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  1. one explanation could be that they are ahead a number of patches there; there is a clear trend of providing easier access the longer something has been released. a point of contention i think is important to bring up is the way people treat each other; its very rude to make assumptions, and obviously individuals will be prone to their own parallax, but you cannot make claims about anyone else's willingness to grow, the only ground you have is your own experiences, none of which are identical to some one else's. Stop harassing each other for being different and retrace all of your steps if you cant see that you are separate from someone else. respect that you dont know all you dont know. playing the genre card is not a valid point.
  2. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    #23597690 Yura; characters: Swordin Swordin, Samahd FoershurrXIV, Quetzalxochitl, Shay Iyera, Kaollh, Enorez Zerone, Swordin, Toltecatl, Avahya, Pki Pyi, Faith Iyera, Zen Archer. when will we see the end of this debacle , its not even high speed but in recovery they keep running into the scenery and ruining it somehow and since it got quoted, “...embarrassed at thinking im cared about by this bully publisher”[sic]...
  3. Terrible game design: Nyraka

    theres a chance that talking about it like this could do some good for everyone. i agree it is quite bad. i also agree about the uselessness of the comment regarding complacency on their pessimistic outlook. it is a marker of a continuing trend of development that really disappoints me in terms of where this game was on release, on top of a lot of other things, i hope development shifts back to an appreciation for the core of the game and the methods of growth that were emphasized in the past. i know people have been cheating undisturbed since release and it really bothers me that auto combat is being integrated instead of prevented. on top of that, the auto combat logic is so poor and we cant effect it in anyway without cheating - im assuming those folks would alter their macros if they had any window of control. among all the things that make the future grim, a video game steering off a cliff in terms of their development shouldn’t bother me so much, but here i am now on a public forum complaining about it. i would make great macros if it didnt jeopardize my account, but i always admired blade and soul for being a game that would play better without automating skill chains and playing manually for improvisational advantages, but then the frame rate and latency proves the boring macro hacker full advantage especially when they are paying for servicing to their ping against anyone else’s. something about the harmful mentality of weighing short-term over longer term gains. only fashion matters, fashion and making zero mistakes
  4. Feeling Hosed

    i agree lightning spec was jarring to learn at first compared to other classes and specs, but it is great, a great take on FM and offers a lot of interesting choices, however there ought to be a 3rd column talent on the 1st row, really disappointed they couldnt come up with anything for that option, to me a pretty bad sign. we all share the pain of how transitioning between specs includes any resistance at all.
  5. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    this is really bad news, its a curbstomp. there arent better games out there, i can not believe when people compare gameplay of fantasy star2 to Blade & Soul.... but thats my vote... this dungeon daily quest reward change is very sad, its too sudden it feels like. the metrics that have been posted about the daily gold possibility versus the daily gold drains including fishingbaits ( even though that is a scam because they dont stop everyone from scripting programs to use the lowest price baits, and those cheaters got their gains and keep them. seeing cheating players and gatekeeper personas inspires dread more than any grind ( i know youll view my angst here and feel gratified you degraded fools ) ) are important to comprehend, and if the western devs have any job at all, they should be enabled to pour in aid to this digital universe with new exciting and appropriate technique. Please dont simply toss us baits to make up for the imbalance in daily affects, im so annoyed by the progression requiring automated anything, including Random Number Generator “fishing” that takes tens of hours to get minuscule considerable amount barely making up for its gold cost and never the time cost. But i cant really offer ideas until i know the full context of what the western dev team has to work with from their own voice; and im sure im not the only one that yearns to team up on that subject. the players in this game want to be able to play all the content, but the reality is the content is designed to be intensively challenging and more so the further in one goes not only with lack of experience in new settings but the accumulation of trends we learn through older content that informs and reassigns those older habits. So it is difficult to see that changes are being made to make the challenge not the content but the accessibility of that content...
  6. Farewell Crickets!

    Thank you for all the good sense you always give to the community. - this quote is a smile for me and i believe for others as well
  7. New Event Outfits

    there is a mistake in their post: the event preview mentions “back to school” outfit which is not in the game wardrobe, and the picture preview shows “school days” (the red one) which is not mentioned in the rewards list... so unless @Cyan or someone on the team can clarify that, i guess we have a surprise to look forward to !!
  8. Why no bonus Ncoin?

    it is a bad idea to scale the price of currency exchange based on bulk; it would disrespect the currency they offer. instead of thinking that you “get more” for paying more, what is really the case is that you are getting less and less if you have to limit your budget to the smaller purchases. nc doesnt scam us like that, im happy about it. i know people will say they scam us other ways, but i would disagree with them and also say that doesnt compare to the scams other more omnipotent organizations (read government, and companies that have power over said government) have been enforcing over centuries world wide. how about this then- you do actually get benefited by buying larger bulk ncoin amounts: the time you save not making 25 10 dollar amount purchases when you buy the $250 option..! hope you like it, thanks for raising this point and catching my eye and intention to inform, good thing NC has respect for their currency unlike “literally 99.99% of other games do.”
  9. Returning

    hold onto them, depending how far you had them progressed, they might be worth completing, but not as accessories but salvaged for jewels, follow yellow and orange quests, temple of succession orange intro quests give the basic starting accessories for lvl 60
  10. lets deconstruct what the miss-conception is here: p2w - Pay to win... winning is subjective, winning arena youll want a good computer(dont get me started on the legitimacy of vpn/ping boosters which bully out standard connections...) as well as a lot of practice. winning 6v6 might require a level of gear but most importantly practice and intelligent positioning according to your gear/build/playstyle/.../ as well as a good computer. and then pve content is really just a bonus, a place to practice and meditate your technique. players win by playing, there is not a thing you can do were you dont earn something that will improve your ability, other than blargling in chat/forums/etc when theres so much fuss like this spreading false context, people stop thinking about acting towards what they desire and just pout sad in their corner, if players fresh out of story stormed 6v6 despite any cruel remarks from older or paying players, most of them would be winning, but all of them would be earning as long as they’re trying. furthermore, financial support is necessary in the lives of anything in our age, we can enjoy somethings without supporting them and we can enjoy supporting things that benefit us and get benefited for providing what financial support we offer them. but really this games mechanics are so deep it always comes down to one’s resolve, like how much they practice getting good and staying good and things they want to perform well in. look forward to fair fights but itd be at least a bit delusional to expect them all to be fair; and i agree that is an unfortunate sentiment of our reality.
  11. No one Rezzing

    some characters offer no humanity to the parties they join and are actually hacker bots. E.G characters that pass by a floored/chi recovering player, characters that start and finish an encounter before the full party is present: they are bots and they are hacking. pretty simple happy gaming yall, try to remember that we all share this time and space, every moment of our lives is held onto by everything else as well.
  12. as the low and high bar of gear for the average types of players raises we have to fight the circle of sundering for the mid quality essential bracelet, those fights feel very oppressive when the ping&fps dont go well, even if the player knows exactly what to do, fun game though ill try and fail as much as it takes to play, its the best game
  13. Related to Removed Crafting Job

    merry potter’s uniform and cap are at merchants square in zaiwei at the achievement merchant Kiyeon, youll need 4 High Quality fabric (3 for uniform, 1 for cap) and 1000 achievement points for the uniform, 600 for the cap.
  14. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    The practice of adding idle animations alludes to them thinking of what players may enjoy. The animators clearly put great effort into the refined postures the characters can assume - no five minute renderings present. it is true though: not all computers exist in equanimity; functional enhancements for readability during combat scenarios would be greatly appreciated by those who cant run on max or even mid-range graphic settings
  15. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    I would so love to be helpful to the BnS cause! I love seeing how passionate folks are for what goes into development of such a grand gesture. glad to hear that thing are progressing (sometimes i feel like i need to hear such phrases more often than they need to be said...) it is really exciting to bear witness to the results of years and years of labor from inspired artists, and even more so when the gravity of each individual mark can be realized in full! i know it is a lot to ask, but i want to thank everyone So Much!!!
  16. KFM R requires target after patch ? ]:

    not helpful. sorry. this thread/topic was outdated the day after i posted it, i hope it gets removed... i do understand what youre saying and actually i enjoy the validation and hope you are well and good but, the kfm r i had been referencing only existed before the skills rework for the classes, the one that introduced talents. i dont know why tiger claw is r to you, i know tiger claw as 2. the game is great , its been through so many different iterations and it is still great which is all the more a testament to its greatness. though i may miss things from past iterations. im swordin in game too if you want to reach me , bye for now
  17. this post has to do with a little more than my disappointment with KFM's R/LMB now requiring a target to be used: ive been struggling with what exactly feels "off" after all the changes in wake of the awakening patch, but was it really necessary to change KFM's R skill to not be used without a target? ~ I wonder how the "difficulty rating" concept was altered after that patch, I mean the indicator was always green like american money anyway so it probably isn't so important to the developers to retain concept on, like other little things, like the KFM's R. not that the KFM's R is particularly related to the class's supposed difficulty, but in terms of defining the class; well every class has new idle animations which are mostly fantastic, but where theyre not fantastic -- as a matter of opinion ofc -- altered which options are viable (in-combat vs out-of-combat: a class should appear distinguished from the others...) ~ in order to be fully honest I need to activate as much context as I am able to during the time I compose a post. Im not someone who would want to write a post like this. it seems to be the only correct way to speak to people-in-charge with regards to feedback relating to playability. in regards to tastes in how one opens the door to courses of action: it might only pertain to the ramifications of newton's 3rd law. ~ I cant really see that this is what may or may not impact the time and investment that I desired to divulge into this/that universe, but here I am/
  18. KFM R requires target after patch ? ]:

    as often as I post [not often] I really ought to post plethora about how fantastic the ensemble of experiences this game has supported into my life. keep it up Blade and Soul ;] thank you all
  19. KFM R requires target after patch ? ]:

    I liked that I could slow walk by using r's first two punches and skipping the kick on 3rd cast to play the rhythm of the 2 punches, like something to idly practice and pass time. Yunsang to me has always been a bad experience, that frustration of not getting to make input or the intended input because of the jarring boss transitions turning fps off for seconds at times, so I can understand how that could have been frustrating. recently I had a dream where I noticed after no descript update that r's icon was new and I was so excited to try it, if it was like before, and it was! but it was just a dream. then I realized that during the dream, and then played assassin in the dream, and was using shuriken to lure mobs like it was so useful to me to do back then, and I woke: sad, but I know things can and will change and at least I had the good memory of it back then...
  20. KFM R requires target after patch ? ]:

    and Assassin doesn't have shuriken anymore :[
  21. Fix BNS?

    stick to what you enjoy and when trying new things try to realize the context of its differences. you can play any class, any class is better when theres less interference within the tight timing between the skills. explore the setting adjustments. as for starting newer characters, this is good to do, if not only so you can grow in your sense of awareness of what exists in the game. and every character has to gear up somehow, or rather it will if youre playing the game. but the real world is as it is for now and though we have the power to change so much, it happens after a great deal of set-up. one day at a time, newer as every step occurs along the way.
  22. Level 55

    the yellow quests mustve been developed further since you played last, catch up with those and youll be caught up to lvl55 hm (9 or so rough guestimation) also check the J menu for important quest letters that show up along the way. and if theres anything further confusing, ive seen people being helpful in faction chat, especially if its a question theyve seen a confident answer to previously.
  23. i really enjoy their update to MSP, and im glad they have it in Daily Challenge. I play all the 11 alts for my account, but i got them to a point where upgrading any of them is incredibly expensive compared to what i do on the daily basis (grind events for all the fashions, cause fashz>gearz (half joking, half half not joking // half neutral) but for a new player who hasnt had opportunity to play every day since launch, the intro into the game feels completely insane (that said the game is beautiful and i would totally enjoy leveling more alts like a speed runner or to read it all, all over again); a character from scratch takes weeks for most to get to lvl55 from the story, and the training that provides in terms of later game mechanics is minimal (it is an MMO, senior players make stupendous teachers), the classes are so intricate and creatively distinguished from each other, i didnt know i was a KFM main (and im still not singular, because every class is wonderfully exhilarating.) which was my first blind choice during launch, until months after the warden release, and much of that is due flatly to finance; this current iteration of MSP shows the developing growth in how theyre expanding the accessability in breadth, all the while they still love to raise the high bar, (*******~ as long as they make the Nightstones account bound, cause back when MSP was pretty much irrelevant beyond the few cosmetics, i mailed all of my hundreds of obsolete flowers to my character whos name is flower related...) so i know i gotta put my life into boosting this game’s popularity like it has deserved but been squandered by a few haters, cause it supplied me with a burning determination when the cold bricks of the american dream were being mortared over my unassuming exterior. nothing without yall sincerely, swordinswordin
  24. BG matchmaking balancing

    not to mention the players ping and fps: afk and spinning wheel of death to that hm30 for 40 seconds are no different. but really no one is afk outside of their spawn position 97% of the time battlegrounds has so much potential outside of this topic discrepancy; its almost as if its current state is intended to data mine the balance integrity of the games main pillars (equipment tiers, classes, etc) as an investment for the future of the game. also the economy (mainly moonstones) a game’s development might actually be like a generational marker, obviously there are plethoras of qualities to Blade and Soul that players find satisfying, things that other games flat out faceplant in the dirt over, so what if that when we strive to change things, some things take longer than other things to fully resolve into a state of communal trusting. Anyway lets keep looking to find the things we like and want to preserve in our lives; and when we see that glimmer, or a sheen of potential, do what we can to not diminish it. Thank you alll. sincerely swordinswordin
  25. Warden class questions

    Warden in PvE is a strong threat controller, keeping the boss’s attention and simply ignoring the boss’ interrupts. other than their soulburn they have no direct party buffs. frost has the most potential for single hit targeted dmg, lightning has buckets and buckets of AoE. pvp is a steep learning curve in general but Warden has incredible power in intermitent burst damage and immunity to interrupts, they do lack in range, but they have about as many dashes/gap closers as any melee class, however if they do get interrupted they dont have the self-save potential that other melee classes have. i would be delighted to hear inputs/corrections/elaborations on what ive laid out in response to your post Thank you All. sincerely, swordinswordin