinite stamina in battlegrounds... keep stamina, but fix the dragon bone inscription gate, especially for such an early purple quest.
  9. heres one of my attempts at a mass of words to convey my feelings on the topic of needing effective guards against cheats/abuses - I’m glad to have made myself a part of this game and to come back to all that ive built for myself within it every day im able to and to build yet more; it hurts to see the ToS abusers get away with their non-sense, and i can feel when the game functions differently (and for me: worse,) during the times when im resolved to witness and share experiences with what i can perceive as those consistent and/or subtle cheaters. im certain the mere
  10. character name: Swordin Swordin server: Yura title: ‘Your Acquaintences - by: Swordin Swordin - March 8, 2021
  11. This was digitally created through multiple screenshots - hand cropped and scaled with care, composed in order to provide myself a glimpse of the depth of my acquaintance to universe of Blade and Soul from a currently impossible perspective. I added an artistic border to tantalize the movements of your eyes, and to meet the size requirement. I had thought to share this one when i completed it, but adding it to the already wonderful list of submissions for this year's loading screen art contest was apparently how i chose to do so. https://imgur.com/a/qtMwVQy
  12. what is in question here is the integrity of the producers of this environment. (obligatory call to ban players continuing to break terms of service) money is valued on an individual basis despite its commercial worth. the game development world is a realm of ‘magick’ where they are generating value out of what: ones and zeros: art: history: communion: love; this thread’s topic is important; its author is making a serious effort to communicate. I hope the producers find a way that meets no cause for resistance.
  13. first off - ever since the stream preview for Iron Will Destroyer, i noticed the HUD element they received, indicating 3 yellow axes, it doesnt have much impact on their usual skill combo. on the other hand, Reaper Destroyer stacks up to 3 Galeforce for a double hit galeforce, and the only indicator for the galeforce stack size is on the buff icon tray; this stack size icon gets pushed off the edge to where it can no longer be seen due to all the various soul,pet,weapon,partybuffs,heart, and everything else that shows up on the buff icon tray, for reaper destroyer, having a HUD element
  14. this update brought in good and bad: - harvest tickets are a nice iteration to the event currency theory - fashion emblems not being available any other way than once/twice a day for the entire account, and as the least valuable option from wheel of fate is sad and bad.. - primeweald has the collection with three nice items, the head slot is not special - the hair that is; the crown element matches, and is cool - primeweald currency, and play-style, is really depressing,,, - crafting stuff mustve been problematic? in the past iterations? it is real
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