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  1. I had some hope since GreenStorm talked about "Looking into the lack of gold in the NA/EU region". I thought maybe that was acknowledgement of the new Daily Challenge system but alas unless that image is old. It seems like we are getting no gold box. I still have to make a post about all the stuff our region is missing. 1. No octa gilded diamond. 2. Most items arent stacking to 29999. 3. Can't bulk use xp charms. More stuff but i need to find my old list of stuff that we are missing.
  2. I really hope we get the gold box the Korean region obtained. The NA and EU region does not have a good way of making gold. Doing 4 sets of dailies for a %2 upgrade chance on our accesories is not right. For the demonsbane system we were given the korean cost without the korean gold which has left us at a disadvantage when upgrading our gear.
  3. Exactly, the patch notes is just worded a little badly. But yes when you use the class change, you first select the race you want to be then the class, then female/male. You cannot chose a GON BD or a Lyn Destroyer. Thats all that line in the patch note refers to.
  4. I really wonder if low geared people see a high hm player and automatically think thats a bot. I will pay more attention when farming AD for xp. But at-least for high floors botting seems to be less likely. 1b+ hp per ad. Fatigue,totems, ripple etc. would just destroy the efficiency to the point that going back to eva is more worth it.
  5. Server: Yura Character : CarbonFanatic Ncwest Head office is in the USA, so i assume "tomorrow morning" is PST time like most of their stuff.
  6. On both fire and shadow gunner my awakened bullet storm doesn't get buffed by the weapon. Is this a known issue? Because they used to boost the damage of awakened bulletstorm.
  7. Any news on the dyad garnet/obsidian because that should have come out with squares gildeds?
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